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Canon dragon culture. · 12:14am Apr 18th, 2016

Welp, i knew it would happen if i took too long, and with my life being the way it is, it ended up happening.

A whole deluge of new data on the show canon of dragon society that completely clashes with my fic.

This would be a problem, if i didn't tag all my fics as alternate universe.

What a handy little catch-all clause that says 'i can do anything with this universe that i like'. :trollestia:

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Thanks for the fav on The Old Gray Mare! :twilightsmile:

Oh, hey! Thanks for the watch, mate! :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the fave on Good Morning, Beautiful!

Comment posted by awesome brony deleted May 31st, 2014

Thanks for the Fave of As a Mother, Obs. I hope that the story gave you something to ponder about Tia and what she has given up to serve her little ponies.:pinkiesad2:

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