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This is my bio, and you're currently reading it. I write things sometimes, it's quite fun. If you like reading things, maybe you could read some of my things? Yes? No? Maybe so? I hope so!


She certainly didn't ask to be dropped in Equestria, and she certainly didn't ask to be the spitting image of Princess Celestia, and she most certainly didn't ask if the ponies she found herself confronting would mind if she became inexplicably, undeniably, and most definitely evil... but now that she is, she might as well enjoy herself right?

***(The first chapter has been rewritten to be longer and more thought out, enjoy!)***

(A story inspired by "Malideus" by uberdeathninja for the League of Humans Acting Villainous)
(Cover art courtesy of dragondude51796 on deviantart!)

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 71 )

Interesting I am most curious to see how this predicament will in fold until then bravo my good sir and hood day.

i`m gonna be that guy... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Oh this is going to be good. A wonderfully addition to the League I must say!

Solar Flare vs Celestia story?

Well... that escalated quickly.

I'm serious. Your (pro?)tagonist went from normal human behavior to mouse-incinerating sociopath in a heartbeat.

Snapped human with celestias powers andd form. Continue.

Oh look. Yet another cosplay story.

*Inserts evil laugh here* oh im sorry dont mind me please proceed

this one has great potential

3985706 Well, you're entitled to your opinion I suppose. To be honest, I wrote this little story up in the better part of an hour. And though it is the latest in a long line of similar stories on the site, I felt it would be fun to toss my own hat into the ring so to speak. If you wish make something better though, then by all means go ahead.

3986618 They are kind of popular as of late aren't they? Not necessarily a bad thing though, they're very fun stories to write about.

3985742 Yeah, I am kind of annoyed at that. I've been thinking about redoing this first chapter with a longer format and more character development, but whether or not that happens depends on whether people would want to read something 5k to 6k words long versus these shorter more manageable chapters.

Rewrite it. We don't mind reading 6000-word chapters (12000 is where it gets... iffy), and your story will benefit more from a well-established protagonist than it would from having short chapters.

3987409 That's all I needed to hear! Rewriting now.


I approve.

Blueblood: *bullshit*
Evil celestia: *banish him to the moon*

1 day later evil celestial brings back the frozen corpse of blueblood

3987324 Don't worry about that guy. He's been trolling all over the site.
3985742 Right? Suddenly she's Carrie. Slow down, take you time. This is a story, not a meme. Also, will there be comedic significance in a human girl in a spur of the moment costume resembling the ponies pagan goddess? 'Cause that is kind of funny.

I am intrigued, go on. Oh yeah, I assume she hates Blueblood, so when he comes to whine there is one simple thing that must happen, you know what I'm talking about.

3988716 Thank you for the compliment, and no hard feelings. Have a smiley face, :pinkiehappy:

Interesting, but it could go either way. I will save my judgment for the rewrite.

fave'd, keep it up. needs more comedy

Comment posted by Bob Market deleted Feb 23rd, 2014

this story can go death and destrioton or comedy villain or BOTH lol so anyone up for Cupacakes and a Drink

Oh, the evil that can be done here...

I think I found a new favorite.

The Rewrite is finished! I hope it makes the descent into madness and eventually villainy even more believable!

Of course she wakes up in the Everfree:ajbemused:

3994767 i hope you have a lot of ideas up in that head of yours.:twilightsmile: because I don't want to see this story die anytime soon!:raritydespair:

Comment posted by Tony The Tiger deleted Feb 24th, 2014

Um, is this an alternate universe with anthro ponies? I can't tell if it's just her that is a humanized pony or if all of the ponies are like that... I don't see a tag so I'm just going to assume that ponies aren't anthro and she is an exception... :unsuresweetie:

Also, if she were to take off her jeans, would her cutie mark be on her skin? Just wondering.

I also know that the description says a 'spitting image' rather than being an exact replica - I can't really find a good way to word that better, since the story Is only 1 chapter so far...

Kicking that kitten was a nice touch. That feline piece of trash deserved it for blatantly chewing on a pair of 70$ shoes. :ajbemused:

Think about it, 70$ equals around 24 Big Mac sandwiches.

3995236 It has become a bit of a cliche in HiE stories, but I'd chalk that one up to cosmic coincidence mostly. The Everfree forest is the premier place for strange unexplainable happenings after all.

3996251 Good question, and no, it isn't an alternate unisverse with anthro ponies. She's just an exception because she was wearing a costume of Princess Celestia when she found herself in their world. I'm glad you enjoyed the story so far!

3997664 I was just trying to make a picture there. WELL SORRY!(Suffering stress and mood change)

Well, I was really confused by her appearance and the lack of an Antrho tag at first, but after peeking at the comments and clearing that up I can honestly say that this is looking pretty good. Can't wait to see the first interactions.

Ohhh YES.


Ahem... that is to say, well done, I was hesitant before the rewrite, please bring us more psychotic and hatred fueled awesomeness, all that jazz.

Keep on writin'. :yay:

The rewrite has pleased me... Please, continue...

Keh heh heh...

3997694 no offense. But I mean Jesus it was freaking big, heck I copy pasted it and Google told me it was too large. I crashed google! XD

4013436 meh. What was the image anyway?

Wow. Given that a lot of these League of Humans Acting Villainous tend to be about humans getting mistaken for villains, I'm surprised that this one is actually evil. Could be a nice change of pace. So far, it's well-written and the character development is intriguing. Can't wait to see what she has planned. Also, since she's decided to become Celestia, and given how important her little sister seems to be to her, I wonder if she will try to convince Luna that she's the real Celestia?

seemingly senseless slaughter in a character like celestia with powers like that. Boring

4040294 I'm sorry you think so. There is a story to be had here however, it just hasn't had much of a chance to grow as of yet.


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