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Why do I write? Because I can't draw! I write mainly as an outlet, and don't take it too seriously. If you like what I write, awesome! If not, that's cool too.


This story is a sequel to Putting The 'Harm' In Harmony

After her brief stint as a bodyguard, Gilda decides it's time to settle down into the family business, as her father kept insisting. She had thought about it often enough, but now that she and Dash are tight again, Gilda decides to let her oldest pal in on a little secret she's been hiding since they met.

Her father is the ruler of the Griffon Empire.

And Gilda is next in line to ascend to the throne.

A buddy comedy with Gilda and Dashie.

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Comments ( 22 )

Looks like fun. Is this a sequel to the fic with Rarity? Edit: yep.

Smooth, Dash, very smooth. :eeyup:

Yay! Sequel!
It's great so far!

Ah the royal Gilda route. Interesting. Let's see how she screws it up.

LOL Your picture for this story is the one I'm using for (Not published) my story. (Not saying name just in case people accuse me of advertising!)

And the story books shall remember her: Gilda the Assassin Magnet.

Yeah, this is going to be entertaining.

Unless I'm missing it with the site redesign, this isn't showing up as a sequel to Putting The 'Harm' In Harmony.

"Aw, c'mon, you aren't coming out are you? Gah, why does everyone always come out to me? I mean, just because I have the sweetest mane ever and—"

I closed her mouth with a talon. "I'm not gay! And even if I was, I could get a much hotter mare than you."

"Pfft, you wish," Dash replied after I let go of her muzzle.

Awwww...... too bad. You should really write a story about that, too :applecry:

Still, I'm very happy this is finally continuing. I really enjoyed the first story!

When the assassins start popping up you, should just start referencing every pop culture assassin ever just to be funny. I can see it now: Gilda's just walking down the street, when suddenly Ezio Auditore, Agent 47, ninjas, and about 5 pallet swapped versions of the no name brand assassin that shows up in almost every modern assassin movie ever, just dive in see each-other and start fighting over who gets to do kill her, fight brakes out, and Gilda just walks off as their killing each-other.

For some reason I thought this was a one-shot. Which made me sad.
Then I realized it's not a one-shot. that pleases me :pinkiehappy:

Oh Dash, you ignorant slut. Yes, before you ask, that's a term of endearment.

Reminds me of two of best friends in high school. Their standard greeting for each other was for one to say, "Sup, BITCH" and the other would say, "Hey, SLUT"........ they were both guys :rainbowlaugh:

"Wait, so you did all that crazy stuff with Rarity, and your bodyguards just let you get your ass beat and almost die by changeling?"

by a changeling

And what a what now? I feel like I'm missing several important things here. What with Rares, and what's this about a changeling?

I know I've spent time in palaces and crap with the pony Princesses, but the Griffon empire?




Seriously out of all the ponies you have to do worst Ship? Seriously Dash and Big Mac have 0 chemistry, no shared intrest, nothing that'd make that relationship work. It is literally more horrible of a ship than Snowflake and Pinkie Pie (and thank all that's holy I've never seen that ship). Seriously , for reals why did put those two together?

Other than that and several important bits of important backstory missing. This fic was interesting enough for me to follow.

5224198 it's not about romance, that was just a scene. Also, this story is a sequel to 'Putting the Harm in Harmony.' I forgot to link it in the fic


Then I need to read that fic first. And even though it wasn't about Romance it was still a pairing of ponies that are in a relationship (even if it's window dressing, there were many better choices than that trainwreck of a pairing. Rainbow Dash has standards and that pairing wouldn't last longer than a good lay before it broke up. Or exactly 15 mins.)

Great start for the sequel! I love the fun dialogue and references (who else has come out to Dash? ) I'm guessing the main point of that Rainbow Mac scene was to make clear to the readers this won't be a romance between Rainbow and Gilda (the tags already make it clear but sometimes reinforcement is needed).

"I mean... I guess getting tackled by strangers is evidence of... something." Her ears perked up. "Wait, so you did all that crazy stuff with Rarity, and your bodyguards just let you get your ass beat and almost die by changeling?"

I admit, just calling for my bodyguards would have made my previous adventure a lot easier, and a heck of a lot less painful. "Nah, they kinda lost track of me for a year or two in Canterlot. I bet my Dad was freaking out!" Yeah, as it turns out, more than a few bodyguards are in prison for not being able to find me during my little vacation... but hey, past is the past, right? It's not like me pardoning them would get them out of the dungeon! Well, I guess it would... anyway, long story short, they caught back up with me and are now back to stalking me.

Plot hole? What plot hole? :derpyderp1:

Shit. Since when was AJ this smart?


It seems neat, so far. At least it's not going to lounge on my "read it later" for a year and a half like the prequel.

I'm starting to get the impression that you've simply become incapable of resisting the temptation to ship Mac and Rainbow. Also, you got me wondering if top-secret documents are actually labeled TOP SECRET: EYES ONLY, because that's basically an invitation to read it. Maybe they're just encoded with a cypher to look completely meaningless. Or maybe it's just a bunch of doge memes with messages embedded in the pixels.

Anyway, good to know helicopter training hasn't repressed your creativity too much.

Well I'd like to see more stories supporting this theory! I hope there's more stories like this

5245995 If you mean "Gilda is royalty" then try this. Yes it's 7th in a series but I list them as episodes, because like TV episodes you should know at least most of what you need to to get what's going on even if yes watching them in order makes more sense.

5224198 die by changeling is correct in this case, since it's a cause of death, like death by chocolate, or more to the point, die by drowning. Also a crush isn't really a ship. Yes it's easy to see how it could end terribly, but Dash has to get over her handsome stallion thing first. Also Dash doesn't exactly have what you'd call good judgement.


Technically I made this comment before he put that this was a sequel. And it reads uncomfortably weird, reading "die by changeling". As you stated in your comment, "Death by chocolate", and "drowning"'s a verb. Verbs make sense. Not nouns.

5280894 actually the drowning is clearly not a good example to illustrate my point. It's more like identifying the object that causes the death rather than the action itself. Like you could say death by blunt force, but death by Chuck Norris also can work. Or more classically it's not stabbing, it's death by the dagger in the foyer. It's a weird exception, and maybe not even technically right, but it's certainly common enough. Suicide by cop is another common example of this sort of structure being used in a phrase. Personally adding an a makes it sound wrong to me, but I admit both with and without might be right in this case.


That's one thing though. You said "death" in those examples. Death by changeling. Totally legit. But if something is going to die by something. Than a noun standing by itself. You know like, "Die by gun" rather than a "die by a gunshot" or "Die by fire" rather than Die by a fire". The former since a gun in and of itself isn't a problem unless its used as a bludgeoning device or it shoots a living thing.

But yeah. Death by changeling, is so much better than die by changeling.

5219815 By being the best ruler ever. DUH.

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