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Hello and welcome to the “The Good HiE List”!

This group exists to collect some of the great HIE that are out there into one place. While we don't have all the good fics we hope you will enjoy these we've found!

For all you new members and authors who want to submit a story, check out the below Submission Rules!

Submission Rules

1. Stories must have 100 upvotes/likes before being submitted to the group. Exceptions can be made, but must be accompanied by a message from the submitter explaining why they think it should be in the group. The message can be sent to any admin.

2. Submitted stories must then pass review by the admins of the group before they are accepted.

3. Sexually explicit material will not be reviewed or included for this list.

4. Any story that is submitted must include a person who was at least once a human and a equestrian creature interacting. This creature must be from an Equestria close to what is depicted in the show. Though we interpret this very loosely.

5. Incomplete stories with a “Last Update Date” of more than one year will be judged solely based on the content already released.

6. Only the first story of a series will be placed on the list if it passes review. (Currently under debate)

If you have written or read an HIE which fits these rules and you think it should be on the list please place it into the submissions folder!

Questions, comments, and concerns can be posted as a thread or PM'd to any of the current admins.

Forum Thread Rules

1. Threads can be on any topic!

2. Treat others with respect and courtesy. Do not insult other groups and people without reason.

3. HIE Story Self-promotion or your loved story sharing is acceptable!

4. Please keep thread topics SFW. Thank you.

5. If you feel the need to break the rules...please don't make Pinkie Sad.

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Hey! I would appreciate it if I could get some professional feedback on my masterpiece!

TAll Day, Everyday.
Follow the journey of a little girl who takes her football to the next level!
Penanka72 · 137k words  ·  111  17 · 926 views

Thank you for reading friends!

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Sorry! Added a story to submissions that was meant for a different group!

I feel like that’s a little too broad of a category to be worth adding.

Is it possible to have a “Female human” folder? Those are hard to find!

I know that this is controversial, so I want to say it here.

All one-shot clopfics have been removed from the Mature Stories folder, and we will no longer accept them onto the group. This is Stargazer’s decision, but I agree with it. This does not mean we are banning sexual content; it is still allowed, but it must not be the focus of the story. I understand that a lot of you are against this, but that is not what this group is for.

You can make a thread.

Hello can someone recommend me fanfic a human turn pony with absolutely no romance only platonic, friendship and family like the fic the strange stallion ( I think that is the name)

Is there a way to report dead stories? There are quite a few in the "Good HiE list"

Comment posted by Knull2014 deleted Jul 1st, 2023

I think most of us are. Some people really like the idea of becoming a pony, and that’s fine but I don’t think those stories should be mixed with the rest.

Wish there was a folder for (Human stays a Human). So sick of HiE going for the pony transformation.

Yes, they are. Crossovers are allowed, if they pass review.

I remember I rejected this offer, but I would be willing to help out with this group now. Should I PM you?

Are cross over stories allowed?

Well that sucks.

"Due to a lack of admins with available time to review, We are no longer accepting submissions."

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