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I am a writer dabbling in many genres. I only write what I love, and can only hope for others to love it the same. This is usually no the case.


Leaving FiMFiction · 5:18am Mar 6th, 2017

Hey guys. So...

I've decided that I no longer want to write stories for FiMFiction anymore.

I'm ending my current story, partly because of this and partly because I'm no longer happy with how it's going.

The main reason is that it has been brought to my attention that FiMFiction has been become a bit of a breeding ground for some truly hateful people, topped off by the fact that honestly I don't read fanfictions any more.

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2298396 I had Hipparion as a sort of Homo erectus stand-in for most things, and it had three toes per foot. I just wanted to make sure. I sent a PM of what the finished post might look like so you can tell me what may need to be changed

2298336 Meh, that's fine. I don't recall which species it was that Anny suggested for it. I just know it was a prehistoric horse with claw-like protrusions next to its hooves. So that works fine.

2298313 A question though:

I labeled Hipparion as a possible (I made sure to not make it a certain thing) ancestor. Is that too recent, or within the right timeframe? If it's not correct, what species would be?

2298313 I assure you, only the spelling of the name has changed. Literally everything from the male's near-constant hunger to the near-ceremonial death ritual consisting of the Queen eating the brain of the deceased is unchanged

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