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This story is a sequel to Site 16 - The Tartarus Gate

This is not our world. We are a grain of sand on the beach. A star in the fabric of the midnight sky. We share this world with horrors beyond imagining and comprehension, but the Foundation cannot ask for aid. We are alone in this war. We trudge through the darkness so that the world can enjoy one more day in the light. We do not steal the truth, we secure the truth so people may live normal lives. We do not lie to protect ourselves, we lie to contain evil and danger. We do not rule, we protect the innocent from the juggernauts of the earth. It is our destiny to suffer so that others may go about their lives in peace.

We Secure. We Contain. We Protect.

- “The Administrator”

Picture by the seriously NSFW Ask Murdershy tumblr

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Why should you be afraid of the dark? You shouldn't; the monsters can't see you. Turning the light on however... well, that speaks for itself.

~Lady Incantus on regards to records concerning the Gates of Tartarus

I will fav and read this in the morning in the sunlight cause I'm a pussy that wont read a scary story... at night!

I'm scared enough by scary stories that I didn't plan to read your 13 Days of Nightmare Night. Then you had to go and post an SCP story. I love SCP. I also know that it's more likely to scare me since I have some glimmer of an idea of what to expect. That glimmer also represents my hope of coming out of this without nightmares, as both are approximately the same size- very, very small.

3380239 Nice story. Lucky I'm reading it at 9am in the morning. Nightmare Fluttershy just doesn't have the same impact as creepy Applebloom or scary Nightmare Moon, though. :flutterrage:

Nice shades of SCP-106 and SCP-231. Though I wonder, if SCP-009 can jump to multiple hosts simultaneously, why wouldn't it do so at every opportunity? Taking over only one pony doesn't seem rational given its sadistic tendencies.

No matter. It's SCP, so the mystery is part of the appeal, I guess :fluttershyouch:.

It was to lure them in. The Foundation didn't know it could do that, so SCP-009 played nice for a while until it took the chance and escaped. It failed. Afterwards, they screen employees, killing any that have been mentally dominated by the entity. That's why they are contemplating termination orders. It's becoming far too difficult to contain.

It couldn't escape in Zebrica because nopony ever came to it for the longest time. The last corpse was years ago. All it took was a MTF to come along and it hitched a ride to a more populated area, but it's sadism made it kill the geologist before it had a chance to escape unnoticed.

Ah, very nice. I love Halloween, too. I'm glad some ponies are getting in the spirit. :pinkiecrazy:

Still, since this is scp, it reminds me that I haven't finished the scp story I started with a few friends, too. :unsuresweetie:

I havent even read this yet and im freaking out! Never did it cross my mind that anybody could do a SCP crossover! I'm giving it a thumbs up just for the concept! I love the game, and have beaten it with the best possible ending!

P.S. Just a suggestion, if its not in the story already, put a chapter with SCP-073 in it!

Wait, SCP-231? I'm curious, what part of the dossier resembles that one? That never occurred to me.

As for the image, I was originally going to use this guy because that smile haunts my dreams, but the original creator was going through OC stealing troubles and denied my request to use him. It's understandable. I didn't want to use other one's however, because all the ones I discovered either weren't up to snuff for a catchy image, or seemed comically evil. I wanted something that looked a little authentic in-universe. Murdershy was the best I could find.

This is the second story involving SCPs I have created, however, both cannot involve SCP-073 for various reasons. This is just a one-shot, and the other revolves around a Foundation based in Equestria, not the SCP verse. Sorry.

