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Equestria and the lands beyond its borders have known relative peace for a very long time, with only the occasional changeling attack or the return of some old foe to break the monotony.

Equestria is safe and still, like placid waters.

But there is a storm brewing, and darkness is rising once more.

But not in the form of Chrysalis or Sombra or Discord. These enemies are ones that have been relegated to fireside ghost stories and the stuff of movies.

Vampires, Skinwalkers, Blanks, Zombies, Homunculi, Ghouls, Wendigos and other creatures of the night, collectively known as the Children Of Darkness, are beginning to awaken in the the dark corners of Equus.

Only a handful of people have seen the signs, and must now contend with the Children of Darkness and their servants, the Order of the Living End.

Night has fallen.

Monsters walk the earth.

Shadows mass for war.

Welcome to the Pony Dreadful 'Verse.

Hello, I'm Hopefullygoodgrammar and I bid you welcome to my 'Verse. Within this group you'll find tales of monsters and madponies, terror, creeping fear, and phobic adventure.

I hope you enjoy the stories and that you follow along as more are added and the world is expanded.

If you want to write a story, just PM me and we can hash out the details, because I am creating my own continuity and wish to stick with it.

Here are the basic rules to this "Verse:

1. All stories MUST tie into the overarching story.
2. You can use just about any monster mentioned in the group description, or if you want a more detailed list, then check out the epilogue to Seeing Monsters.
3.Feel free to use OC's, just so long as they aren't Mary Sues and please don't do self-inserts.
4.Creating your own monsters is totally fine, just so long as its not a creature from a Film or Game or what have you.
5. absolutely NO TROLL FICS!!!!
6. Make it scary as fuck.

With all that said: welcome to my 'Verse and I hope that you enjoy what's to come :)

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I'm kind of disappointed more people aren't contributing to this verse.:fluttercry:

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