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After years of role play, I have started on full blown fictions. I find inner character growth and development to be of utmost importance, and love to dabble and blur the line that is gender.

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Oh hello! · 12:46am Dec 17th, 2018

Um, wow. So like, I may have gone for a 'little' bit. Things really got away from me. Got a home, moved in with significant other, lost job, found new job, brokeup, moved to new home, you know, 'life stuff'. So today I just got a bit of inspiration to come back to this. I thought about resuming my fanfic I was writting, or maybe doing something totally new. I doubt anyone will see this or reply, but if anyone is still out there, shout at me. More of 'Fractured Ruminations'? I know for a fact I

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You still Alive?
Just wondering as you haven't said anything for a while

1996760 There will be plenty of spookiness to come. :rainbowwild:

1996755 Nooo?....Maybe.

1996752 Are you ready to get spooky? :3

1996619 Lol wut? :P

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