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New Chapter! · 4:20pm April 6th

I'll be posting a new chapter later today!

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  • 8 weeks
    New Chapter!

    I'll be posting a new chapter later today!

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  • 8 weeks
    New description for Raven Revenant

    I made a new description for Raven Revenant!

    It was a long time coming because when I first made the story, I wasn't sure if I was doing a first-person or third-person. Also, I disliked how vague I made the description because, believe it or not, I made the prologue and description at 3 in the morning.

    Hope you guys like it, and I hope readers like it as well. If you're wondering, I'm working on the next chapter, and it's going to be awesome. Again thanks for reading.

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  • 19 weeks
    Elsword references

    I’ve been wondering, do some of you guys understand the references and jokes I make about Elsword’s in game systems. Like awakening and weapon enchantments being a money pit. Luna getting a new weapon and moon skills.

    Hell even the joke about Raven wondering where Ain is because in game the he literally pops into the story in the beginning, it’s pretty funny.

    Leave a comment down below if you want.

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  • 20 weeks

    Hey guys, I just made a Patreon since I've been doing this for nearly a year, and extra money doesn't hurt, either. Maybe if it becomes big enough, I could become a writer full-time.

    Also, if you're wondering, the next chapter should be out in the next two days or so. Until then, thanks for reading. Also donate if you want.


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  • 48 weeks
    Sorry for the delay!

    Hey guys sorry about not updating this week, work and school have been keeping me busy. Expect an update next week! Sorry again and thank you for reading!

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New Chapter! · 4:20pm April 6th

I'll be posting a new chapter later today!

Report gman1311 · 72 views · Story: Raven Revenant ·
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Thanks for adding “Kingdom of Predators” as favorite! :pinkiehappy:

It has, I’ve been a lot more cynical with my writing. Like anytime I write a main character they’ll usually see in shades of grey.

Also this helped me improve on writing the royal guard and night guard. Fucking love the night guard in that fic. Also made shining armor more competent and level headed. Overall I gave the royal guard more personality.

I also made Cozy Glow slightly sympathetic, she isn’t over the top evil, just a child with LOTS of issues. Example:

Cozy walked closer with a dangerous look in her eyes; she stopped when the both of them were muzzle to muzzle. "And this 'snake' is the reason why we're so well off! All the bits, the food, supplies, and information we got were thanks to me!" The filly yelled in Moon Charm's face, tired of keeping her temper in check. "I'm the reason why we haven't starved to death yet!"

The thestral kept her face neutral throughout Cozy's little rant; when she was finished, Moon spoke. "I won't deny your methods are effective, but that doesn't make you a leader." Her expression suddenly became one of sorrow. "Cozy, before I found you, you would pretend to cry and make ponies feel bad for you; once they had their backs turned, you would strike and rob them blind." The bat pony placed a hoof on the other filly's chest. "I saw what you did to that stallion, and it was downright evil what you did." Her voice held disappointment.

Because it’s fanart for prey and a lamb, and one of the reasons why I started writing fimfics myself.

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