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Everyone goes through change, transformation, going through it for the better or worse. Be it physical or mental, that is the real showing of what makes someones character. Why not write about it?


Only the oldest of ponies remember life when the sun still gleamed in the sky. Now the only lights that shine are the smoggy light pollution of a city only managing to stay warm on the frozen planet because of Sunstone. Mega corporations run everything, tell you what to buy, and set the prices on what you need to live. Technology has grown faster than any could imagine and cybernetics are commonplace.

Jovin Sharpsight, a rather odd pegasus in a tight spot, finds himself in a bit of trouble as the drug he needs to keep himself and his cybernetic limbs functioning is rather costly. With his debts catching up to him he needs to get creative and risky to get himself out of spending the rest of his life mining Sunstone, or worse. Just how much is he willing to lose to get out?


This Universe is based on Ask The Sunjackers, an art story comic by Captain Hoers, all done with their permission, and cover art done by them. Please check out and support the source material for even more information on this world!

Thank you-
Editors: Sorren, Freglz
Prereaders: Marcibel, CyfroStan, Captain Hoers, Midnight Starfall, SkJolty, Wildcard Mask

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Is John Whicker a reference to something?

This doesn’t feel like a My Little Pony fanfiction. Outside of a few token mentions of characters’ species, it could really be any dystopian setting. Why do they have the same pop culture as our world?

John Wick. And this is based on the tumblr blog/comic Sunjackers. None of the characters have appeared in this, though they might later on.

Promising start. Let's see where it goes from here.

Interesting. Getting a slight Blade Runner meets DXHR vibe from the setting, but with a bit less... despondence. Gonna keep an eye on it.

Shadowrun vibes. And maybe a little Android universe? I like this so far.

Hell of a story concept, that’s for sure!

It could be any dystopian setting. And yes, it is not exactly a spot on MLP universe fanfic. Yet Fallout: Equestria and other spinoffs are quite popular and, most importantly, fun! I hope you find this story to your liking.

Android is one I am not yet familiar with, but aware of. I almost gave it a look see. Glad you like it so far.

I've been compelled by the one-liner at the end, brilliant work over it! I can tell a lot of editing has been done for it.

Incredible read, I love Jovin's spunky personality and I love your style of writing, everything flows.
My attention was captivated throughout the whole chapter.
I am very excited to read what happens next!
Also, great cover art!

“Well, ever since that idiot a few years ago just… stood in the middle of the road, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anypony licenced who doesn’t have their head in the literal cloud.”

Are you referencing Atom being hit by a police car? :derpytongue2:

“When this is over, I’m going to buy me some much needed TLC and save up for that—"

“Debt?” said a familiar, chilling voice.

Jovin froze, turning his head to look into the eyes a mare he really didn’t need to be seeing right now, a toothy, sinister smile plastered on her face like she’d won the lottery, and knew exactly whose life she was going to ruin with it.

“Miss me?”

Well I kinda figured that there was a chance that his first job with Pastel was going to wrong... :moustache: eh, I guess I should have seen that coming that Emi would ruin the moment :rainbowlaugh:

Thing is, they got stolen.

Well it seems like Jovin and Emi can sorta work together now after what they just went through, sorta anyway. Maybe there will be less abuse towards Jovin from now on... probably not since it is Emi after all :rainbowlaugh: I'm starting to like her a lot.

“He owes somepony some money. I’m here to make sure he ain’t pulling a leg. Cause he lost enough of those already. Eh?” She elbowed him, and it shot a bolt of pain up into his bruised withers.

Pastel looked at Emi, her jaw hanging a bit. “What is that horrible acc—“

Jovin made a quick throat-cutting motion.

Pastel stopped, glancing at him, then noticed the welts across his body. “…Right, nevermind. Can I… help you?”

“I just need ta know if he’s making the bits roll or if he’s lying out his ass, is all. Yeh paying him?”

She looked visibly strained by the noise assaulting her ears.“Yes.”

Oh I'm sure her accent isn't that bad! :rainbowlaugh:

I bet you Emi develops a shock kink out of this.

