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Starry Sky was born in a facility known as Pasture Hills. The place where she grew up most of her life. Day after day, she watched as her human masters came and went. Choosing from the various groups of ponies they would want to take with them.

However, unlike most ponies, Sky was different you could say. She wasn't a one sided like the others, she knew what it was truly like to feel sad or happy. She knew how to play all by herself or when to tell what was right from wrong.

So if that's the case how come some of the humans look at her differently, or treat her poorly?

Could it be it was because she was intelligent?

The story genre was changed to T for teen because of moments of explicit details that could possibly leave others uncomfortable.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 24 )

Well this is really engaging and I want to know what happens next. I have no complaints about this opener.

Here's a quick oddity I found.

At that time I never thought of doing because I thought

thought of doing (blank) because...

Did you change the reason for Star's abnormality in the reboot compared to the previous version?

I got a notification that you replied to my comment, and yet I don't see a comment here, even after multiple page refreshes. wtf?


Magic ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

On a serious note, I sent a comment to all my previous viewers (who decided to show themselves) saying that WAI has been rebooted. Which is the new chapter above so if you care to take a gander at it, do so.


Aside from the story's starting point and the introduction of the "Red Man" the reasoning for Star's abnormality has not been changed. Nor has it even been introduced yet, in this story nor the prior. (By that I mean the reasoning for her being different.)

Well, while there are some things that have been missed, it's certainly not as quantifiable as Lazarus. Having been the editor for the original version of WAI, I like the way this one is going.

5873589 What do you mean by:

it's certainly not as quantifiable as Lazarus


Of course it doesn't have a one week feature box smash, and constantly get thrown back into it like Lazarus does with 3/4 of every update. But I certainly think this story is far more interesting imo.

This is an amazing story so far! I really hope to see more of it soon!

Vince Offer is best Applejack salesman.

In his tomb 'neath the far-off Isle of Avalon, King Arthur rouses from his centuries-slumber. His eyes open, and he sees this fic, and he is pleased.

I'm glad to see this back in action.

It's so strange but I love it!

Is this story going to update soon?

7621421 As of now it is in what you can call production hell.

7622412 what does that mean?


I have two other major stories that I have been putting more focus into and only little on this one. Though recently I have been thinking about returning to it.

Hello there! It's been awhile, you still doing okay?

Cool, liked and followed, when's the next update?

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