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Burn · 6:04am Nov 1st, 2012

I've just rewatched 'Luna Eclipsed' because of the date and all, and then, because eff it, I watched the first eight minutes of Crystal Empire Part 1. I hadn't seen an episode of pony in... months.

I'm glad I did, now, but I also feel like a guilty fool.

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Dude, where the fck are you?


You bet, man. Definitely was worth it.


Damn right!

(Well, I like to think I'm funnier, sexier, and altogether more of a cracked bastard than Simon Cowell. But, hey, you get it! :pinkiehappy: )

130 Chapters? :rainbowderp:

On another note I reccomend u read Man of War by tallestbrony when u can and if u can read over 130 chapters and growing :pinkiehappy::moustache:

  • Viewing 32 - 36 of 36
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