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Engineer and inventor by hobby, avid reader and sci fi enthusiast by profession. (Or is it the other way around?)

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Hiya, thanks for the fave :twilightsmile:

Thank you so much for the fav on The Epsilon Pegasus, and remember that comments are greatly appreciated! And go ahead and hit the like button if you haven't already.

Thank you for the favorite! People like you keep fics going. :)

I still can't get over the fact that your kerbal looks like he's drowning.

Thanks for the follow! :twilightsheepish:

Ah, very well done!

I pulled it from a Russian tumblr and edited it very lightly.

A combination of looking like a good person /author (I may get around to reading a story of yours if I can find the time) and your awesome profile pic. Was it commissioned, found, or made yourself?

(I know mine was custom, coming from a great screenshot when bouncing a kerbal fown the mountains of minimus. -Although it's not exactly pony related)

Thanks for the follow. How'd I earn it?

Thanks for favoriting "Sombra's Horn Survived The Blast"! :pinkiehappy:

Hello again! Thanks a bunch for the Fave of The Talk! I greatly appreciate it!:twilightsmile:

Thank you so much for the Fave of To Change a Heart! I greatly appreciate it!:twilightsmile:

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