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They call me mad.

Perhaps I am mad. If I am, does knowing that fact decrease my madness or enforce it? I don’t know anymore. Regardless of that, it constitutes little in the grand scheme of things. My dame once told me that the mind is what it believes. If I believe I am mad, than I am already lost. What I am matters little. What I believe is what matters greatly.

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We all have the power to destroy. We all have the power to save. Nothing is easier than destroying yourself. Nothing is harder than saving yourself.

- Clover the Clever

And here we go...

Gonna read these all on Hallow's Eve. Just because I can.

Man this short story still gives me the heebie jeebies. Even after a second reading I'm still conflicted as to what I believe happened.

*spoilers ahead* (seriously read the story before the comments)

I want to believe she was actually sane, but that makes the ending terribly horrifying and tragic.
But if she was truly mad, then we just watched a poor mare bring ruination upon her own life and relationships.:raritydespair:

Either way it made for some great horror/suspense reading, I was on the edge of my seat the whole way through.

I think she was 'sane', however once she dwelled on nothing but these shadow creatures thats when she started losing her grip.

spoilers on my opinion of the story, don't read yet AVOID It says that everyone in ponyville had a shadow monster but her, however I think the reason why she didn't have one was because you can't see your own.

All the shadow monsters were never there they didn't infect anyone but her and only others who can see it, these 'things' only made her see and hear things that weren't there basically screwed up her perception on the world around her, And the reason why these beasts started getting eyes and other features was because they were getting stronger by feeding off the poor girls various emotions of anguish confusion hate and the like.

This is my interpretation of the story.

She was sane, a fragment of the shadow latched to her, made her experience things that would benefit the monster, and through unfortunate events is now tragically doomed to nourish the shadow without anyone thinking otherwise, while she stays trapped in the ward, until her last days.

3284051 and the quote solidifies my thought of the story as well xP

Oh and liking the new cover pic by the way :)

Starting off with a story about madness?

Holy shit I love you...

Holy cow, that was dark.

A double-edged blade.

Well, that was horrific and chilling. Well done.

Hmm... A mad god at the center of the universe, horrific beings far beyond our comprehension, the ancient ones....Yep, someone's a Lovecraft fan. "The Shadow Out of Time" seems to be the main source of inspiration, unless I am greatly mistaken.

Spot on guess right there.:moustache:

Wow, way to fuck it up Twilight. Unintentionally you doomed the poor mare from start to finish.

Too bad for Screwloose (?), I can take solace in at least pretending that this takes place behind the scenes of the show, and if that's so she will eventually end up happily back home.

Did Twilight destroy the ritual circle before it could have any affect at all?

Also I'd like to mention the story reminds me of two others that are oddly both based around Lyra.

The first being Background Pony by shortskirtsandexplosions in which the protagonist's troubles all stem from the night of Nightmare Moon's return and they're the only one experiencing a strange phenomenon. Also both phenomena seem to alter reality/history in their own ways.

The second fic would be A Spell for Lyra by Kolwynia, *spoiler if you intent to read, it's a short story* in which Lyra also tries to cast an arcane spell but Twilight, in her panic interrupts, the ritual which has bad results for Lyra as she is now lost in a random dimension, nopony ever learns for sure whether she is still alive and well.

I'd say I liked this more than both of them.

Did you draw that? :rainbowkiss:

Nope. Link's up and will take you to the creator.

I'm glad you enjoyed it. :rainbowkiss: I am familiar with Background Pony but not the other. BP bored me due to an extreme case of Lavender Unicorn Syndrome, but I like the general idea. I just don't like the execution.

And you are right, this is Screw Loose. I wanted an idea for why she was shown to be mad in the show. As for if she'll end up happy? No idea. Depends if she retains memory of the events of the Longest Night. Was it all real, or just the outcries of a mad mare? not even Twilight knows.

Well that was awesome!!!! I'm looking for more similars!!!!

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