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Ponyville faced an ordinary day, but then night came, and with it a massive gateway into another world. It closes before any action can be taken, but now the Mane Six and Canterlot nobility are tasked with finding out what they can about the gateway. Who created it? Where did it lead to?

And most importantly, did anything come through?

Takes place after Season 2
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Constructive criticism welcome and encouraged.

And I'm looking for a beta reader if anyone is interested.

Back to the future reference. :rainbowkiss: The only problem I saw was calling Fluttershy a tan Pegasus. Yellow, cream, or butter-yellow are closer to her true color in my opinion, though I've never thought of her as tan. Well, I guess that's your opinion.:pinkiesmile:

Huh...I never thought I'd see this crossover happen. Color me intrigued.:rainbowderp:

If you're looking for a beta reader, I would be happy to offer my services to help you out in that department. :pinkiehappy:

Just send me a PM if you're interested.


Welll this is very good, also will we be seeing a blue shirt wearing miner in this fic at all?

Liked it :twilightsmile:
Also, did you make Canterlot in minecraft? or did you find that pic somewhere else? just curious :rainbowhuh:

I have not yet had the pleasure to. I'm a purist, so if i want to build something, it's survival mode for me, but recently I've been playing to flush out what will happen later in the story

And yes, the Crafter will be coming. *spoilers*

Ah, screw it. You all knew he'd be coming in eventually..


EDIT: Submit to EqD NOW!

Aw man, you beat me to it... and it's pretty good...

Still, I can't throw away what I've got after all that work. But congratulations on making what is, to my knowledge, the first successful Minecraft crossover.

there have been a few others, but this one seems to be the most beliveable

While I seriously do appreciate your enthusiasm, I will not be attempting a EQD submittal until the story is complete. If you love this as much as your comment states, I can say I have hammered out the remainder of the plot and know how the story will end.

Tiberius is correct in that there are others, some even on this site, but as far as my knowledge reaches, only one is complete.

Wow, just wow. Been looking for something like this for a while. Great work on a first chapter, already got me hooked... (OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG:rainbowkiss:)

*Ahem*... Anyway, hoping to see more, keep up the good work!


(P.S. Any chance of Endermen? I'm just sayin'...)

Still not sure if Nether Portal or End Portal.....

I wanna see some Endermen!

But some blazes could hurt either...


"A half mile up in the night sky outlined with a black border was a massive, swirling vortex of violet energy"


Black border + violet entrance = Nether Portal

this is so similar in concept of entry (portal) to another fic I read before, I got the two mixed up as one story I feel stupid for forgetting :facehoof:

I am eagerly awaiting more.:pinkiehappy:

Wow. Just... Wow.:rainbowderp: You, my good sir, have outdone yourself. This story is just... Amazing. Truly amazing. TAKE ALL OF MY THUMBS UP AND MY PINKIES!!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

This chapter. I like it.


That is all...


Sounds like his mind went to shit when the Nether Portal dun goofed.

I mean, COME ON. Ponies and creepers look nothing alike. Seriously.

Well, of course they don't. But when he was scared out of his mind and the first pony he saw was Lyra, whose coat is similar in color to a creeper, it's easy to make that mistake. It's why he realized he was wrong when she screamed and others came to investigate. He keeps calling them creepers because he doesn't have a name for them yet.


...I swear there is a hole in your logic.... somewhere....

If you see one in anything I do, in continuity, plot, or storytelling, feel free to point it out. I will not begrudge you for my own mistakes.



Why isn't the first thing he noticed that the world wasn't made of blocks? Or is Minecraftia in this story not made of blocks?

I have that planned for Chapter 5, actually, when the Crafter reaches the end of his recount. It's then that he notices that physics in this world don't really add up. If you recall, there is a bottom in his Overworld, and a hole in it to boot. Planets don't have bottoms. Or holes. The reason he didn't realize it right away is because he was still under the effects of traveling through the Nether Portal and was disorientated. Because of his disorientation, he only noticed small things like excessive debris(caused by the Portal) and that the creepers(ponies) come to Lyra's aid when she's attacked. Creatures in the Overworld don't do that.