I was going to write that I wasn't scared by your story, but that 's just because 'scared' isn't the right word for this fic.
It's just sent shivers down my spine when I realised that a civilised country/world country could be to forced to preform 'human sacrifice'
Shit fucked up man, in a good way

3380420 Thanks for the explanation. Maybe they should expose this SCP to Dr. Clef.

Mother of Celestia, I NEED to get out of here! - SCP 009

3380372 After reading:
I just had to say nightmares, didn't I? God dammit. It wasn't the worst an SCP has ever scared me, but it's pretty close. Also, I believe you said you were posting these with minimal editing? Because that certainly helped. There were a couple of spelling/grammar mistakes that helped me break immersion. Without those and the clinical style of SCP dossiers I think this would have been much worse. The mistakes I noticed (that I can remember without review (never going to happen)) are; you mixed up personal and personnel a couple times, you mixed up pray and prey in one of the interview transcripts, and I remember there was another mistake but not what it was. I did love that quote at the end about being afraid of light rather than dark. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to inform my professors that I may have trouble paying attention to their next few classes.

3380475 I guess the way the staff were being forced to take precautions, whether they wanted it or not, and esp. the need for fresh victims reminded me of that.

I ran a quick skimming over your stories and see the other one, which I delved a little into, great work! Although that was mainly a suggestion, if you make a third in the future. Maybe the facility gets 173 as a transport through the mirror? Just a suggestion, SCP-173 is my favorite SCP:twilightsheepish:

That is the SCARIEST pic i have EVER seen from mlp because im pretty sure thats fluttershy and she so nice if she had a side like that i would die

I don't consider myself that good at writing horror. But as the saying goes, authors are their greatest critics. If I scared you, I apparently did something right!:yay:

Thanks for pointing our the errors. I've fixed all those that I could find.

Link's in the description. I warn you, it's extremely NSFW, and, sadly, not very scary. There happens to be only one or two places where Flutters is frightening, and that pic is one of them. Admittedly, I required a new chair and pair of pants after that picture appeared. :rainbowderp: Even if scares are few, it did it's job.

Given the nature of many SCPs, it is possible - emphasis on possible - that my Site-16 story might have the statue or Cain in it at a later date. Don't get your hopes up, but the possibility is there.

Clef? Who do you think my avatar is?

█ ███████ ████ █████ █ ██ ███ █████ ███ █████████ ████. ████ ███ █████ ████. ████, ██████, █████ ███ ███████. ███. ████ █ ██████ █████████. ███ ██████. █████████. █████ ███████. ████████ ████. █████. ████.

Got any idea what this could be? "A Pegasus Pony" fits for the first three words.

P.S. that face is creepy as shit and i will not sleep tonight

Now this I have to say I enjoyed, when I first read it the audio had my blood pumping.
Great all around.

Oooh, you took my advice. :pinkiecrazy: Yep, the ending is much better now. Makes 009 a much greater, less containable threat. Now that's an SCP that deserves to be a Keter.

Yes, I must agree. Plus, it allowed me to do that thing I talked to you about. I wonder how long it will take for people to connect the dots between SCP-009 and that... issue. Ha ha ha ha ha, I'm going to love the fridge horror when someone finds out.

3380613 I always assumed it was Hazama/Terumi.

Excellent SCP entry. The cover pic and that communication log at the end are bone chilling.

I've changed the last redacted statement. Perhaps this one might be a little easier to figure out. Yes, SCP-009-2 really did say something there; it's not meaningless redaction.

I'm unfamiliar with anything SCP related, could you perhaps lend us a hint as to what it is if it's something in the MLP universe?

Comment posted by TheTobacconist deleted Oct 22nd, 2013

It's a little too soon, because most of what I can say will be spoilers. The redacted statement is for those with very sharp eyes that border on clairvoyance. Perhaps when a few more of my stories are published, but I will say there is good clue at the end of my next Nightmare Night tale.

Sorry to be picky, but the host would be SCP-009-1, not SCP-009-2. Other than that, this feels like something you'd actually find on the SCP-wiki. I'd be interested in more things like this.

I've seen it done both ways. Hell, I've seen them use letters.

DON'T LOOK AT ME! :raritydespair:

:raritywink: Thanks!

Holy fucking shit. Yes... just, fucking, yes.

This is freaking awesome!

...but SCP-009 already exists.....Its the 'Red Ice' that crystallizes any and all liquid that comes into contact with it.....http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-009

I know, im an egghead, but still......

