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The Good Dark Lord


So a human is in Equestria and is turned into a unicorn. Yadda yadda, we've seen this premise a few thousand times.

But what if he went into Equestria's entertainment business and became a movie director? What if the movies he made were adaptations of his favorite movies and stories back on Earth? How would ponies and other races react to human stories that are morally complex, dark, and terrifying?

I take requests. If there's a certain movie you want the ponies to react to, just post in the comments.

*Featured 6/5/2016*

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Who crazy enough to pull a Heath Ledger style of Joker

Oh this should be good.

Will you be showing the reactions of the mane six and other mlp characters to his movies in this story? I personally hope you do.

I'm sure the mane six will be surprised when the Mare Do Well movie comes out.

I would pay to see how the ponies would react to a movie like The Road.

Or any horror film that we created. Hmmm.. maybe The Grudge or Evil Dead.

Let's not waste any time. Blade Series. All three movies.

This almost demands star wars. Ponies...with light sabers.

Wait til there's Power Ponies: Age of Coltron

Comment posted by RadioBug15 deleted May 3rd, 2015

my movie requests are
starship troopers,
mad max1,2,3
edge of tomorrow,
the transporter,
and last but not least smokey and the bandit. wooot i love classics

Cabin in the Woods, Saw, something to do with zombies, a gritty Twilight reboot that will probably suck just as ma y balls, Troll Hunter, Lord of the Rings, Alien, Friday 13th, a film with the title 'Sluts on a Bus 69: Robot Lesbians of Mars and Beyond', the 60's Batman movie, Barbed Wire and Patch Adams- 'cause the way they buggered that was absolutely horrifying.

Teach these ponies the magic of green screen

Well, this looks like it could be interesting. Imma watch it.

Will it be an adaptation of The Dark Knight, or Batman Begins?

Batman Begins was a good batman/superhero origin story, but The Dark Knight is a great film. Like, Academy award winning level.

And how faithful will the adaptation be? The Dark Knight could get pretty dark. You didn't spend a lot of time on world building, so will the ponies be okay watching something like that?

Man I choose a Great time to log into my account
*Starts reading*

Edit: *Finishes Reading*
"Nick Fury, Director of SHIELD."
F***ing Awesome

The Godfather trilogy
The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Are there gonna be parts to the story where certain popular characters from the show rant/fan-girl at him?
Would love to see what they say and his responses if that does happen. :pinkiehappy:

Can we have Mortal Kombat movie? The first one was pretty good, even if they ruined Scorpion with this 'tentacle from the hand'.

Movie Suggestions?

My Little Human - Terran Girls

Hitch hicers guide to the galixy and Aladdin, for the kids

Awesome chapter.

Loved how you had him combine the movies, and the changes made. Also loved the twist ending with Nick Fury show up. Though does that mean you won't have him do any marvel movies?

Will you be showing the reactions and thoughts of MLP character we know and love to his movies?

Will we find out what other species think of his movies? I can't help but picture Gilda becoming a big fan of his.

If you're still accepting movie suggestions i have four.

The first one is Beetlejuice. Except maybe make some of the characters like Lydia more like their versions from the cartoon. I just always liked the cartoon version of Lydia more.

The next movie i would like suggest is Jumanji. Maybe add some stuff that was in the cartoon spin off in the movie.

For the next two i have to ask something first. Will you just be having do live action films, or will also do animated and cgi movies? If you are going to have him do animated and cgi than i would like to suggest these two.

The Incredibles. You know i can't help but notice some similarities between Scootaloo and Syndrome when he was a kid. If you ever do have the MLP character we know appear in the story. Maybe you could have them notice the similarities between them as well.

The final movie is the Nightmare Before Christmas. With Nightmare Moon taking Jack's place.

What do you think of these suggestions?

>The final movie is the Nightmare Before Christmas. With Nightmare Moon taking Jack's place.
>Nightmare Moon taking Jack's place
So, you want to replace Misguided Hero with Pure Evil. Original.
Jack only wanted people enjoy his holiday as much as they enjoyed Christmas. Nightmare Moon wanted ethernal night and something short of world domination. Yes, Luna wanted ponies to enjoy her night as much as they enjoyed day, but Luna != NM. Nightmare had much more sinister goals, than Jack.
But it can work pretty well with Luna instead.

The Saw movies anyone?

Oh hell yes!!

Oh and a suggestion... The Nightmare Before Christmas

I'm genuinely surprised I haven't seen either a Gravity or Avatar crossover on this site, they both seem like the perfect stories to write them about...... maybe you could do that here instead?

