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Hi! We're Lapis-Lazuli and Inky Jay! We write fanfictions, for great justice.


Lapis-Lazuli Proudly Presents...
In the far southern regions of Equestria, where the rule of the Sun Princess runs thin...
There is a town under siege, held in the iron grip of a tyrant.

Poor, desperate, and defenseless, the citizens turn to a band of unlikely heroes.
They come from all walks of life, each seeking something, each running from something.

And in this little town, far from the eyes of the great and powerful, these seven outcasts will come together for a job that will change their lives forever.

Based on John Sturges' "The Magnificent Seven" and Akira Kurosawa's "The Seven Samurai"
With thanks to TheGreekOwl for his cover art.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 63 )

This looks like a classic "band of misfits" fic. Flim and Flam, really? First story comment!

I'll keep my eye on this little gem. :pinkiehappy:

Hmm... might be difficult with so many characters.

Read description: Skeptical
Read story: MOAR!

A promising start to an interesting idea. This should be a fun roller coaster ride.


Well if nothing else, I'll have my favorite commentator here at least. :D

WOW! Now this is how you do a crossover!

Firsly, I am admittedly unfamiliar with the source material, but I have seen quite a few westerns.

The best part about this story is characterization, followed by location.

Characters are in top form, with them still holding onto all their vices, but at the same time wanting to change for the better, but unsure how to do so. It'll happen i'm sure. I also love the exploration into why each character is in the region. That little touch really adds alot to the story.

And the location is awesome, always liked Over a Barrel and Last Roundup because of that frontier aspect. Plus they are PUNny.

Keep up the great work. Every other day updates seems kinda optimistic, but if you can keep up the quality I will be happy.


Came to see Spike participating in legendary Kurosawa tale, got Garble instead. Guess I shouldn't be surprised; it's been a downer of a week.

I'll just wait until the fighting starts and see if I want to stick around.


If you're into Spike, keep an eye on this account. Spike's getting his own starring role in the near future.

I absolutely love the premise of this story. So many contrasting personalities coming together for a grandiose common reason is one the most enjoyable sort of stories. Cameos from other character, though isn't a must, would make for great interaction and development to give a more filled out roster of characters. I hope to see them start off as bickering comrades who become friends overtime, but I'll wait to see where the story goes.

5164147 That's cool to hear, though I can't promise I'll be interested, since I don't know what the premise is.

Either way, I belatedly noticed why Spike couldn't have been cast in this fic: it's redemption story for all of the civilian villains...the civillains.

This looks good, can't wait for the next part!

So, that explains how Garble, Rover, Lightning Dust, Gilda and the Flim Flams got mixed up in this. Why is ol' Picklefruit making Flim and Flam do this job legitimately? Do griffons and changelings have a history, is there a specific reason behind the griffon's hatred of them? That's actually surprisingly clever of Garble, investing his money. I didn't expect that from him. How'd Trixie get so genre savvy (with the "planning for the worst" and all)?


Griffons are natural predators. Also, if Trixie hasn't learned to plan for the worst case by now, given her past, then I don't know who would.

If the chapter titles are gonna be puns on Western titles, here's a few I'd love to see mlp-pun-ized:

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly
Django Unchained
The Searchers
The Wild Bunch
The Great Silence
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
High Noon

5169374 Awesome :yay::pinkiehappy: but you don't need to force yourself to pun a movie title for the sake of a chapter title. Just pick a pun which will more-or-less fit the theme of the chapter


Oh, I've already done that. That was the original intent for the chapter names in the first place.

Liking this set up. Looking forward to more back story with the characters.

Curious about the whole Griffin vs. Changeling thing. Changeling horns have value in Griffin society?

That meant if Garble had any intentions of getting laid, he’d better be ready to work for it or steal it.

Sex and money. All a dragon truly needs. :twilightsmile:


I've enjoyed writing Garble a lot. Everyone else here has sad backstories. Garble is just here to GIT SOME.

They fought like seven-hundred

..... I don't understand why this only has 42 likes currently. I see horribly written stories with likes up to a hundred in a few hours, and stories where grammar just seems to be utterly thrown out the window with over a thousand likes, and this story has less than fifty?

............. Excuse me for a moment.

Why couldn't this have been done better?

This one SHOULD have been done better.



....... I think I'm done. I'm sorry if anyone who's reading this liked any of the above stories. You are all entitled to your opinions..... Except for "The Tales of Prince Onyx", if you are one of the 1542 people who gave that a like, you are subhuman to me (unless it was done ironically I suppose?). Seriously, trying to read that butchered form of English that was attempting to pass itself off as a story was like driving an ice-pick through my frontal lobe, past the basal ganglia, and straight out the back of my cranium, with my sense of self-dignity clinging to the protruding spike, dripping onto the floor with wet meaty shlopping noises.

................ Alright, now I think I'm done. Good night everyone.

I'm outtie 5000.


Thank you very much for the excellent laugh and smile in defense of my work. I needed that.:pinkiehappy:

The characterizations definately seem interesting, but I need a bit more before I can decide if I like the plot.

The next chapter will probably do it.

Great start. I like that they're all taking this seriously, it feels more like "The Expendables" than "The Magnificent Seven." I definitely love general Trixie.
One thing I would like to see more of: Trixie interacting with Rover. As a former Diamond Dog Queen, you'd think she would know how to command his respect, and she may even have information that can help Rover on his quest.

An intriguing start. I can't say no to a Trixie in charge. I also like how all the characters are representative as being intelligent (well, maybe except Garble) instead of bumbling fools. I look forward to the adventure to come.

Depending on if the authors use that bit of continuity or not. Also, Rover and the others were said to have been kicked out of the kingdom.

5176764 You're right it's depending on what continuity the author uses, I just figured it's a story with Trixie and Diamond Dogs, so it was probably referencing the comics.
I thought Rover was not supposed to be from the kingdom where Trixie had ruled, but rather the indigenous tribe near ponyville that Celestia had scattered like some kind of of doggie Trail of Tears.

You mae a pony fic, based on one of my fave samurai movies...INSTANT FAVE!!

Tensions are building. The battle is coming, what will be the result?


Considering the fic is inspired in Seven Samurais, I think you may guess.

'Eeeeey, belatedly featured! Huzzah! :pinkiehappy:

I'm expecting to see a chapter called "A few bits more"

It always makes me sad when a good author's stories has few views. As of this comment: 285 views. That is criminal neglect right there. And that's after three chapters, too. I don't really understand how popularity works.

Actually, that's not true. Add the mature-sex tags and you'd get thousands of views. But then you'd lose mine...

A nice set up chapter. I am curious about Trixie though. Is there some other event that's happened besides what we've seen in canon? I mean, last we saw she left Twilight on good terms.


Feelings of guilt can do funny things to people. Especially when they don't always believe in themselves as much as they say they do...

Let's kick some changeling tail! First comment!

he roared at the stupid bigs,


Aw yeah, fight time! :pinkiehappy:

This is pretty good. It's great that I don't know what it's based on, so I'll never compare it to anything.

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