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Scramblers and Shadows

Politicians prey on the vulnerable, the disadvantaged and those with an infantile sense of pride in a romanticised national identity which was fabricated by a small to mid-sized advertising agency.

Sometimes I have thoughts

These are some blog essays that I'm not ashamed of

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A tribute to Iain Banks -- 06/04/2013

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Some comments on the craft of writing, inspired by Ursula LeGuin -- 13/08/2013

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Guess -- 26/09/2013

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A critique of EQD-style criticism and writing rules -- 28/11/2013
(My favourite essay.)

"I'd rather alienate every last reader than not do exactly what I want."
Should you write for yourself or your audience? -- 01/03/2014

Genre Protectionism: An Infantile Disorder
Why the war between literary fiction and genre fiction is silly -- 23/07/2014


Cold Light is complete · 9:42pm Sep 29th, 2017

.... and I'm two days late in announcing it, because my life is hectic and not very fimficcy nowadays.

Still, I want to make a note of this. I started Cold Light to see if I could actually write a genuine fantasy novel. Three bloody years, it took, but I did it. I finished it, and it's one of the three stories on here that I'm actually halfway proud of.

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Oh, hey. It's that's boxing shrimp that sees in nine different spectrums of light.

Considering what your avatar is, I just have to link this: linky-pie
On a related note, I love your avatar!

It's like a damn "who's who" in the comments of your "Cold Light" fic...

~Skeeter The Lurker

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