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Not much was known about Rainbow Dash's family life, until one day, her brothers decided to pay her a visit.

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Poptard #1 · Feb 23rd, 2015 · · 1 ·

Can't wait to meet all the Rainbros.

Absolutely brilliant. I suddenly want this to be an episode.
(I came up with Charlie Brawn half way through this fic.)

Swoly Bible

Exactly where I lost my shit. Good job, sir. And the hint of MacDash just makes is sweeter.

I got bulkier just reading it. Now I have the manliest beard, and I'm only 13!

Great story! I could easily see this becoming an episode.

Great story! Brought a smile to my face... and made me burst out laughing during a frat meeting...

Loved the slight MacDash! Would love to see what Rainbow said about Mac to her brothers

This story is giving me flashbacks to growing up with my older brothers...

"Some chick and a guy in a suit. Epona's witnesses, probably. Don't worry, I sent them packing. So what's everybody so quiet for?"

Wow, this whole fic just hit the spot for me. I needed a good laugh.

Epona's witnesses

Those two words alone won me!

"Pfft, unless the goal was to catch him 'mirin,"


Too perfect.

well then.
That was something.

Bros are terrible. Don't be a bro.

:rainbowlaugh: All I could think of throughout this entire fic was my friend try, and failing, to become some beef'd up body builder.

That was strangely amazing.

Also, I just realized that her brothers match her mane colors.

This was beautiful

Personally, this is what I've imagined Fluttershy's family would be like.

Swoly Bible

That's all I have to say.

Buff smiled, never stopping his push-ups. "It's simple, a pump is like riding two jetski's at the same time, except one of those jetskis is a rhino that farts lightning, and the other is two jetskis."

This one had me in stitches.

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. You need to add a comedy tag.

Spike popped a gem into his mouth. "Wow, that's a pretty succinct summary. Almost makes this whole day kinda pointless, huh?"
Twilight took another sip of tea. "Yeah, it kinda does, doesn't it?"

If this was live television twilight would of winked at the camera..

The brotacularity of this short had me cracking up. Thanks for sharing!

...I don't know what I expected.

Rainbow Dash having a pack of older, competitive brothers just makes so much sense in such a weird way. I love it.

Oh my god, I have waited for this fic ever since I saw that picture for the first time. And it was glorious! :pinkiehappy:

... tho it could have been longer. We need more RainBros! :twilightsmile:

It was good :D All jokes were great. Epoona witnesses,swoly bible, can't read RD etc xD

Best fiction... EVER!
Okay, maybe not ever... but one of the best one-shots I have ever read!
You read like 0 one-shots...
Shut up.

This story is 20% cooler, may be more, than most Dash fics I've read, you get a like and a fav.

Thanks to this story, I'm now interested in crushing human skulls.

Cool story bro. Seriously!

Damn already on the front page in the featured. That must be a record

5660022 Feminist are male girls. Don't be a feminist

The picture at the end makes rainbowdash look like the smallest out of the mane 6 :eeyup:

What in the name of Celestia did I just read? :rainbowlaugh:

And according to the Swoly Bible, you can never have too much mass.


5662194 that, is fantastic! They team up with Daring Do to find the legendary guide to cultivating mass as well as the ultimate formula for body oil and instructions on how to make the ultimate bodybuilding competition banana hammock.

5662227 You just wrote the beginning to the sequel to this story.
I continue it:
They return to RD's house again to apologize and explain to the Wonderbolts what happened. Daring Do stops by to let RD preread her next book. They all find out who he is after an explanation from dash on how they met. They then hear of a legend of a book called the Swoly Bible, and realize what it is. They then go on a hunt for it with Daring Do.

I just had a mental image of the CMC 'Bulked up' and my brain just derped.

5662253 So did we all when we read your comment.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!

"You see, kids, when it comes to getting a fresh pump, you can't cheat yourself. Go big or go home!" He said, flexing a bicep as Apple Bloom admired it. "Now, another thing essential to a gym sesh, is pre-workout powder. Mix it in with a cup of water, and chug it fifteen minutes before a workout. It feels like colors, and tastes like house music."

:rainbowderp: That sounded a whole lot like my sergeants just now.

Is it me or do other people think that rainbow would have brothers like this

5662586 It's obviously not just you, dummy, or this story would not have been made. (No offense. I was JK.)

Would this make a good episode or what? There's even a lesson and everything. :3

5661770 Try tying a single rope under two cats' armpits, and then hang each cat off of one side of the train tracks (Works best on a bridge.), watch them fight, and then watch them fall as the train cuts the rope! Simple, clean, entertaining, and effective. Also, try using kittens. Hearing them mew as they fall is absolutely adorable. And they don't scratch as bad.

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