“Oh my. I wouldn’t mind getting to know that softness.” His grin grew as much as his blush did.

Pastel gazed into his eyes, her own only half open as she slowly began to move her hooves around behind him. “Maybe…It's about trust after all. You know, there are a few more things I admire about you.”

“Oh?” Jovin lifted his own forelegs, daring to place them on her shoulders delicately, his manufactured metal ones contrasting to her enough he was afraid to break her.

She leaned in closer, her warm breath on his face. “You’re not like other stallions. You’re different.”

He froze, taking a breath of her sweet scent before swallowing. “Y-yeah...I’m not exactly ‘traditional’ really.”

She grinned wide, leaning in toward him even more. “... I wouldn’t mind getting to know that ‘softness.’”

Heart racing and breath flowing, Jovin smiled back to her in kind.

“Chauffeur... Take the long route.”

Why I do believe they had sex :duck: :rainbowlaugh:

Jovin tapped his glass, giving him a smile to with open gleaming eyes that could tickle some heart strings. “Share?”

He was met with a less than amused expression, Buck’s eyes narrowing at him. “...You don’t get to use that face on me.”

Jovin persisted, pouting his lips.

Buck groaned, turning away from him. “We did a lot of work together. She was like you, owing money, needing help, and even lower on the totem pole than you. I helped her out. Now she doesn’t need my help. That’s the short of it.”

I can totally see the puppy dog eyes with pouty lips working on someone his size easily :rainbowlaugh:

Slams table
Jovin definitely got smooched, don't lie to me!

Well this is an interesting story so fare I am enjoying it at least and I do find that that debt collector and the debtor becoming friends of sort is hilarious to me. Now I wonder what will become the true plot of the story. Keep it up.

:moustache: *Adds Raven Quill to my list of pony husbandos* :moustache:

You are making me like all of your characters :rainbowlaugh: :heart:

Always fun when you find out your old buddy became something that scares even hardened criminals.

If the main OCs in this story had voice actors, who would they be?

Oooh, that is a mix of easy and hard I think. Jovin I haven't had a lot of good voices to imagine him as other than a slightly gruffer Rainbow Dash, Raven Quill would be Michael Fassbender. Buck is more a deep rumbly voiced kind of guy, and the others I haven't figured out yet. Emi would be an absolute mess

"Hey buddy, long time no see? Whats up?"
"Oh nothiing, just shanking ponies."

Quill is someone's husbando? Oh no. Now I have to get more art of him.

Much Shadowrun
Very Cyberpunk

Tracking this one.

Interesting coverart and premise. Think I'll be following this one closely.

Oh hey, my shortest chapter. Oh hey, one year anniversary! Wooo. Sorry it took so long. The good ole 'rona sucks!

You know, you could rewrite this to be humans instead of ponies, and then sell it for big cash dollars. I'd buy a copy.

Shadowrun and Blade Runner would want a word. :rainbowwild:

“...I can say, my perfect vision has given me the perception to say that, after all these years, your posterior is equivalently, if not more so subject to quips and witticism.” Quill looked over his shoulder to Jovin, his dead serious stare making his companion take pause before a smile finally revealed itself.

Jovin, deadpan blinking at Quill before his friend turned to continue, blushed. “Hey! That stuff was only funny in school! Don’t you dare start making fun of my ass again you nerd.”

Quill simply grinned to himself as he trudged on ahead through the snow and sand, speaking to himself under his breath. “But it’s so rewarding.”

“At least I don’t have a metal butt.” Jovin huffed and pranced a few steps to catch up with Quill.

“I can hear you.”

Ha! So worth it! :rainbowlaugh:

Quill stared into Jovin, those eyes of light searching through him, until breaking away to look to the barren snowscape. “...I’m trying to save the world.”

Well things got way more interesting :moustache: and sweet one year! :heart:

Nice to see an update on this story, sorry for missing the last two chapters, I was very busy. so far I see a lot of improvement in the quality of your story, keep it up.

Thank you. That means a lot to me.

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