Do Soylent Green. Since the ponies are herbivores, that would make them completely lose their minds.

maybe one of those movie's where the villian is the hero to see how the pony's react

Iron sky That is all i will say.

Though it didint make much money because of internet piracy.

Overall, good stuff. I was not disappointed.

The reactions from the ponies were spot on and hope you take the suggestions I posted in the post with changes like you did. A good example would be The Grudge as that is set in Japan so some things have to be changed, The reason I put this one is how the ponies will react to the whole plot with the ghost's past. You know the husband killing her, her son, the cat and himself. Then again that would really clause problems.

I do want to see him do his own version of Dragon Ball based on the manga.

Saving Private Ryan, that will put the fear of god in em.

Need to have him do at least one Tarantino film. My vote's on Reservoir Dogs.

When we can expect next chapter?

So far... so good.

I like it, the idea of movies being ponyzized and also, movies have actually been a big part of our lives in a way, they have progressed and revolutionized morals, perceptions and many other ideas. They make us laugh, they make us cry, they make us cheer, they make us go silent. In the end, they can make us think.

I like the idea of this guy, Miles, making such a big change of Equestria at large, can you imagine how many concepts he could change as a result of his movies? It might be small in some ways, but I can guarantee he will be the true start of popular movie references.

I can just imagine it... it will be SO awesome! :rainbowkiss:
I wonder if he will be able to get permission from Daring Doo to make movie of her adventures...
Maybe a personal one for Celestia and the tale behind Nightmare Moon?
Who knows, he might just stick to movies of his own world and pump out everything from Spielberg to Michael Bay.

Onward! To the movies!
I'll get my popcorn :pinkiehappy:

>I wonder if he will be able to get permission from Daring Doo to make movie of her adventures...
It's 20 years before start of MLP FiM. She propably still a filly. If ponies mature as fast as humans do, of course.

>tfw start Daring Do career

Our hero become famous as a director. He meets Daring Do and befriends her. She is fresh out of Canterlot University of Archaeology and wants to start her own expedition. But she has no sponsor to get money for this. Miles offers her a deal: he will give her bits for her expedition, if she will to play main role in his next film. It's gonna be a film about daring archaeologist, who tries to save a dangerous ancient artifact from the bad guys. She agrees.
On the shooting she got her famous pith helmet, because they were out of normal hats.

tfw mah terrible grammar

More please. Seriously, the reactions are hilarious and I can't wait to see what the Princesses and Mane Six think of these movies. For Spike, I'm thinking a positive response to Gojira, and I'm guessing Twilight, Rarity, or Fluttershy to play moral guardian. This will be interesting I think.

Why was this story not a thing before?
Why has no one thought of this?
Why can't more stories have a good of a concept as this one?
Why do most hie's seem really unoriginal unlike this one?
why haven't I favorited this already?
all these questions and more answered in... The next chapter!

This is actually the most original thing ive seen n fimfiction in a very, very long time.
Great job. Looking forward to more.


Well of COURSE I know that, give it time... :pinkiesmile:

Excellent concept. I can safely say I've never seen this done before, and I can't wait to see what you do with it.

And since we can make suggestions, how about one of these:
The Shining
Evil Dead II
Any James Bond film
The Road Warrior
The Terminator.

movie suggestions :
1. the descent
2. rose red
3. golden compass
4. adventures of tin tin
5. poltergeist
6. guardians of the galaxy
7. maleficent
8. anastasia
9. alice in wonderland
10. kickassia
11. blair witch project
12. up
13. the lego movie
14. song of the sea
15. secret of kells
16. the hobbit
17. the godfather
18.The Shawshank Redemption
19. star wars 1-6
20. indiana jones
21. children of the corn
22. harry potter
23.the lion king
24. toy story
25. brave
26. ice age
27. frozen
28. snow white and seven dwarfs
29. shrek
30 . pirates of the Caribbean
31. now you see me
32. lara croft

He should probably do some kids movies to shut up the naysayers after Saw and Gojira like The Nightmare before Hearthswarming or Coraline or some such

I have only Two ideas.

Inglorious bastards.

And even though it's a video game and not a movie, Far Cry 3.

Show these ponies the definition of insanity!

Blade Runner

But.... Saw is a snuff film. ... But I'm not quite Sue's that the pony populace would like saw as much as the Batman spinoff, since they are that sensitive. Saw was thriller horror, with a scante story, whereas Batman was a superhero film. ... okay I have to read on just so I can see how you spin this.

night of the living dead. (Original)

and maybe Terminator. idk up to you.

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