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You are exceptionally shanazzy!


You Can Insanity and So Am I! · 10:14am Nov 7th, 2012

Hi my followers/whoever reads my stuffness!

I've decided to put together a series of random stories based on ideas I've had. If any of them get good reception, I may consider expanding them, making a full sized fic out of a successful one.
Still workin' on AxD and Psychodash, never fear!

Have a Pic and a Synopsis >.^


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Things everyone should look at for fanfics. · 8:34am Oct 11th, 2012

First of all, "Asexual Deviances" has taken longer than I've expected, becase I wound up doubling the chapters in length.

But whatever. These are some things you should look at, because they're awesome, and are incredibly helpful if you aren't good at or knowledgeable in this.

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More Delays, but with Deviance... · 9:36am Oct 4th, 2012

Hi, my followers/favorite-ers/whoever reads Psychodash

I have some unfortunate news for you psychological gorefic lovers:

I won't be posting another chapter of Psychodash until November. v.v

The delays of my friend and awesome co-editor Kossokei have rendered the next chapter null and void until later.

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Delays and new stories · 5:56am Sep 22nd, 2012

Hi pplz!

Gonna' be posting the next chapter to Psychodash this weekend, but that may be it on updates for another few weeks.

My very shanazzy co-author Kossokei has been working his flank off in school, so he's not on often enough for us to collaborate as much as we'd like.

This means the third chapter, in which he is placing a very nice scene, will be delayed until he finishes said part...

So, I have two options:

1. Wait it out...

2. Write more fanfic!

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