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Finding yourself in the halls of the this castle and asking it's ruler for a hug, couldn't be further from how you expected this day to go, yet that is exactly what happens, forcing you to face the fallout of your actions.

Sorry that I haven't edited this story before, but I simply couldn't wait with posting it. It just HAD to be done now. So please, excuse my subpar spelling and grammar.

Cover art made by Little Tigress.
You can find her on Deviantart
and apparantly on Twitter, though I have no link for that

Edit 07.11.2023. Top of the featured page? I honestly haven't seen that one coming. Thank you all for that.

Edit 09.11.2023. Finally came around to edit this. Much to my surprise, I didn't find much that needed improving. Either I am not as bad as I thought, or Zoho simply doesn't show me everything.

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(Ebony pony Approves)

Good start I would really like to see you expand on this. It has potential. Also found these for you, gotta love spellcheck.

you have to keep in mined your bias. [mind]
scarred just how much more of you has already adapted to this new world. [scared]
on which a pony trice the size of every pony [thrice ]

Thanks for pointing those out, I will take care of them right now.

That's a good one, thanks.

Say it with me, folks!:

No problem. I thought it thematically apropos.

Fun read dudette, keep it up.

Damn, I'm kind of okay with this just being a one-shot. Very nice and sweet.

Holy cow, that's a great setup. I really wish there was more to this story.

Not sure about that yet.
Happy to hear that.
I try, but you know how I am.
It sure is.

I'd really like more to this story as its absolutely adorable

Aww this was really bittersweet and adorable, very well done <33

And then Flufflepuff emerged from pinkie's mane and the world was forever changed.

It's quite good. I hope you expand upon this further in another story perhaps or further chapters. Very enjoyable either way.

Thanks for the chapter.

If there will be more, it will be in a sequeal.
Thank you for those kind words, they mean a lot to me.

I gotta say I love this more realistic approach to a human turned pony HIE story, if that happened and you have no idea about the show then you'd be scared shitless, not running around yelling profanities in ponies faces like most HIE protagonists.

I think you would be scarred no matter if you know about te show. It's an entirely new alien body and world you find yourself in. Also, only cause you know about Equestria from the show, figuring out where in the timeline you landed up still could be difficult. Could be during canon events you are familiar with, but much more likely at a point in time you know nothing about

Yet, the closer your chance to talk with this country's ruler comes, your anixty increases.


Awee, that's adorable. This feels almost like a short-written premise for a whole story.

Pleases stop giving me ideas liek that.
I already have enough unfished projects. :fluttercry::fluttercry:

Taken care of, thanks for pointing it out.

If I was busy creating a backlog on my own projects, I'd steal this one for myself! :rainbowwild:
Though actually, cute one-shot stories aren't off the table... Hmm, I'm sure I have a couple of ideas sitting around I never touched.

I mean, 30k words seem like quite a backlog, but I still not going to publish anything yet until I actually figure out how long I want it to be, and how and where I want it to end. I never figured coming up with an ending to a story would be hard, and figuring out how to go from point A to B harder.

In all honesty, I think coming up with a good ending is probably the hardest. What's even worse, for one of stories, there are only 3 or 4 chapters missing and I know what is supposed to hapen there. Yet, I simply fail to put that into words....

Opposite for me it seems, I can't figure out what I want to put there in the first place, but when I do I can usually start writing.

This was pretty cute. Good 'ol Celestia was great and lovable here.

I noticed some errors when I was reading.

So, instead of asking for help to get home, to be turned to normal again, you a ask an entirely different, yet far more important question.

Unable to look her into the eyes, you avoid her gaze, scarred scared what might happen if she pierces the hard shell, you have taken so long to craft.

As you realize what you just said, your eyes go wide in shock. "Gotta go, was nice meeting your you, Princess," you say to her, already running through the large double doors, scarred scared what else you might tell her, should you spend any more time with her.

You almost make it in time, screaming in pain as your left wing smacks into the gate, bringing you slightly of off course. Despite everything in you screaming to land an and examine the damage, you power not only through the pain, but these feelings as well.

I don't think I had never heard of Zoho until now, but yet, no grammar-checking tool can catch everything. I use at least five for my stories and every time a few errors manage to pass all of them.

Thanks for pointing those out. They are taken care of now.

Five tools? Wow, that's a lot. I doubt I would have the endurrance to go through all of them, only to check for spelling and grammer.

That was really well done story. Liked the interactions they had, felt honest. You have written great Princess Celestia as show intended her to be.

Ponks has gone to fluff. She should return to pone classic. Being a fluffy pony very rarely ends well.

I belive that this is only temporary. Probably won't be able to keep that up for a full. On the other hoof, it's Pinkie we are talking here about so everything is possible.

Hey, so... I need more of this. Like, lots more. Cuddles and fluff and hugs and fuzzy feelings. Thank you for hearing my request. xD
Seriously though, this just made me smile and brightened up my day so much. Keep up the great work! :D

I think that's something we all need and I am happy to hear that I brought a smile on your face :)

The mention of Neuschwanstein caught me off guard since I live in the same country.

Was there once when I was a little kid, would love to go there once more. It isn't that far from home even.

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