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new story-Billy Mays trys to find love-what I've got so far · 11:03pm Jul 14th, 2012


In the realm of Old Spice, Billy Mays was resting on his couch made of Zorbeez and it was fused together using Mighty putty, it was indeed, a remarkable couch, but enough about the couch, he was about to receive an unexpected visitor.

‘Knock Knock’

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It's an idealogy like any other. I can acknowledge that the person who makes it their own believes it can function if applied correctly like literally any other person. The only hangup about the idealogy is that in order for it to function in its best possible form, it's reliant on the rest of the world also adhering to it, similar to socialism and syndicalism. It has good intentions but is too reliant on others following suit to make it tenable. Right-wing beliefs are a little more selfish but also pragmatic, trying to bring positive change to the nation and its people rather than the entire world and/or as many people as it possibly can. In modern society, communism would work best on a very small scale, or in a state so decentralized that each town was its own commune. But the logistical nightmare of trading necessary resources between the towns would give me a headache to try and envision how it'd work. If you want to classify all offshoots of Marxism as communism, then the most viable form of implementing the system without a rapid shift to the makeup of the country would be syndicalism since it primarily alters the running of businesses and corporations by giving each worker a say in how it's run. Workers can dictate the means of production without necessarily doing anything too crazy. The only problem with this however is that the country's neighbor might be more attractive than the country itself for businesses since the control of said businesses remains in the hands of shareholders, CEOs, or the business founders. Again, this goes back to the reliance on the entire word adhering to the same system in order to make it tenable since businesses would always choose fewer constraints over more. It's why tax havens exist. And before you ask: No. I don't like corporations. I believe they have a direct effect on how a country is run via lobbying and monopolizing and the idea of catering to them in some form is offers no real benefit to the country. Politicians are just as much to blame for this as the corporations themselves, as they enabled them to garner so much power to begin with but I digress.

I can't care less than I already do about the beliefs of an individual. It's how that individual behaves that sours my view of them rather than what they believe. I do recognize patterns in one side's behaviors over the other. Their immediate stance to hate and immediate applying unearnt labels to their opposition is eye-roll-inducing. I don't hate Marxists, Leftists, or really anyone for their beliefs they hold. It just so happens that the biggest, unreasonable assholes on this site tend hold these beliefs. It's not a universal rule. I could easily point to a pleasant Leftist, just as I can point to an unpleasant Rightist.

What are your thoughts on communists?

Never done it. Won't do it. Ultimately don't care if others do.

What are your thoughts on blocking people you disagree with?

Nobody should trust a thing you say. You're ultimately dishonest and you have a track record of trying to evoke as many pity points as possible. So yeah, fuck off m80

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