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You are exceptionally shanazzy!

Whelp, apparently I've been 'tagged'

Rather than following through with the rules, that is to say, the passing on of this to 11 others, I will instead double up. 10 things about me, and I'll answer both the questions that the tagger sent, and the ones that the tagger recieved.

Okay! Ten things about me:

1. My favorite colour is still indigo.

2. My favorite marine species is the Pharaoh Cuttlefish

3. The colour of my innermost soul is either purple or light blue.

4. I am pansexual. Look it up if you don't know what it means.

5. I haven't written anything lately because of a lack of motivation, but still I have an overflow of ideas.

6. I never intended to write a gorefic or a clopfic as my first published pony fics.

7. I know a bit of Latin.

8. 80's music is best music. Imo, of course.

9. Chocolate croissants are epic.

10. My name comes from nothing.

Yaay~ Onto the questions, starting with those recieved by the tagger!

1. Favorite Villain?

Chryssie, by far. I like the idea of an insectoid equine hive-based society.

2. What would be an ideal scenario for your OC? (If you have one. If not, just imagine a random scenario that tickles your fancy using characters from the show. Unless of course you favor crossovers like myself, then go nutbunnies!)

Ideal scenario? Simply spending time with her special somepony... while a Gurren Lagann-class fight is going on in the background, with a Supreme Commander 2-class army fighting as well.

3. Favorite MLP Abridged Series?

FiW, for its darker yet silly play on the FiM universe. AU ftw.

4. What are your thoughts on Mr.Poniator's new art style?


5. Favorite SFM/ Gmod Pony vid? (If you watched one, that is)

That Rainbow Dash one looks pretty shanazzy.

6. What would be the best thing about the fandom in your opinion?

I'm enthralled by everything except the intolerance. That is, the intolerance of that which is trivial not to tolerate. (eg. clop, gore, TCB and Anti-TCB)

7. Cloudchaser or Flitter? :derpytongue2:

Why not both :3

8. Is it easy being evil?

Define evil. Sinceriously, most whom others consider 'evil' aren't evil at all in their own minds. They see their actions as just. Discord? Bored! Need entertainment! Chryssie? Hive needs food!
NMM? Revenge! Everlasting Night!
Sombra? I have no frickin' clue.

9. What is your pet peeve when it comes to fanfiction?

When Celly is the mastermind. Really, I get annoyed when it turns out Celly was behind the scenes, and caused the whole chain of events that led to the eventual victory of whomever. It feels like such a let down when it wasn't the skill of the ponies or whatever species that allowed them to pull through.

10. Have any authors on this site inspired you to make the heart-and-soul-induced fics you've made today?

Hmm. Good question. Tbh, i'd say lordsilvertongue, who's still writing Crisis: Equestria on Googledocs; and Inky Swirl, who left Fimfiction a few weeks ago.

11. Are you gonna wreck it?:rainbowderp::trollestia:

Wreck it? Imma whip it, and whip it good~ Devo plays

Yay! Just one more set of 11 questions. These are the ones sent by they who tagged me.

1.) When you write what do think about?

I think about the story. I come up with ideas for later chapters while writing, which distracts me from writing the story itself >.<

2.) If some came up to with an idea for an OC, would you accept it?

Depends on the OC. Have an example?

3.) Your thoughts on the new layout?

I still think the colouration should be warmer. A lot of the other features are pretty shanazzy.

4.) Do you hold grudges on anyone on the site?

Only a grudge against myself. And Coporaptor's grudge against me...
But noone else ^_^ I try to remain on at least neutral terms with all other users.

5.) What inspired you to write the stories you write today?

My own insanity. Not to be arrogant even though I'm being completely arrogant, I'd say my ideas are relatively original, barring certain contexts.

6.) If someone berated your story with hateful comments, would you report them or take the story off?

Neither. I'd one up them by drawing out the criticism, either accepting it or explaining my reasoning against it, and asking why they chose such a tone.

7.) Pinkamena or Rainbow Factory Dash?

Pinkamena, no questions asked. She has so much potential! I made her like normal pinkie, but bloodthirsty in my Psychodash fic, but I appreciate all the other variants ^_^

8.) Whats your routine for when you log on the site?

Log on. Check notifications. Thank those who faved or watched (>.^ thanks again y'all!). Respond to comments. Check 50+ chapters I still have yet to read. Check read later for updates. Check front page. Read.

9.) Your favorite pony? Background Pony?

Pinkie Pie is best pony :3
Background pony? Hmm. Imma say Lemon Hearts, only because I have plans for her...
Second favorite is Cloud Kicker, for obvious reasons.

10.) Some people have favorite things, whats yours? (Besides My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic)

Favorite things? Well, I wouldn't call my friends 'things' now, would I?

11.) When you write a story alot of things pop in the readers head. So what do you think when you first read a story?

"Hey, is this a grammatical mistake? Wait, no, they intended that. That sounds a bit passive. Who am I reading again?" Btw. A lot is two words, just a friendly reminder. >.^
But sinceriously, I tend to think about the various alternate possibilities for each character.

For Bio's sake

Hi, I'm Axolu! After reading a few dozen fics…
Okay a few hundred…
I finally decided to join up.

Anyway, as for Bio, I personally like Marine Biology, especially Cephalopod studies, because Cuttlefish are absolutely and unequivocally epic, also octopi and- wait, that's not what you meant by Bio? OHhh

In that case:
Favorite Pony: Pinkie Pie, in all her hundreds of variants across time and space.

Favorite Ep: s1e9 Bridle Gossip, with Party of One as a close second

Finally at college… which will skew my sleep schedule beyond recognition.

