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All griffon cubs learn of the history of their kind while still fledglings: Tales of ancient kingdoms ruled by noble kings. One tale, however, has passed beyond mere history and has entered the realm of myth. A tale of the redemption of the Griffon race, and their recommitment to unity and friendship.

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Comments ( 9 )

Epic poem for best redeemed show character.

Loved this! Liked and faved!

That was beautiful. Very epic and I loved the ending framing device. It brought a tear to my eye, I admit.

Ah nicely done. I think the format fits with the griffons, simmilar to how gildas grampa kept history as a story.

Very good story.

6036083 definitely. That was my line if thinking. Plus it reminded me of early middle ages Europe and the various fallen kingdoms there.

This was really good! I was quite expecting a grizzled old griffoness to be the storyteller, not a UNICORN Twilight. One thing the end there did better than anything was hint at all the great stories still to be told. I honestly had no idea how Gilda could hope to save griffonstone`s friendship`s but this really made me believe its possible!

I totally heard this in my head when i read the part where Gilda and Greta sang:

Awesome work. I really think this is a true jewel. After watching the episode i had fantasized of Gilda doing something like this and being crowned Queen of Griffonstone. ^^ X3

If you'd ever think of doing something like this again id love to read it. :3

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