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Gist of the Story: Equestrian Earth, the most phenomenal, realistic mmorpg game placed in a virtual reality setting. Made the Canterlot Colt Studios, the game had became a huge hit and quickly expanded it sales across Equestria and neighboring countries. But then a group of hackers lead by an evil mastermind threatens to exploit the game in order to take over Equestria for themselves.

This place is meant for the fans who would want to share their ideas on how to expand the world of Equestrian Earth, or they could post their own spin off series of the story to show their perspective of the virtual mmo world. You have my blessing to do so, and who knows? If one of your ideas is good, I might include it in the main story.

Go to the Forums. There's a couple of good threads in there.
I mean really. You can do a lot of stuff there. Pretty fun.

Wanna do Spin-Offs?
Go on ahead. Just be sure to include them in our group's folders so everybody can read it. This is here because some people keep asking me.

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Contributors are the Group's "moderators" as well as people who have contributed to the main story in one way, shape, or form.

What's the diff between contributors' spin off and fans' spin off? Aren't they supposed to be the same thing?

I know. We're on page 4 on the list of all groups!

300 members:pinkiehappy:

Is it ok if I advertise my newest story: When Worlds Collide? No? F*ck it, i'm doing it anyway :pinkiecrazy:

just read the first page, and already i am trying to throw myself into the story as my ponfied self, Mythic Spell.

Comment posted by Hekate Sketch deleted Aug 4th, 2013

Well well. . . this looks interesting.

Just like to say that i really enjoy yalls stories, keep up the good work :eeyup:

Yep. I suppose if you want to.

hay I'm writing a non- connon adventure with the mane six involved Might I be able to do this?

Really? Neat! Can't wait for it then!

If there is anything else you want to know about him then please ask! Or make it up. Doesn't really matter if it's something minor.

Quillium? Oh right! Your npc OC. I haven't really found a good situation or scene for him to be in before, but just earlier I've mostly planned out the next chapter. I think I have a good role for him in the next update. I think.


Quick question: Where's Quillium? Haven't seen him yet and I was just curious.

Got it taken care of.

Ah, don't worry about that. You're helping just as much as any other contributor. By being a supporter of the story.:twilightsheepish:

heads up, someone posted a troll fic in the spin off folder.

I highly doubt it, but would I be considered a contributor since my OC participated in the story a bit (And hell, she even tied with Rainbow Dash!)

297033 But what would it be about? how about, a Dark Souls reference maybe :pinkiehappy: like the possibilities of being randomly invaded, or the chance of summoning somepony else? :rainbowhuh:
Your idea is just to awesome i gata say, good luck with it! :rainbowkiss:

Interesting how nobody's thought of making DLC for Equestrian Earth. I think I'll go do that some time.

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