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A group for Sweetiebot fics and lovers. For those just now discovering Sweetiebot for the first time by finding this group, Sweetiebot is Sherclop's version of Sweetie Belle in FiW: Friendship is Witchcraft.

Also, there is a FiW: Friendship is Witchcraft wide group some people might also want to look at here http://www.fimfiction.net/group/198140/fiw-friendship-is-witchcraft

All stories have a robot/android/cyborg/somethinglikethat Sweetie Belle/Bot.

Foalcon is NOT allowed. Clop is allowed only for characters of age. Sweetiebot is defined to be the same age mentally as the rest of the CMC. An aged up fic is pushing it, but technically meets the requirement unless Sweetiebot's memory has been wiped in which case her age is reset to zero at the time of the wiping.

The story folders are

Main - Stories that may be in other categories or don't fit (no general rule what is here)

Android Anarchy (Existential Crisis / Robot Rampage) - Sweetie Bot has an existential crisis and/or goes on a rampage.

Anguished Automaton - Sad stories, especially those where Sweetie Bot becomes sad on discovering that she is a robot.

Default Mode (General) - Stories that don't really fit the other categories.

Hard-wired Hilarity (Comedy) - Humorous stories (not using original definition of comedy here).

FiW Sweetie Bot - Sweetie Bot like she is in FiW or otherwise in the FiW world.

Non-FiW Sweetie Bot - Stories where Sweetie Belle is mostly like she is in MLP:FiM or some other universe as opposed to FiW other than she is a robot (essentially only borrowing that element from FiW).

Sinister Cyborg (Dark) - Dark stories.

Special Somepony Acquisition Program (Shipping but NO foalcon) - Romance/shipping stories involving Sweetie Bot. NO foalcon is allowed.

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I am hesitant to add my story

415117 I understand still if you could tell some others are interested that would be great, I love these Sweetie bot stories.

415116 i'd rather avoid possible gore

415115 Sorry I Have nothing Gory in the first chapter, juts I have some feeling there may be some in 1 chapter in the future.

415114 gore tag is a huge no for me

344585 I have wrote one, it only has 1 chapter now though. Here is the link https://www.fimfiction.net/story/369603/mechanical-masterpiece.

God and Celestia help us all...:rainbowlaugh:

I can't believe there aren't more Small Wonder references here.

I love Sweetie Bot! I'm so glad there's a group for this!:pinkiehappy:


Awesome group for people who want the world to fear them instead of love them :pinkiecrazy:

i need more sweetie bot fics where she finds out shes a robot, i ran out of them

sweetie bot is adorable :rainbowkiss:


Its in the stories folder currently. Sorry I didn't notice your comment for so long.

Oh my Luna there's a Sweetie-Bot group!? Joined. :pinkiecrazy::yay:

I am relatively new to groups on fimfiction and pretty much use a mobile device to browse it. How do you add stories to a group? Or is there no way to do so on mobile? This story: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/105826/minuettes-lesson
Is the story I want to add/ propose.
Thanks- Teslaponie

I'll never forget how insanely I laughed when I first heard Sweetie Bot speak :pinkiecrazy:

Sweetiebot is cutest bot. :pinkiehappy:

When I see the banner for this group it makes me think of Aperture Science form portal and portal2, but just that picture, no others.

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