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Staying Existential · 12:43am Jul 16th, 2018

Hello everyone; I've got two quick announcements.

First, and perhaps most importantly, the next pair of chapters for In an Effort to Stay Evil are off to the prereaders. If all goes well, that means they'll be published within the next few days. To everyone who's enjoyed the ride so far and been hoping for more, let me say thank you; for your interest, your patience, and for temporarily pushing it up to #4 on the site - which still amuses the heck out of me.

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Thanks for the fav! :pinkiehappy:

Hey! Thanks for adding 'Think Discordingly' to your bookshelf! Hope you enjoy it and here's a cookie for you to munch on while reading!

Story Approver

Thanks for the favorite! :heart:

Don't forget to upvote it if you haven't already. :scootangel:

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