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Hello and good evening, dear listeners. It is days like these that I am ever grateful to live in our small desert town. The moon is bright and full, the sun is hot and relentless, and the glow cloud that rained dead animals on our small town has finally moved on.

Welcome to Night Vale.

Crossover with Night Vale
Edited by: Reader Review, Genesis1212
Prereader: Softy8088
Fan Reading by Landon

Chapters (3)
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I'm terrified of this place. However, I'm more scared of not being terrified of this place.

~Professor Beaker

May I ask what font the title is.

The "13 Days" disclaimer? I'm staging a project where I release one horror or supernatural story every day for thirteen days.

If you are referring to the actual font (I don't know if that was a misspelling or not), I'm not quite sure. I believe it is Arial. It just looks strange because I have a longer title (Which has been reduced since this post).

As for the title, Welcome to Night Vale is a podcast which I adopted with MLP elements. It's a very... strange podcast. I've left a link in the description if you are interested.

YES! When you said 13 days if horror I expected just your regular gore. But this! THIS IS WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT!
.....just stay away from the dog park...

I have a total of nine stories fully scripted, yet only one has significant gore, but that one is played for laughs. The Dead Don't Shuffle is more of a black comedy than a gorefic.

I am craving a Big Rico's pizza about now...

I don't know, I kinda lost taste for Big Rico's after the big wheat and wheat byproducts thing. It changed my view on who should serve me food. But it's ok, lately I've been eating at Geno's Italian Dining Experience and Grill and Bar! It may be a little pricy but eating in a doorless room without the threat of hooded figures or pyramid promotion stunts really makes it worth the cost!

If you can Journey I would suggest to add these stories to appropriate groups for more people to view them, these are too good to simply pass up. :twilightsmile:

I don't know any more! :twilightsheepish:

If you know a few, feel free to add them. I've added them to all the groups I know.

3375025 Alright, I'll add them to where I know they'll be appropriate. ^^

I must say I enjoyed the story and the way the Cecil described the events around him(her?)

There was one error that stood out to me though:

The princess says they are too sweet and need to be in the oven for another two minutes.

This should be in past tense, not present.

And now for the weather.

All of my love! I am sharing this everywhere. Journeyman, you are amazingly good at what you do, and I hope you never stop. :heart:

...........good night fimfiction...... Goodnight.....(I hate the weather....)

This is like if Lovecraft and King went on an acid trip. In the best of ways.

Mind if I do a recording of this? It just fits too well with the original Night Vale recordings to pass up.

Go ahead! I'll even link it in the author's notes.

Definitely got that "Welcome to Night Vale" subtle eeriness to it. Great fic, Journeyman. I was actually looking into starting my own short Night Vale crossover series and was surprised to see that there's already a couple. This is fantastic.

Very enjoyable!


Oh, this is based on a podcast? All the time I was reading this story I thought it was something more like this.

"When you couldn't be more wrong about having all the answers and understanding other peoples' references, you know you're in... Night Springs."

(That doesn't stop it from being a good read though.)

That's just the way Night Vale works. It very much seems like there are references being thrown about left and right here, but other than the story being based off of it, I made none whatsoever. The heart of Night Vale's lovecraftian storytelling is making the absurd and terrifying almost mundane and boring. These are just ponies who live in a down with several dark secrets and have just gotten used to them.

Time to catch up on Night Vale. And to jot down a few notes for another edition to this delightful work of mine. After this last April Fools, I'm in the mood...

The title makes me instantly think of Night Springs

Now im wondering if this will be as much of a mind trip as the fake tv show. :rainbowlaugh:

I admit that this does a very good job of emulating the style of "Welcome to Night Vale". :pinkiecrazy: However, I think in the process it doesn't do enough to be MLP. :fluttershysad: It's great as a Night Vale fanfiction though. :twilightsheepish:

This is amazing. I loved the nods and I can't wait for next years. Hopefully concerning a certain odd Pegasus with what appears to be a leather suit case.....
Sorry, what was I saying? Oh look! An update! Well...might as well get reading!

This is amazing. I loved the nods and I can't wait for next years. Hopefully concerning a certain odd Pegasus with what appears to be a leather suit case.....
Sorry, what was I saying? Oh look! An update! Well...might as well get reading!
.....weird... Feels like I've done this before....

It irked me in the previous chapter and it irked me here so I have to say; the phrase is "vague, yet menacing, government agency". The word from the podcast is "menacing" not "nefarious".

Still, a good crossover and a good story, looking forward to more if it comes.

I wonder whether or not the reporter guy got to the bunker in time. Also, why has no one else commented on this chapter yet?

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