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Fetch · 9:31pm Dec 7th, 2012

Hey everybody I have an announcement to make. Fetch the diamond dog is coming back for another story, and it will be something to look out for. I need to get to work on it right away, so like a week or so from now before I have it completely planed out, but it will be one of the most interesting things I ever wrote. It will have love, drama, cheating, stealing, crime, and Cross genetic breeding. That's right I said it Cross Genetic Breeding, ever seen or

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Thanks for the favorite on Ponies.0!

I honestly didn't think how it would have been. If you want, please let me know what made you like the story, so that I can reproduce more of it for later. I'm terrible at writing comedy, so any comments would be appreciated!

57130 I really don't care what they think Love & Tolerate

your doing a good job dount let the haters bring you down

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