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Hello and welcome to the “The Good HiE List”!

Here, you can find all the best and the brightest Human in Equestria fics all in one place, each and every story read, reviewed, and accepted by our admins. If you would like to see what criteria this list was created under please see the below section marked as spoilers.

Due to a lack of admins with available time to review, We are no longer accepting submissions.

For all you new members and authors who want to submit a story, check out the below link and guidelines! Oh, and we’re not too strict about things, so don’t be afraid of accidentally breaking a rule or two followed by intense admin hatred. We’ll let you know if you’re doing something wrong before attempting anything rash. Even then, we haven’t perma-banned anyone yet, so just be yourself and have fun!

Submission Rules

1. Stories must have 100 upvotes/likes before being submitted to the group. Exceptions can be made, but must be accompanied by a message from the submitter explaining why they think it should be in the group. The message can be sent to any admin.

2. Only the first story of a series will be accepted if it passes review; in other words, no sequels.

3. Any story submitted must include humans that are at some point in Equestria (hence the name of the group). Humans who transform into other species are allowed on the grounds that their humanity play a role in the story.

4. Incomplete stories with a “Last Update Date” of more than one year will not be accepted. Stories that have already been approved but stop updating will be addressed by contacting the writer in question. If they do not intend to continue it or will not respond then the story will be removed.

5. Submitted stories must then pass review by the admins of the group before they are accepted.

If you know of a good HiE that passes these submission rules, put it in the "Submissions" folder (and only that folder) and we'll take a look at it!

Questions, comments, and concerns can be posted as a thread or PM'd to any of the current admins.

Forum Thread Rules

1. Threads can be on the topic of HiE stories or off-topic discussions.

2. Treat others with respect and courtesy. Do not insult other groups and people without reason.

3. Self-promotion is acceptable if you have been passed. Otherwise ask an admin or contributor for permission.

4. Please label any threads or discussion NSFW (Not Safe For Work) if you plan on being naughty.

5. If you feel the need to break the rules, apply blunt force to the forehead.

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Hey guys,
looking for a story this half remembered quote is from.

"Clingy as a face-hugger with abandonment issue."

Great quote, but I cant remember where it's from.


So no one's going to inforce rule #4

Don't get me wrong so of those story are great but might as well put them in a separate folder that says incomplete/forgotten ones

Reach out in discord we will discuss

Well where can I sign up :D

You still looking for admins? :raritywink:

I’m not interested, but thanks for the offer.

Interested in admining this group? PM me.

Unfortunately its very common.

90% of the stories here are in that boat, sadly.

Glory of the Sun isn’t even completed, nor has it been updated

Someone's submitted Misunderstandings again. It needs to be removed from the submissions, because it's already in the one human folder.

Comment posted by TheKMExperience deleted Feb 27th, 2020

We just delete them

Seriously? People are getting away with it? I’ve been trying my best to earn my way into this group and people pull this?

It's like nobody reads rule number one any more.

Oof. The reason I never leave my fics hangin'. 😝

Cryogen by bombshelter

A Stranger Among the Voices by tystarr

Moving Day by Timothy48

Hail to the King by Qwapdo

Over the Edge and Through the Wood by

Quantum Castaways by DustTraveller

Hired Gun by Gyvon

Twilight's World by grouchopony

Twilight makes first contact by Immanuel

Human Blood by sunnypack

Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold by Dropbear

Prisoner of War by Radiant

Humans by Nightwatcher

Human by DannyJ

Human: Shades of Grey by Draven Eclipse

Machine And Might by Kriegor

Heroes and Allies by LewisClarke

Out of the Old, Into the New by SentientHydra

Eclipse by IncoherentOrange

Off the Beaten Path by PingSquirrel

Foal Necromancer by Kytranis

Canis Ezo Kage by BioChemicalWolfGear

Game Over... by Zaralann

Cultural Cascade by The Based God

And these are just the stories I know of. What's really sad is that I really loved these stories, it devastated me seeing many of my favorite stories had been abandoned...:fluttercry:

  • Viewing 299 - 318 of 318
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