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Hello and welcome to the “The Good HiE List”!

Here, you can find all the best and the brightest Human in Equestria fics all in one place, each and every story read, reviewed, and accepted by our admins. (Currently looking for more!)

For all you new members and authors who want to submit a story, check out the below link and guidelines! Oh, and we’re not too strict about things, so don’t be afraid of accidentally breaking a rule or two followed by intense admin hatred. We’ll let you know if you’re doing something wrong before attempting anything rash. Even then, we haven’t perma-banned anyone yet, so just be yourself and have fun!

Submission Rules

1. Stories must have 100 upvotes/likes before being submitted to the group. Exceptions can be made, but must be accompanied by a message from the submitter explaining why they think it should be in the group. The message can be sent to any admin.

2. Only the first story of a series will be accepted if it passes review; in other words, no sequels.

3. Any story submitted must include humans that are at some point in Equestria (hence the name of the group). Humans who transform into other species are allowed on the grounds that their humanity play a role in the story.

4. Incomplete stories with a “Last Update Date” more than one year after the “Publish Date” of the story will not be accepted.

5. Submitted stories must then pass review by the admins of the group before they are accepted.

If you know of a good HiE that passes these submission rules, put it in the "Submissions" folder (and only that folder) and we'll take a look at it!

Questions, comments, and concerns can be posted as a thread or PM'd to any of the current admins.

Forum Thread Rules

1. Threads can be on the topic of HiE stories or off-topic discussions.

2. Treat others with respect and courtesy. Do not insult other groups and people without reason.

3. Self-promotion is acceptable if you have been passed. Otherwise ask an admin or contributor for permission.

4. Please label any threads or discussion NSFW (Not Safe For Work) if you plan on being naughty.

5. If you feel the need to break the rules, apply blunt force to the forehead.

Live Chats and Streams

We have a Discord group chat! Come and join us, we have loads to talk about.

Discord: (You'll need to ask for a link to this chat as the links are temporary)

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I'm putting this everywhere I can incase it's not just a rumor.

Pretty good one with some cool character development its also got a sequel.

Can I get the discord link?

Does any one have any good brony type HiE fics to recommend?

Anyone have any good military personnel in equestria fics?

Anyone know where I can find a story about rainbow dash’s dad dieing in a work accident

Hope you get a new decent admin then

True, out of admins really. I'm not on so much.

Group hasn't been getting much activity lately, shame.

OK listen up at fucking to become a Skype chat got it thanks

One day... I will get one of my own works on here.

How in the world is A Thief's Tale: Road To Redemption not in here?

Does a good parody of HiE count?

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Comment posted by Boulder deleted Apr 3rd, 2017

If I can ever get something on here, I can die happy.

I'll join this group just in case my main story ever gets to be well known. Right now, I'm kind of afraid on what is happening in this group.

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