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31 days. 31 one-shots. Only the most creative among us can hope to rise to the challenge.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write a fic for every day of October. You MAY write them in advance, as long as you release them in October, or within ten days before October, so after September 20th. This exception buffer period is to allow people who have recently released a oneshot without knowing about the challenge to still have it count for the challenge, because I'm sure they would have saved it for October had they known. Or, if you're going on vacation in October or to a convention or something, you can release some of your stories ahead of time. Or, if you just want to get a head start, that's okay too.

You also may release more than one fic on the same day if you want, just so long as you release 31 during the challenge period. You could conceivably release all 31 within the first few days if you so desired. What I will be doing, barring any unforseen consequences, is releasing one a day for 31 days.

These fics can be of any genre you want, so long as they are one-shots (generally one chapter long, though if they are short stories with more than one chapter I will accept them so long as they are completed by the end of the month)

If someone releases a story in this group, I suggest that we read it, favorite it, and upvote it to get them exposure. This isn't required or a rule, but it's a nice thing to do :raritywink:


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You? If you want to take the challenge, give Carts, Regidar, or RainbowBob a PM and we'll create a folder for your stories. Please only add your own stories to your folder which were released on the site on or between the dates of September 20th-October 31st.

By the end of the month, anyone with 31 or more stories in their folder has completed the challenge! Those who have completed the challenge will be featured in a site blog post and receive the admiration and congratulations of everyone on FimFiction.

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I wish to join this annual tradition!

PRAISE THE SUN! :trollestia:

Woo! First comment in almost half a year! :rainbowlaugh:

I've tried doing 13, and that's already had me exhausted.

ExhaustedBrony already has 31... :rainbowderp:


I can't add my story! It's called My Little Poems, and I'm waiting for it to be submitted to the website right now.

I'd suggest letting people try it every month, but you don't have to, you're just in charge of setting it up.

331344 Unless my writing career REALLY takes off, I think once is enough for me.

This... This really has to be an annual thing.

The first collab story by me and electreXcessive is comin' soon!

331071 The blog post will go up at the end of the month! :raritystarry:

330601 you can just ask for those anytime you want for a price

330601 I'll ask him about it. I was thinking that the people who completed the challenge could be featured in a site blog post, but I'll have to ask the admins about that.

Good ol' TEB's gonna be post in' another story tomorrow. I hope y'all take the time to read it (and enjoy it enough to smash that like button with your face)

  • Viewing 26 - 45 of 45