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Scramblers and Shadows

Politicians prey on the vulnerable, the disadvantaged and those with an infantile sense of pride in a romanticised national identity which was fabricated by a small to mid-sized advertising agency.

I'm actually quite pleased with these

  • Cold Light Sweetie Belle searches a vast desert world for her lost friend Scootaloo. But she finds a great and terrible secret sought by a number of dangerous ponies. A secret that could spell the end of the world. by Scramblers and Shadows 106,280 words · 2,837 views · 164 likes · 9 dislikes
  • Class "In her every motion there's nothin' but pure, unapologetic life. She's doin' what she loves, she's good at it, and there's nothin' sexier than that." by Scramblers and Shadows 7,064 words · 1,261 views · 70 likes · 3 dislikes
  • The Stormclouds Beneath Your Hooves Rainbow Dash goes out for one last weather mission. by Scramblers and Shadows 3,290 words · 1,848 views · 110 likes · 4 dislikes
  • Conversations with Dead Ponies Tonight the dead return to see the living. For one night, from sunset until sunrise, each living pony will be visited by one dead pony. Secrets will be unearthed, and unheard tales from the depths of history to the near past will be revealed. by Scramblers and Shadows 12,128 words · 1,112 views · 82 likes · 0 dislikes

Sometimes I have thoughts

These are some blog essays that I'm not ashamed of

Like a kick in the teeth
A tribute to Iain Banks -- 06/04/2013

Crowding and Leaping; Focus and Trajectory
Some comments on the craft of writing, inspired by Ursula LeGuin -- 13/08/2013

On responding to criticism
Guess -- 26/09/2013

On writing rules
A critique of EQD-style criticism and writing rules -- 28/11/2013
(My favourite essay.)

"I'd rather alienate every last reader than not do exactly what I want."
Should you write for yourself or your audience? -- 01/03/2014

Genre Protectionism: An Infantile Disorder
Why the war between literary fiction and genre fiction is silly -- 23/07/2014


Why I'd rather write something pretentious than something good · 6:49pm May 2nd, 2016

Okay, I'll own up. That's a deliberately confrontational clickbait-y title. I couldn't help myself.

Really this blog is about language. Contrary to the bleating of the Average Internet Intellectual, the meaning of a word is not absolute. We, as a community, can choose how to use words and consequently the meanings we give to them. If we're sensible, we choose in a way that reflects the real world and enables discussion.

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Oh, hey. It's that's boxing shrimp that sees in nine different spectrums of light.

Considering what your avatar is, I just have to link this: linky-pie
On a related note, I love your avatar!

It's like a damn "who's who" in the comments of your "Cold Light" fic...

~Skeeter The Lurker

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