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Long time no see. Updates~ · 3:30pm Dec 13th, 2013

Hello my faithful, sexy and (more than likely) angry followers. It's been a while hasn't it? I'm sorry to say that I have been busy getting a few things back together. I'm no longer in any pain so I was able to go back to work. I'm also now working on the next chapter of SoTA, so expect that some time soon if I'm not procrastinating with LoL. Not entirely sure how I'm going to make it work now considering I've had a few thoughts that changed a couple things in the story.(Not going to mention

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You're very welcome. I know she'll ba glad you were concerned about her.

Thanks for notifying me of this. :twilightsmile:


I know :pinkiesad2: but I've talked to her a lot. She's not gone

There's a lot of dead n' gonne users on this site. I at least hope they come back. :pinkiesad:


She shall return and she'll be grateful you were concerned about her.

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