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Totally called it! · 6:21am Jun 14th, 2015

Episode 100 Spoiler Warning

I told multiple friends IRL that Bon Bon was going to either be revealed as quadruplets or a secret agent, because her voice is always different every time we see her. I also loved how the writers went out of their way to say that there's no romantic relationship between Bon Bon and Lyra, they're just good friends. Otherwise, wow, I never expected them to canonize so much fanon. Changelings are, if not outstanding members of the community, they don't apparently cause mass panic. I'm hoping for a Chrysalis reformation like Discord and Trixie. Finally, I actually am ok with the writers more or less saying that Vinyl is a mute.

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Thanks! Being liked is awesome!

Nice profile pic!:pinkiehappy:

Thanks for the fave on The Eternal Sunshine of A Spikeless Mind. :twilightsmile: It is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for favoriting Changeling No More. I hope you continue to enjoy the story as it progresses.

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