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The many stories known as "creepypastas" are much like campfire stories - stories spread around that are meant to scare. But what if those stories turned out to be true?

And worse still, what if you had to experience them?

The denizens of Equestria find themselves trapped in a dangerous game at the will of the Iridescents, color-shifting ponies who are the primary hosts in a hub of these stories turned fact. In order for the Equestrian residents to safely return home, they are forced to traverse and survive several levels of these urban legends, all the while attempting to seek out what are known as Slender Notes, attributed to the infamous legend of Slender Pony. But in a plethora of worlds such as those the legends bring, survival is never guaranteed.

Can the residents of Equestria make it through the various tales that await them as they play through the Iridescents' trials? Who will survive, who will perish, and who will meet a fate worse than death? And what purpose do the Iridescents and their assistants really serve in the Hubworld?

All creepypastas involved belong to their respective owners.

Rated Teen for the potential scare level of the creepypastas, and the gore tag added for stories like Abandoned by Disney and The Russian Sleep Experiment (will try to tone down RSE enough so that it won't go Mature though).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Pony-based grimdark fics, as entertaining as they are, will NOT be included here as story worlds. They are not creepypastas, and I don't get at all why people tend to think they are. Since they take place in the universe of Friendship is Magic itself, I may give a mention to them, but they will not be worlds that the participants enter and are forced to go through, due to their setting and characters involved, and them not even being creepypastas anyway.

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Alright, creepypasta fic is a go! :pinkiehappy:

Now, there's something I'll be doing with this fic that's actually kind of unique: considering how many creepypastas there are and how many opportunities there will be, while I have some major key events planned out, I don't know every single creepypasta I'll include.

So... if anypony has any suggestions, I shall be happy to hear them, and just might use them. Which ponies make it through or not, though, will ultimately be for me to decide. :pinkiecrazy:

Please, anything BUT Jeff the killer. That guy's just plain terrifying.

I'm sorry, but you've earned my love.
IDC what anyone else says, if you can make a Creepy Pasta adaptation of MLP I SHALL LOVE YOU FOREVER!!

Now I must read!! :rainbowkiss:

This...Will...Be...Epic! :pinkiegasp:
Very good intro, and good set up for the things to come! I can't wait to read more! :pinkiehappy:

One problem, I think you stumbled over your words: "The first speaker shook her head in exasperation, causing her the shimmering colors of he mane and body to shift in waves before they settled, into their steady change of color."


I wrote that before reading. Never mind.

P.S. Make them play Pilobolus!

Please no Herobrine or anything Amnesia / Slender related x.x i get REALLY SCARED REALLY FAST!! Im gonna read it...

kay.. nevermind. I LOVE IT SO FAR!!! Tracking once i have learned how XD

So many creepypastas, so many lost hours of sleep.

1026613 Hey, earning your love is awesome in my book!

1026631 Thanks! :pinkiehappy: And dangnabbit, you can scour through a story a zillion times to make sure you get things right before you post, and there's often one little thing or two that slips by. :eeyup: I shall edit that shortly...

1026634 That's one of the ost unique ways I've ever seen "beautiful" spelled as. :twilightsmile:

1026649 Pilobolus? Seems I have a new creepypasta to look up!

1026742 Lol, nice pic! What's it from?

1026791 Faving is basically tracking. :twilightsmile:

1026821 I feel your pain friend - that, and places like TV Tropes, Cracked.com, and Youtube. :pinkiecrazy:

By Celestia's teats! Jeff, Slender Man, the russian sleep experiment! This story is gonna rock, I can feel it in my pin!

1026855 I chuckled at the beginning of that comment! But glad you think it's gonna rock, and I think it will as well. :scootangel:

1026871 You'll be happy to know that I have a fondness for the Pokemon game hacks... :pinkiehappy:

1026847 I Bing! :twilightblush: ... It doesn't have that catchy ring like "I Google!" :ajsleepy:

I like it this story offers more than the ones I've read before

I'll keep my eye on this story, good job on it by the way

1019095 There better be a Jeff The Killer chapter... And Lavender Town. And BEN DROWNED. And A couple MLP lost episode ones. And Buttercup.avi
This is gonna be insane...
1027238 I hate you. I scrolled up from typing and was rewarded with his face. Better be glad the story was pretty damn good...

1027334 well looks like you got revenge i was reading a creepypasta and then the notification noise was heard it startled me touche touche

Cleverpone: You shouldn't have done that.

^^^ That better be in.

I got a few.
1. Herobrine
2. Tails Doll
3. Russian Sleep Experiment
4. BEN (aka Haunted Majora's Mask Cartridge)
5. Cthulu (not technically a pasta, but still)
6. Smile.jpg
7. Lavender Town Syndrome/Gary's Raticate
8. Candle Cove
9. Suicidemouse.avi
10. Squidward's Suicide
11. Ted the Caver
12. Giygas
13. Missingno.
14. Whitehand
15. Polybius
16. B.O.B (Brutal Obscure Beast)
17. Cupcakes
That's all I got. Also, have all my spikes::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

You have no idea how much I hate you right now.

1027790 Eeyup. You don't know what it is? I'll give you a tl;dr version.
Some people remember this old show called Candle Cove with a guy that takes skin or something and the OP asks their mom and they said they were watching static.