Good catch, but I have that one covered.


...Gah. I've been doing too much Phoenix Wright-related things recently. It's made me determined to find a contradiction. :facehoof:

This would not be the FIRST time some overprotective guards ruined a FIRST encounter.

Indeed it wasn't, but ol' Captain Hawk was just doing his job.

Subtle comment is subtle.

It wasn't meant to be subtle. Or suble, whatever that is. It was meant to be my first ever FIRST post.:twilightsheepish:

How many "beta" readers do you actually have? You seem to be having a lot of trouble with showing vs telling in some areas, and I actually found myself skipping paragraphs in this chapter because of it.

Only the 1 right now. The others are silent, likely due to creeper attack.

Anything in particular?

919352 Ah, well, I've gone through quite a few stories to pick them dry of the showing vs telling stuff, as well as everything from dialogue to ellipses usage, and lately I've been feeling a tad spent. Unless you have a gdoc with anon comments enabled that I can pick at, I don't think I'd be able to point most of the stuff out.

Another reason I was skipping paragraphs was due to the time skip. Yes, I suppose it's a bit more interesting since it's from a completely different view, but the fact is we already know what's happened and don't really need any more information. I honestly think it would've been more interesting to have them, at the very least, start the chapter by immediately seeing/experiencing the "Event" occur and going from there. Everything else just felt like senseless exposition that felt more like a history lecture than anything else.

As for your other editors/pre/beta-readers being mysteriously gone, that's really no good. I keep it in mind to have at least two fresh eyes look at what I've written, and I tell any author I edit/preread for the same thing. If you need any help, I'd be happy to offer my services, specifically in dialogue and showing vs telling styles.

I actually thought about having the chapter start right at the Portal's appearance, but that left the question: where the hell was luna during chapter 1? I wrote in Chapter 1 that she was away so a Night Guard could warn Canterlot. If I just started Chapter 3 with her engaged with Steve?, that would be awfully contrived way to start a chapter. I needed a reason for her to be gone in the first place, thus the filler.

And i just started using Google Docs. Up for the job?

919419 Ah, very well. I can understand stuff like that. I hate having to reshuffle events in a story in that manner.

Anyways. I'm free whenever, just PM me the doc link (and if you want me to look over any other chapters you've written, links.) and I'll get started.

YUSS! MOAR! I AM PLEASED!:flutterrage::pinkiehappy:

YUSS! MOAR! I AM PLEASED!:flutterrage::pinkiehappy:

I'll admit that you've got me intrigued. Do continue...

I want to see there faces when they see he can build a house in a day and a castle in a week

I like this story mostly because it is exceptionally well written. well done.

"Why was this creature so strong? Did it break rocks for a living?"
:rainbowlaugh: Why yes, yes he does.

A week? Jeez, you're a slow castle-maker. Once I have the materials I usually have a fortified town in an in-game week. And that's a great deal less than a day.

And speaking of in-game time, Steve?'s in for a huge shock when he realizes the nights aren't just 20 minutes long any more. Think of all the Creeper nightmares he's going to have...

Yes, I am aware that At the End appeared on the front page on 7/25/12 when there was no chapter update. This is a mistake on my part. I meant to edit chapter 3 and give credit to Viktor Lionheart for changes he suggested, but clicked unpublish on accident. Wanderer D has been sent a message on the matter. I did not do this to intentionally bump my story.

Congratulations on (another?) feature! This story is really awesome. Oh, and I'm still working on my own. Luckily they seem to be quite different, though I think the only similarity would be how he stores his inventory, and it's only slightly similar. Anyway, keep up the great work!


It appears to be that this story has made it's way to Author Support. Even though I've lost interest in Minecraft, I'm quite intrigued. :moustache:

Enderpearls FTW, always reliable even with the damage they can do to Steve, although he wont be able to go far for a little bit since he's now even more weakened by using it.

you should add TooManyItems to this, it'd freak out the ponies seeing him pull out millions of potions of strength, poison etc.

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