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Everyone goes through change, transformation, going through it for the better or worse. Be it physical or mental, that is the real showing of what makes someones character. Why not write about it?

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Only the oldest of ponies remember life when the sun still gleamed in the sky. Now the only lights that shine are the smoggy light pollution of a city only managing to stay warm on the frozen planet because of Sunstone. Mega corporations run everything, tell you what to buy, and set the prices on what you need to live. Technology has grown faster than any could imagine and cybernetics are commonplace.

Jovin Sharpsight, a rather odd pegasus in a tight spot, finds himself in a bit of trouble as the drug he needs to keep himself and his cybernetic limbs functioning is rather costly. With his debts catching up to him he needs to get creative and risky to get himself out of spending the rest of his life mining Sunstone, or worse. Just how much is he willing to lose to get out?


This Universe is based on Ask The Sunjackers, an art story comic by Captain Hoers, all done with their permission, and cover art done by them. Please check out and support the source material for even more information on this world!

Thank you-
Editors: Sorren, Freglz
Prereaders: Marcibel, CyfroStan, Captain Hoers, Midnight Starfall, SkJolty, Wildcard Mask

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Following the return of Nightmare Moon, Canterlot was in turmoil. Noble houses and loyal ponies stood in defiance against the fallen Princess and perished. The Elements of Harmony cleansed the Nightmare, and the Princess of a millennium ago was returned, but the damage was done, and lives were torn asunder.

Noble House Vanity, a house repute of true self reflection and inner strength, lay in ruin, its thousand year history on the brink of closure. Viktor Vanity, one of the last living members of his house, desperate to save it from bankruptcy and ending the bloodline, takes matters into his own hooves. Faced with no other options, in his eyes, he transitions to marehood believing it will allow her to find a sympathetic suitor. However, things are not so simple when it goes beyond the game of politics after a mysterious murder of a friend in high standing and strange games of subterfuge begin to put the nobility at each others throats.

No longer is she and her house trying to rebuild, but survive a coming storm that could shatter the masquerade that the nobility dances about in its corrupt blissful ignorance and threaten all of Canterlot, if not all of Equestria.

Pre-reader credit. Thank you Cyfrostan, Captainhoers, Moonfire, Bombora, and my greatest ally in writing, WellaWeiss, whom this is dedicated to.
All character artwork in photo album is credited in the description of each art piece. Art cover credit goes to Silk-Ribbon on Deviant Art. Also, you can see the character art photo album here!

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