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I’m not really good at this sort of thing so if you have any question just ask I’ll answer almost anything

Because this seems to be pretty common i might as well do my own to do/goal list

1. Get 10 followers
2. Get 100 followers
3. Get 500 followers
4. Get 1,000 followers
5. Get better at art
6. Get fan art
7. Get followed by Brony2893
8. Get followed by Kaidan
9. Get followed by Kytranis(if he is still alive)
10. Get followed by darf
11. Get followed by Aegis Shield
12. Get follow by Comet Burst
13. Get followed by Pen Stroke
14. Get followed by knighty
gotta aim big

Let the games begin

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no prob, their great reads

Thanks for the favs!:moustache::moustache:

Hello Night-Rave, I'm glad you liked my story, BIZARRO Am NOT iN EQUESTRIA and I appreciate that you added it to your favorites list. I hope that I can continue to entertain you with my story in later chapters.

Thanks for the favorite on "Monster is as Monster Does"

There is a lot left to tell my friend :twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 64 - 68 of 68
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