Style of Writing:
I often write darker feeling stuff, with a sense of absurdity. I’m horrible at writing light-hearted as far as I can tell.
I tend to enjoy more original works, that is to say, even if the universe isn't original, I'll still like it if the concepts spread from that universe are original (eg. HiE’s aren’t that original, but imagine if two pplz came, one remained human, one became pony; haven’t seen that done yet… maybe if they switched their form each day O.o).
I like to do a bit of research while writing, which actually can get interesting given certain subjects (Look up bird wing mechanics. Do it.).
My sense of humor tends to revolve around random and cringe, though I really need work on my comedy.
I. Write. Slow. It tends to take me hours to get 500 words out. Thus, I'd like to improve my timing in writing as well. If I wind up posting any stories, updates will be sporadic and hopefully not too slow.

As a person (Pony? Changeling? Klaxon? Random alien thing?) I like to think of myself as rather accepting of various as they say “deviances”.

Co Author: Kossokei
I'll let him fill in his own personality and style right here in this space:
[ oh dear how'd I get here I'm not good with computers
Hello, I'm Kossokei. I like Adventure games, the Madness series, various LP'ers on Youtube and playing Clarinet. I also like reading fics, whether fan or fim. And that's mostly why I'm here. But I also like writing them. As Ax said, I'll be working on my own whenever I create an account, and I'll also be working with him on a few things. I'm pretty expendable over the summer so I won't have a problem editing or collab'ing over the summer, but I tend to get overloaded when school rolls around. Either way, weekends are good as well. Apparently I'm better at writing lighthearted dark-humor type things, but I really enjoy reading/occasionally writing Epics and horrors. Rainbow Dash is my favorite Mane 6, and Octavia being my favorite background pony, other than DERPY!
Sorry about that.
Anyway, if I were to characterize myself, I'd split my conscious and my mind into 2 people, my mind always going at and trying to kill my conscious, and the latter having ultimate control over the former. If I were to ponify myself, I'd be a pegasus with mechanical features, sort of a new race of pegasus. Being unique is something I'm acquainted with on a natural basis, so it's pretty reflective.
Uhh, other than that, I've won like 5 nobel peace prizes, not entirely sure why but yeah...
Good to meet you all :P ]
He’ll be working with me on some stories, as well as creating his own and I’ll probably be posting them from this account if he doesn’t get his own.

Awesome other pplz (pnz):

xNecroespherex – He’s working on a fic called “Shades of the Past” that I’m editing. I think it’s worth a look, has some interesting OC’s, and nice background (aka I’m advertising his fic)

Redcaby65 – He has a lot of ideas. A lot. Just a few grammatical fixes and everything looks pretty shanazzy. He should write them all. He also does a few edits given the opportunity. He’s the one who spammed me with enough pony when I asked him whether I should watch MLP:FiM in the first place.

Kossokei – I’ve already mentioned him above. Doesn’t excuse him from being awesome &gt;.&gt; . He also does edits, and imo writes more lighthearted, with a bit of dark as well, meaning he can pick up my lighthearted slack with a crane and dump it into the loading bay of fimfic writing with far more ease than I.

Jayde – She deserves a Shanazzy Epic Awesome award for being an insanely good friend, having writing skillz, and being able to cheer me up at almost every saddened occasion. Sinceriously, ++ credits to her for that.

Andro – The one who truly got me started on MLP, gave me the Sonic Rainboom scene link that initiated my path to Bronyhood. Furthermore, she’s been very supportive, and does edits as well.

Coporaptor – The only person I can count on to harass me over all my failures. He draws pretty well, but like my writing, his sketches are slow. Check out his Deviantart: Coporaptor. He sketches Chaos Marines and of course Pony, otherwise I couldn’t nag him about all the coverpics I want :3.

Anyway, I have a few quirks to take note of.:
I like certain nonexistent words

Shanazzy: Based off the term Snazzy: Something so epic that it deserves its own word, often coupled with the word “reasonably”, “very”, “extrememly”, “exceptionally”, and perhaps more adverbs.

Sinceriously: a combination of serious and sincerely, meant to express when something that doesn’t seem true, or is marginally true, should be seen as close to absolutely true.

Orbitate: a combination of Orbit and Rotate, meant to express when an object rotates while orbiting in some elliptical pattern around another object.

I don’t trust sideways faces in many cases. As for what this has to do with a site where there are pre-made emoticons: absolutely nothing.

Lastly, I pose a question for Everypony/Everygriffin/Everyling/Everyhuman/Everyzebra/Everytaur/Everydragon/Everyklaxon/Everywhateverredcabyis:
How many puns can you create related to the words:

Has gotten the "Inky Award" for the phrase "You're the one that makes said word out of others."

Moustaches earned: I

And finally

Mah Progressness

I've decided to do this in a slightly different way~

Since there are 48 emoticons, I will represent percentages by the code for the emoticon used. Thus the bemused Applejack will represent not having started, and duckface Rarity will represent about to publish.
From Twist to the end represents me having finished the chapter without edits. I'm taking complete guesses, so just assume general areas.

Have some progress.

Chapter 3: :applejackconfused:

Asexual Deviance
Day One, Twilight One: :moustache:
Day One, Twilight Two: :yay:

That other fic I'm working on that may or may not be published
The Mare Before Me: :duck:
My Emotion: :coolphoto:


You Can Insanity and So Am I! · 10:14am Nov 7th, 2012

Hi my followers/whoever reads my stuffness!

I've decided to put together a series of random stories based on ideas I've had. If any of them get good reception, I may consider expanding them, making a full sized fic out of a successful one.
Still workin' on AxD and Psychodash, never fear!

Have a Pic and a Synopsis >.^


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