I have a suggestion, there is a story about why the creek of the river in Pallet town is fenced, and how Tangelas are involved, it is a comic made by Soara of the Pokesho website (you can find it more easier on danbooru tho..), it is pretty darn creepy and pretty much made me think about Tangela's shoes more.:raritydespair:

1027119 Never heard of I Bing... but too bad, no catchy I Google catchphrase...

1027155 Thank you! :twilightsmile:

1027238 Thank goodness I've gotten used to Jeff's picture now, or seeing him there would have freaked me out like i\he used to!

1027334 Notice how Jeff was introduced at the very beginning? He's gonna be a rather prominent character... :raritywink:

1027639 Ah, that lovely classic Ben Drowned quote... :raritywink:

1027647 Yay, I've read most of those (Candle Cove is one of my favorites :twilightsmile:), and now I have a few more to read and investigate! :pinkiehappy: Except, there's one thing I ought to make clear, and I probably should put it in the description:
I will NOT be doing Cupcakes, or Rainbow Factory, or any of those. Why? Because they don't qualify as creepypastas at all, and I don't know why people think they are. :twilightangry2: Like is stated in the story's description and the 1st chapter, creepypastas are urban legends, stories that blur the line between fantasy and reality, or things that break the fourth wall and talk to you. Thus, the only MLP things that could be considered creepypastas are the Blank Flank ending of Super Filly Adventure (and that only a lesser extent- they talk to the player at the end by referencing Ben Drowned), and Luna Games (this to a much greater extent, since they address the play, you can only play through a few of them one time, and they mess with your computer as part of the game's programming - it's not harmful to your computer though).
Are Cupcakes and Rainbow factory and the like creepy stories? Yes. Are they creepypastas? NO.

1028006 Is it "hacked Pokemon game" kind of thing? If it's just a theory on why the creek of Pallet Town's river is fenced, I still might include it.:twilightsmile:

1028552 For some reason when I read your comment, I read the "aaaaaaall gonna die" part like this one townsperson in episode 7 of Avatar Abridged (around 6:53 in the video) :twilightsmile:

1028599 I haven't watched DBZ abridged before.... is there a particular episode that's from?

1028691 In that case, time to look up DBZ abridged!

As I stated before, I am really scared really fast so, um... what's the Russian Sleep Experiment in a very short explination... no links pwease... I want to keep my sleep :3 :moustache:

1028725 Okay, The Russian Sleep Experiment is basically where these scientists put several guys into a room with a gas that would make them stay awake for thirty days to see how they'd fare with it. But by the 15th day, they're all crazy and cannibalistic.

1028849 O_o okay. That.. that will take away my sleep for a good long period of time :twilightangry2:

Do you possible mean Polybius? Either way, make them play it, 1028722, and Haunted Majora's Mask. Also, make them experience the Russian Sleep Experiment, The Rake, Unbranded Laptop, The Girl In The Photograph, Lost Silver, Lavender Town Syndrome, Snow on Mt. Silver, and AbandonLONLINESS.

1028898 At least I didn't go into the details...

1028922 Indeed they do!

1028928 Oh man, they're all gonna be put through so much bad stuff...

I'm 30 seconds into episode 1 of Avatar Abridged, and already I nearly fainted from lack of oxygen.

1028970 It only gets funnier! :pinkiehappy: (also, when I saw The Last Airbender movie, I quoted the "iceberg pinata" and "skepticism" parts. :twilightsmile:)

F*** YA! You sir, deserve something that can only be done with pictures...
*Pause For Dramatic Effect*

You'd better have them encounter the Rake... also, you could include the Lavender Town theme from Pokemon. (FYI, The legend is that it caused children in Japan to commit suicide.)
Really looking forward to this. :rainbowdetermined2:

1029017 Lol, nice "pause for dramatic effect"! *ultimate brofists back*
And by the way, I'm a girl. :twilightsmile:

1029135 We shall seee... :raritywink:

I also forgot to mention the puppets from Candle Cove! :twilightsheepish: But there's prbably too many for me to recall, anyway. Indeed, we shall see... :moustache:

1029174 Cnadle Cove is one of my favorite creepypastas. :pinkiehappy:

Yume Nikki
and Zalgo stuff

Jeff the Killer= Carnage from Spiderman of at least that's how I see him in this story

1029264 And I guess now it's time to look up just who Carnage is...
EDIT: ...Yup, Jeff is pretty much like Carnage in this. :pinkiecrazy:

1028536 It was more a comic, but well, if I wasn't using the wii now to comment, I could pass you comic, but well, all I can do is suggest, keep the awesome job! :rainbowkiss:

I just want to say one more thing, and then I will leave you alone until chapter two... This is the kind of story that seems dumb at first, but then keeps you up all night wondering just what will happen to Slenderpony/Slendermare/Slendermane. I really, Really, REALLY love this story so far, and I think this will earn the Featured Box if it hasn't already :twilightsmile: Have fun writing, I can't wait for more scares and nightmares from ya! :raritywink:

1029766 Well, it hasn't earned the Featured Box yet (it probably would have if it hadn't been approved so late at night, though it still might, so who knows), but based on the way things are going, I won't be surprised if it will soon, or when it updates. And glad you really love this so far! :pinkiehappy:

I Once kicked slender man in the balls...:trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

he looked at me, tilted his head and then walked away to never return

i think i Scared the wuss:rainbowlaugh:

i bet he never had anyone fight back or, kick him in the balls for that Matter...

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