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Virtual Reality Massively Multi-player Online Game ( Alternate Reality )
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The Group's main purpose is for Gamers, fans of VRMMO Verse and Road to Royalty stories that you like >:3

Fan fics about running around in the Virtual World.
Joining the race or just explore the vast expansive world.
Full OC partys to cannon chars.

And If you see any other game or VRMMO fics lets see em!

Chat about games and hang out too in the fourms.
Rp is supported chat like the wind adventures.


1. No ragers please we see enough of that in game
2. Clear topic tag in chat if u wanna rp [Rp] before making a room and any warning to your genre
3.Have fun -it's what were here for-

Direct Link to the fic is right here

Want to hear the fanfic reading? listen to it here.
Front Cover Artist- The Art on Maiah's DA page
The Maiah
Back Cover Artist Source
Can't get enough VRMMOs?
Check out our rival/sister game company in the VRMMO universe
Equestrian Earth Group page
The Equestrin Earth MMORPG story

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proofreading and
editing service

PM me with any requests


348033 props on the group and I love your avatar:twilightsmile::raritywink::pinkiehappy:

All this background work of building the world will be fun!
Cuz we gottta have the game so we can play in it.

If you need anything, message or drop a note on my page.

Hope everypony has been having fun.


I wouldn't call my oc sane.
He fights crazy as a main.

The first impact is always right.
the enemy's knocked out tonight.


Well, my dad plays it,
so from him I'll learn,
bit by bit.

And your oc,
is he crazy?


A new pony Oc is always great to see.
Mike is a nice name, but it doesn't have to be.

Becoming a master rp is not easy you see.
buy your practice is sure to help thee


Well, its published and done,
ready to be run. (newspaper)
I hope you find it fun,
and nice.

I will try doing some research on rp,
so I can be the best I can be,
you'll see.

And, if you like,
I can add a pony oc, even is its named Mike.


It seems your have a nice line.
But it will take a while to be like mine.

The start of a adventure is a epic one.
I hope midnights will be done.
before the rays of the morning sun.


Im not a great rhymer,
But I have been trying,
Even putting myself on a timer.

I can't wait to start my fan fic,
but I need to finish Midnight's,
or she'll throw a fit.


Okay, thanks. I'll come up with something that makes sense as to why my toon will be said hybrid.


OC is a chaos mage,

Yeah you can toss that in the Game is very Open with character classes , tag it as propitiate chr class type / Legendary, Secret, Unique, common / Every Lv of class type is harder to get >:3 make em work for it

summoning weapons or chocolate milk?

:pinkiehappy:[color= Deeppink] < Oh I LOVE chocolate rain! of course you can have some chocolate milk. An taking thinks out of a pocket dimension of course you have to store it in there first with a skill, Duuhhhhh, it's not like things just come falling out of thin air!


There will be a few of these in the races you can pick later,
but Atm in canon To be hybrid, You have to set up a in-game event as part of your back story . Like being captured cocooned and in the process you were saved or something crazy like that.
.. or was born in game. Yeah, that happened.

question, can we be hybrids? like, a pegasus/changeling hybrid? and also, My OC is a chaos mage, can I implement that in to a certain point, say, summoning weapons or chocolate mik?

Welcome sir Sunburst .
I think a good cup of ale, can quench your thirst.
I say random comments are good.
So enjoying your time here, you really should.
Let the Road to Royalty guide ya.
And share tales of adventure with friends. Playing around till it ends.


Ah I see you trying to make a nice rhyme.
Once you hit a great one it'll be sublime.
Just keep thinking this way.
At lest 10 minutes a day.
Practice , will open the way

Random comment detected. prepare for.. stuff i guess?

I see this comment section is bare,
So I say hi with a stare!

Hope you all are fine,
and none of you are 9! (sry, out of good rhymes)

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