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For some reason I write about ponies. Despite me writing about ponies, not everything I write about ponies ends up in a published story. For one reason or another, whether it be a lack of inspiration, a great love for a single story idea but no real story plot in general, or simply because I need to write something just to get it off my chest and get back to work, I occasionally write a piece that I cannot justify publishing.

This list has gotten rather long. Rather then let these scenes languish, I decided to collect the butchered pieces of literature and gather them in this anthology.

Descriptions and context for all chapters can be found in the author's notes.

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Dammit, I hate trying to read these. It's boring and there's not enough material not "classified" in these SCP reports to warrant any interest. Moving past this chapter... :facehoof:

You did read the A/N, right? I told you what this was and why it's here instead of in an actual story.

I'm definitely digging the personality of Doctor Sirus, he seems like a he's had an interesting life.
Also the conversation between the good Doctor and his disembodied tormentor was really well paced.
It makes me wonder whats really going on between those two...good stuff.

Repeated failure to comply with this order will involve demotion and assignment to D-class duty.

Repeated failure to comply with this order will involve demotion and assignment to the Foundation's Cannon Fodder Division Fixed it :pinkiehappy:

But I agree with the A/N. Its probably easier to get into college than it is to create an approved SCP XP

The Baron is definitely deserving of his title that's for sure. Then again I have soft spot for devious puppet masters.
This particular story has some great atmosphere, plus the twist was pretty fresh. For what its worth it would have been a boss capstone for the Nightmare Night event.

Alright who is the wise guy that left the interdimensional back door open?! Terrific! There are elder gods everywhere now, this is going to take forever fix :trollestia:

Brimstone has so much swagger it makes lesser creatures have an existential crisis on the spot.
Well I for one welcome our new Swag overlord.

Clearly Brimstone has something of a trollish sense of humor.
What with having a terrifying heart to heart with the Crafter, while he is clearly trying to make tracks. XD

I agree, it's probably for the best that this was cut. Don't get me wrong, who wouldn't want Barricade as an ally? She is a freaking champ after all. But as you said it's not really Brimstone's MO to act in such a manner.

I actually think that this one suits him. Although, given the way the miner acts, I think that treating him like a prisoner is a little much. Not bad though.

I like it. Definitely would have been different if events had happened differently.

Hey Wanderer, don't let that stop ya, more ponies...and people, would kill to kiss that mare than ya'd think!!

Nice chapter, and being a Fallout fan myself, I welcome ya to the Wasteland, enjoy your stay scaver!

Here's to Joe Deadfinger, and all the pieces of him we couldn't find. :moustache:

I'd love to make a story out of this one, but I got nowhere to take it.

a creature named later in the story as Brimstone.

... and then you go and put the link to the alternate version however long before that happens...

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