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Why do I write? Because I can't draw! I write mainly as an outlet, and don't take it too seriously. If you like what I write, awesome! If not, that's cool too.


Frosty Mug runs the premiere (and only) watering hole in Ponyville. He's been behind the pine for years, and listened to many a sob story, and joyous announcement. Enjoy his recollections of a rather strange week in which he served a different Element of Harmony every day, and a pony he would have never thought he'd have the honor of getting drunk. These are the memoirs of a Ponyville booze vendor.

Now with bonus drinks! Consider it 'Happy Hour'!

Warning: Shipping is mentioned.

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Good Author Checklist:

Solid prose and word variety [ ]

Fundamental understanding of grammar and punctuation [ ]

Questionable relationship with alcohol [X]

One out of three ain't bad. :ajsmug:

the last one is the only one that really counts, because everyone knows that alcohol gives writers mysterious powers to write good stories.

An interesting idea, you've earned my attention sir:moustache:
Will track and see where it goes

What's better than ponies?
Drunk ponies! :pinkiehappy:


*screws up plans to write barkeep-centred anthology and throws them in the bin*

That'll teach me to procrastinate so much.

So AJ is jelly of Rainbow and Big Mac and Rainbow doesn't swing towards mares... what could possibly go wrong?
I like the bartender, hopefully Aj comes back with her bits later

Ha! I don't think AJ should have her heart to heart with RD while she's drunk....... :rainbowhuh:

This looks good so far (funny) and I'll be sure to check back later to read the next chapter.

Fun story. Can't wait to see what else you have in store (e.g I can't wait to see what your interpretation of shitfaced Rarity is).

Beauty, beauty. Fuckin loved this shit. More, I say. MOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR.


That will be all. Thank you, gents.

Last few lines were the best:rainbowlaugh::rainbowwild:

Poor AppleJack:fluttercry:
Rainbow, you better love her you:twilightangry2:

Wow, I didn't actually expect you to make a fic from that pic, but either way nicely done

Dude really nice. Hope to see more like this soon.:derpytongue2:


will stick around to see what happens! :moustache:

that drunk pony

As a male lesbian myself, I could relate.

That line alone wins you points.

Sir, this was excellent. Very well-characterized, well-written, and from an interesting, unique viewpoint atop it all. I have entered your name into the ballot for the Inky Award of Excellence.

Keep writing, brah.

1368138 I'm up for an Inky? Nice.

1367977 Yeah, then I thought out the premise and just went with it. I suppose I do owe the inspiration to you!

1367636 Write it anyway! :rainbowlaugh:

those last few lines.... ROFL. Good story, interesting concept. I can only imagine how rainbow's visit is gonna be. Consider yourself tracked.

Wow... This is a very interesting concept. Dialogue's pretty good and characterization. Could use more descriptive language when it comes to setting. Will watch and like good man.:ajsmug:

:rainbowlaugh: AJ leaving without paying?! I betcha she'll be back to pay that bartender in the next chapter!

Really good and an interesting concept :) keep it goin!:pinkiesmile:

As a general rule, shipping the elements grates on me, it just writes "FAN SERVICE" in big fucking letters over the fic it's in, I mean some of them so blatant it's almost laughable. I took a dive today and I'm glad I did :p as long as the story is inventive and not another sick twist of fat guys writing smut while giggling like a freak then it's fine with me :yay:

Is it safe to assume that 'a pony he would have never thought he'd have the honor of getting drunk', is either Big Macintosh or one of the princesses?


That was hilarious. Screw you AJ, Rainbow has her eye on a better prize.:eeyup:

Also, I think we all know what Rainbow is going to be talking about.:derpytongue2:

I'm guessing this idea might have been inspired by Breaking Barriers.
Anyway, decent story and funny ending :pinkiehappy:
It shall be added to my watch list where I shall...watch it... :trixieshiftright:

Let's see. AJ drinks herself senseless and manages to invent a storry about :rainbowdetermined2: being rutted senseless by :eeyup: to get free drinks. Now that's what i call a silver thongue :ajsmug:
I can't wait to see the rest of the mane 6 trying to do the same :trollestia:

Just kidding. RD let AJ down and we know it. I think we also know what RD wil be talking about. The only question is how detailed it is going to be. :rainbowlaugh:

Next time... Pinkie Pie confesses her mishaps with Mr B. Turnips! :pinkiegasp:

Rainbow, you fool! How could you do that to AJ! :(
I definitely hope there's a good appledash resolution coming up!

Definitely, definitely hope. Or I shall have to send my ninjas. Out. And one of them isn't nice! :pinkiecrazy:

1368923 but the others are nice, right?

Their all drunk and since they are drunk, any references to a gay ship are lies.

Well. NicER, certainly. But that's relative~
(in all seriousness. I can't wait for the rest of the cast... but especially Rainbow. For obvious reasons :rainbowkiss: )

Well, this is definitely one of the more unique(?) takes on ponies getting drunk and getting into lord knows what, at least of ones I've read on this site/overall. Though hopefully, rest aren't as sad as this kinda was (which'd probably require Sad tag, even though it is probably more Slice of Life right now with AJ finding out sometimes don't always get what/who we want, and dunno what others'll be like, just saying and kinda rambling, so feel free to ignore this part). Definitely funny (whether or not it's related to Rainbow/Big Mac storyverse of yours), how AJ stumbled upon them! :ajbemused: I'm curious as to if when Rainbow comes into the story, what she'll have to say, if Applejack has come clean by then. And having the bartender relate as a gay like AJ is, was definitely something for extra points, I think, even if a minor point or will be only brought up with Applejack (at least, at the moment). Definitely tracking to see what the other Elements of Harmony have to say when they get drunk, as well as the special pony he never expected to get drunk! :trollestia:

1368923 1368930
I'm just happy to see a shipping situation where Rainbow isn't a lesbian. That's almost blasphemy in this fandom.

Not for long, if AJ has anything to say about it! :ajbemused:

1368998 Yes, AJ will demand carpet munching of the highest order. Pony sex ahoy! /sarcasm :ajsleepy:

Well, not directly carpet munching. But I hope Dash is a receptive to what AJ has to say :D regardless! Tracking this :)

I've never laughed so hard because of a single word!
That's a thumb well earned!

I was sold early, but that ending sealed it. Faving to watch.

Damn right, /sarcasm! You were the one who made me a believer in Mac/Dash, to the point I made it a plot point in my story!. You better not turn your back on it! :flutterrage:

Well, I do like MacDash and this was hilarious, so thumbs up and I can't wait for more.

male lesbian? scared to say "GAY" ?:rainbowderp::rainbowhuh:

Wow. This is going to be really fun by the end.
I hope and assume Rainbow comes in next. And for that other thing, maybe Celestia?
I demand moar as quickly as possible

true dat. That ought to be a good chapter
Hmm, I'll try that when I turn 21.

Red Solo Cup...:pinkiehappy:

1369183 No, as in a male who can relate to lesbians because he too is into mares.

My thoughts, too. Here, have ALL my ninjas. :pinkiehappy:

Why do I have a feeling that Fluttershy is going to be like a yellow Pinkie Pie when she gets drunk? Maybe go around sticking her tongue in random patrons mouths and not realize what she's doing. Either way, many laughs are going to be had methinks :rainbowlaugh:

Oh dear, judging from your comments, I think it's safe to assume that no AppleDash will happen :ajsleepy:

Lol if this keeps happening, Frosty Mug is going to be one fucking poor bartender! :rainbowlaugh:

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