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I am a writer dabbling in many genres. I only write what I love, and can only hope for others to love it the same. This is usually no the case.


Dusty wastelands, scorching deserts, jagged mountains, perilous canyons... that about sums up the main features of Equestria, a place that's less of a nation, more of a loose group of widespread towns and cities that depend on each other for supplies. But the distance between civilized places is great, the environment treacherous, and the land crawling with cutthroat bandits of all races. Who would dare trek to make sure the goods make it on time (for the right price)?

Enter the Caravaneers.

Young Earth pony Wagon Trail had always wanted to be the leader of his own caravan... helping his fellow pony, work alongside friends, fend off a few bandits, and earn some bits in the process!

So when he inherits what was left of his uncle's own caravan, including the only three crew members who didn't die in the ambush (because they weren't there), he couldn't have been more excited!

Oh, what a fool he was.

For the life of a Caravaneer is not an easy one. Food and water run low, carts and wagons break, and tensions and rivalries form. Will young Wagon Trail be able to cope with the danger, the death, the betrayal...

Will he be able to be... a Caravaneer.

NOTE: I vaguely based this off of the flash game Caravaneer.
I do not own this game, nor do I own MLP:FiM.
Also, while alternate reality versions of characters from the show will probably pop up, I'm resisting the urge to make them main characters here. I have already decided a few side characters who will have influential roles, but at the moment I don't think they will be enough to require tags for them.
One last thing... if anyone can find or draw a good picture for this, that'd be great. Just something for the time being. Thanks.

UPDATE (9/21): Okay, I broke and decided that yes, the side ponies I wanted to mention in the story will become main characters at some point. So now the main characters won't all be OCs. So I have added the tags for those future characters below. Also, added a sex tag, because there will definitely be sexual references later on. Nothing descriptive mind you, my goal is to keep this Teen rated, but it will still probably happen.

UPDATE (9/23): Woo! Found a decent cover image for the time being! Later on, once I've gotten more characters, I might try to draw (or more likely find someone to draw) a more detailed, story-specific cover.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 13 )

Wow it has been a long time since I've seen that meme.

Needs moar corovan-robbing.

Now hold on. We've only just begun!

I can picture the Diamond Dogs (or Canids/Canines if the DD's were just a gang) as being the world's equivalent of goblins or orcs. Weak individually, but in huge numbers they can become a deadly threat.

Yeah, I had plans for basically a run of a very dangerous type of shipment: gems. Because a load like that attracts... a tougher variety of caravan robbers. And not just the Diamond Dogs either...

Since at least someone has taken an interest in this, I might try bringing it back up later. Finish that third chapter I barely started...

You've got my attention. I like the concept a lot, and there's the potential for lots of different adventures here. Can't think of any complaints. I'll be keeping an eye on this one.

And here comes the harsh reality. That's a rough first outing. Definitely looking forward to more, especially to seeing how the protagonist develops and handles his trade.

Heh, thanks. Think that's rough? This is him being a victim of circumstance.

Remember, his trade isn't just going to be him in a caravan. He's supposed to be leading one.


Yeah, that's what's rough about it. He hasn't even started his career yet and he's already been under siege and killed somepony. I can't imagine things will be any nicer once he starts leading his own caravan.

Hey Tom. You may recognize me from random tales of clop. do you plan on reposting it? and whatever the heck happened to the clopfics?? :fluttercry:

Um... as far as I can tell all my clopfics are still up. Are you sure your mature filter is off? They haven't been taken down or anything. They're still there.

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