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This is my bio, and you're currently reading it. I write things sometimes, it's quite fun. If you like reading things, maybe you could read some of my things? Yes? No? Maybe so? I hope so!

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Rewriting: The Fun in Being Evil · 4:53am Feb 24th, 2014

Hello! I am just creating this blog post to reiterate that my story is being rewritten! The orginial first chapter was rather short and abrupt I feel, and in accordance with that, as well as some comments stating so as well, I think it would be in the best interest of the story to undergo some changes! There will be a lot more adventure and exposition, as well as character development, and it should turn out to be something quite cool if I do say so myself. Thank you for reading!

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1863467 Long gone, and not one word of warning.

Anyone know where Snowbee is?

Comment posted by Gray Compass deleted Apr 30th, 2015

Should have recognized your name when I saw something sensible on that board discussing LoHAV. You are right people write for different reasons. I mostly write onto this site because I need to practice my writing and to put something in the pot after enjoying so many good stories.

I don't get why they're complaining one of two things happens: 1 the stories end and the group no longer posts, or 2 we become so big they cannot hope to stop us.

Sorry for ranting a little on your comments board.

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