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A group dedicated to stories that involve monster ponies or in other terms ponified monsters. Some examples would be wereponies, vamponies, ghost ponies, and slime ponies. Submitted stories should have a monster pony as a main or recurring character. Also make sure that you submit the story to folder with the corresponding genre.

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Quick Question: Does a pony with very powerful capabilities (including taking on the form of a monster to fight another monster) and is regarded as a monster in a figurative sense qualify as one?

For some reason all my appointments took way longer than the should've today. So sadly I have to delay the threads one more day.


The more the merry as the saying goes. I like your suggestion of doing a collab to start advertising about this group. I'm currently writing a monster pony story in a collab so I'll inform them about this group.

I'm going to be busy tonight, but I'll try to get some much needed threads up by tomorrow at the latest.


We need more people, camarada. I suggest we either commence shameless advertising, blogging, or a collab. :rainbowkiss:

Wow I go on a one week break and three other people join the group.:pinkiehappy: Now to add some forum threads and stories.

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