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A tale of loyalty, love, and longing. Sanguine Soul is Captain of Luna’s Guard. The Lunar Rebellion is at its end. Her Last Guards fight desperately to forestall the inevitable. Meanwhile, secreted away, Luna devises a plan that might change history’s course.

Collaborative effort with BitAcoustic

This storyline is part of the Hole Hearted Universe and explains Luna’s motivations behind her actions.

Warning, contains mature themes regarding war and violence. May not be suitable for the squeamish.

Cover Art by yours truly.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 28 )
Comment posted by Hyacintho Ignis deleted Jul 11th, 2013

Very touching.:fluttercry: Nice story!:pinkiehappy:

Name of Story: Luna's Last Guard

Grammar score out of 10: 10

You obviously have a very well developed vocabulary, and I enjoyed how you used it to set the tone of the piece
I liked how you used a little bit of cussing to make it realistic, but not so much that it becomes uncalled for.
I really enjoyed how in a short story, you got me attached to the characters before they died. It really made the story real for me.

Well, I can only think of that I don't think Twilight would be as mysterious as she is at the end. That seems slightly out of character, but that's just me.

Well, all in all, I really enjoyed this Fan fiction, and I will definitely read more of your work.

Wow really good fic. Approved for Twilight's Library :twilightsmile:

This reminds of that german film Der Utergang. Love it. :rainbowlaugh: I think my :heart: exploded though.

Comment posted by ABronyFromItaly deleted Jul 13th, 2013

The way they talked reminded me of Spartacus: Blood and Sand. Well done here.

Unbelievable. Simply unbelievable. This is the epitome of literary perfection, harnessing all of the effictive literary elements and effective use of implied pacing. This is the greatest example of character development that can possibly be presented, and done in such a short time is simply amazing. The history behind the characters, the relationships, the raw emotion. Done so well. The ideas presented are amazing, and the feeling was that of Lord of the Rings. I have read amazing stories in my day, but this...

This is a masterpiece. You have broken the scale, my friend. 12/10!

3446520 Thanks friend. It is one of the reasons I write is to move others. I am so very glad to have so touched you. For this piece I cannot take credit alone, however, as a good friend helped edit and we constructed many scenes together. Regardless, your kind words bolster my fragile psyche.

Great story. I really enjoyed it all the way through. It was fascinating to read through battle scenes for it was described and worded so good. Again, good read. :twilightsmile:

Wow man, that was a powerful story, and I can't say much more then that was fantastic. Just so much good emotional writing that it actually made me feel for these characters. Which not many people get me to do that, so congratulations man.

Wow. I almost cried, and I dont cry at much. Really good story, thank's for writing it.

Thank you all for reading it. It makes me glad to know my work is appreciated. Please follow and join me to see more. I shall strive to continue delivering such quality. :twilightsmile:

4078034 Haha, long time there pal. Must've been real busy.

Truly amazing! this was just a perfect read. Great job bro :twilightsmile: the feels.... :fluttercry:

4319936 Thank you my friend for reading! I am glad you are so moved! :twilightsmile:

I have no words for this...
I will hand Luna control of the computer. Surely she remembers this.

We can only say this... Luna read, Luna approved.
HOW IS IT THAT THERE ARE NO EMOJIS OF US!!! I must go speak to the leader of this site about that... but until there are emojis of us, this will have to do.:heart:

um hay does anyone remember the name of the story that is basically celestia's version of this, from what I can remember its before some war, luna's building a castle in the everfree and celestia is challenge to see how much some stallion loves her so he waits for her to appear on a balcony but eventully dies of exposiere to the elements, so ya anyone remember that one. also I like this story though I havnt read it in a while I thought it was cool when I frist read it.

I was the author. It was called Tears in the Sun. I took it down since it received alot of hate. :fluttercry:

If you should like to read it again. I could give you a private audience if you message me. I'm happy that you remembered my earlier work. :twilightsmile:

6182494 i was going to stick it in my library and yes i loved that story too so how would you do that?

It would just for your private reading. I would give you a gdoc link to the document.

If you like my work. Check out my other stories as well. :raritywink:

6183657 sounds good I just need said link ty.

6183657 ya I know its private, prity sure I responded to this already but could be wrong. so just mail it I guess or whatever your going to do.

Agreed. May we bask in Her glory.

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