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Still alive for now; now accepting donations & comissions. · 11:17pm January 26th

Hello everyone.

For all those who have been waiting years for the next chapter, and for all those who are just tuning in: thank you for reading. I'm really glad that my silly little stories are something you enjoy. I'm also quite sorry that it has taken so very long for this chapter; I've not been the most prompt poster from the start, but this is a new level.

So, what's up with that?

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HAHAHAHA Good show.
Jolly good show.

Thank you; it's most appreciated. In turn, you've shown skepticism, curiosity, and a sense of humor - traits it's always a delight to find together.

I like you Ed. You a realist. And i admire that.

I've heard of worse hobbies, but it's a pretty terrible career choice. Long hours, little stability, high overhead, few advancement opportunities, and above all it's generally less profitable, fulfilling, or efficient compared to putting the same skills to ethical use.

Aside from that though, I'd have to go mad to properly sell the image and that's too literally Quixotic for me.

  • Viewing 32 - 36 of 36
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