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Story Progression

Ashes to Ashes
Death? I can fix that.
Fluttershy's Feeding Ground
Hippocratic Oath
I Should Stop Watching...
Journeyman's Journal: Adult Edition
Journeyman's Journal
SINless Desire
Stocking Stuffer 1
Stocking Stuffer 3: Candy Ass
The Dead Don't Shuffle
The Great Equestrian Art Exhibition(ist)
The Wandering Shadows
Till Death Do Us Part
Welcome to Night Vale
We Three Kings
When Lights Die

At the End
Chapter 37: 2%
Words: 50

Captain Cadenza and the Canterlot Jewel
Chapter 1: 65%
Words: 3,000

Celestia's Curse
Chapter 4: 10%
Words: 200
Chapter 5: 5%
Words: 20

The Doom Warrior
Chapter 1: 5%
Words 300

Gray Hat
Chapter 10: 2%
Words: 100

Liquid Courage
Chapter 2: 1%
Words: 20

Pinkie's Coming For You
Chapter 4: 5%
Words: 100

SCP-1312 - In Oceans Deep: 5%
Words: 250

Site 16 - The Tartarus Gate
Chapter 7: 5%
Words: 50%

Chapter 1: 100%
Words: 5,700
Chapter 2: 15%
Words: 1,600

Tales of A Junktown Pony Peddler
Chapter 2: 5%
Words: 300

The Forever Man
The Humbling of the Stone Court
Phantom Shadow
A Star to Steer Me By (On Hiatus)

I expected more Pinkie.

Author's Choice

  • Welcome to Night Vale Hello and good evening, dear listeners. The moon is bright and full, the sun is hot and relentless, and the glow cloud that rained dead animals on our small town has finally moved on. Welcome to Night Vale. by Journeyman 6,434 words · 958 views · 52 likes · 2 dislikes
  • The Wandering Shadows Mad. They call me mad. by Journeyman 8,109 words · 797 views · 40 likes · 0 dislikes

Cream of the Clop

Stocking Stuffer Series


Who's awesome? · 12:53am Sep 3rd, 2015

I just wanted to take a moment out of the day to talk to you all.

It's been quite the long couple of years since Shaw showed me what fanfiction was in the city of [REDACTED]. I had never quite known what Shaw would get me into. I am saddened that I do not recall the exact date of that fateful day, but I do remember the events quite clearly. Oh the Butterfly Effect and the wonderful will it weaved.

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Senpai notice me....................................................:(

Hey Journey Man, Siphon here.

Just checking up on ya, seeing how you're doing. I myself have been good, working and all that.

More Importantly, I have a youtube channel, and I'm working on youtube videos. Right now, I'm working on a Lets Play of Armored Core Project Phantasma, but I've already complete a LP of both Armored Core 1 and Armored Core For Answer.

Here's a link to my channel if you want to check it out.

Anyway, I hope everything's been doing alright.

Gg my good man, It would be weird to say that I would be an almost exact mirror. Although im just in it for the amazing work other people do.... I lack the spare time to do anything other than study for the next upcoming test. I like to think of you as the me that went out and got shit done.
(When I complete my advanced divers liscence i will finally be able to sit down and review the 236mb txt file on my laptop, filled with all of my ramblings, maty the journeyman pass on his knowlege and wisdom.

I just realize I sometimes scratch me head like a cat.

2395645 I fucking love this movie! It reminds me so much of my D&D campaigns with my siblings. xDDDD

No Man's Sky may be a crummy game, but the soundtrack is pretty boss, and helpful when I need to write seven different pieces for the Sunday. Number four is almost done, five is a Stocking Stuffer, so it will be a piece of cake, six is already 8o% done, and the last is likely going to be under 3,000 words.

I think I could defeat ten average-sized ten year olds in hand to hand combat.

So much mucus everywhere. I hate being sick. :pinkiesick:

That's what you get when munchkin fighter classes try to play a bard.

  • Viewing 926 - 935 of 935
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