3384854 Messer Giant lizard thing? Don't they already have Dragons?

*edit* Nvm :facehoof:

We at Abstergo, have only recently learned of the Foundation (due to an incident in which a Foundation retrieval team tried to secure a <retracted>), and have extended monetary support to their efforts to keep this world safe as it is to our mutual benefit.

Following the events of Addendum 009-4, we have decided it would be unwise to attempt forced containment of SCP-009 by utilizing a combined Apple and Staff of Eden.

Respectively Known as:

The above mentioned artifacts are sole property of Abstergo Industries, and are kept under our own containment protocols.

Current agreements with the Foundation are that if any new Pieces of Eden are uncovered, Abstergo is to be notified and we will dispatch our own retrieval team.

Known Pieces of Eden:

POE-001 <Apple of Eden>
POE-002 <Sword of Eden>
POE-003 <Staff of Eden>
POE-004 <Shard of Eden>
POE-005 <Anhk>
POE-066 <The Shroud>
<Data Expunged>

That was interesting, and I want to see how this develops. I'm surprised that they are doing their jobs without Royal Sanction, but I suppose it makes for a nice piece of suspense as to whether or not a containment breach problem will bring down two of the most powerful beings on the planet down on their collective heads. I wonder what designation the sisters would get if they were Safe, Contained, and Protected? SCP-343, perhaps? :moustache:

Though my most pressing question is 'will we see a Dr. Bright analog in this story?' :rainbowwild:

In any event, I am following this closely for further developments.

K said it best: "The only reason these people go on with their happy little lives is that they do - not - know about it!"

When there are creatures such as this that are capable or such destruction and pain, sometimes a higher power rounds them up and hides them from the public. That's what I like about the Foundation. They are an evil, but they always dance around the issue about being a necessary evil. The Ethics Committee echoes my sentiments: "Yes, there are the O5s. They judge what is and isn't safe, and that's a vital and important function. But we are the ones who advise the O5s on what is and is not acceptable."

This is my own imagining of a MLP Foundation with its own protocols and quirks. It's not bound by the rules of the cannon Foundation, unless there happens to be a CK-Class reality reconfiguration. Then not even Clef's Xanatos Gambits can save you.

Continued financial support will not go unnoticed or unrewarded, but until the scalability of such an artifact's anomalous properties can be adequately quantified without reasonable doubt, it is the Foundation's official stance to retain said artifacts until such conclusions can be reached.

Abstergo is free to submit requests for co-study any contained artifacts and/or lifeform(s) in Foundation custody. Direct inquires and requests to Doctor Salizar, Director of Resources at Site-16.
~Site Director Belladona

Abstergo acknowledges and commends the Foundation's stance on anomalous artifacts.

In the interest of co-operation, we are willing to share all research data on the artifacts designated by Abstergo as POE.

As stated before, we only recently became aware of your Organization, and we apologize for the actions taken by our employees during the incident at <retracted>. We are currently unaware of any artifacts in your possession that fall under designation POE, however if any are within your containment we will be willing to advise on the most effective containment protocols for them.

Et pro meliore clarior futura

Oh, that gave me a much-needed laugh. There is another creepy SCP I have planned. I might possibly make this into an episodic series.


If you are not an SCP fan, please ignore this comment.

Attention all SCP fans: I have more SCP stuff to offer, including another Keter that can give SCP-009 a run for its money in the nightmare fuel department, but I would like my fans' opinions before I make any moves. I have an impromptu poll going here. Visit and tell me your thoughts.

3478020 Done. ^^
I can't wait to see more as many of them look really interesting especially 'SCP 1945' I get the feeling he's of the hairless ape variety but well see eventually :rainbowwild:

To be honest I've never played any of the SCP games.

but I have :derpytongue2: on the SCP wiki and watch numerous "lets plays"
SCP just fits right in with the games i like playing

Every time I go into my read later list and click on this, I look at the tags and cover image before closing my browser and going to trying to go to bed, which I fail at.

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