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The mirror Nerhegeb is known to be dangerous, for he is able to shows us, what our heart desires the most. But unknown to everyone, he is capable to so much more. With most of his hidden features forgotten over time, it shouldn’t surprise anyone, when one of them is activated by accident.

One of those would be his ability to change into a portal to a place where your wishes could be fulfilled, should you ever get scared, while looking into it. But this portal opens only, if your wishes are innocent in nature.

This is exactly what happens, not long after Draco discovered the mirror in an abandoned classroom.

Rated T just to be sure
Nametags will change as the story continues

Made it into the Featured box for the first time on 29.11.2020.
Honestly, I never expected this to happen so thank you, all of you. :twilightsmile:

Once more big thanks to rikithemonk for his great help with editing this story until Ch.09.
Big thanks also go to Javarod who took over edditing from ch. 10 onwards.

Cover art done by the amazing Mix-up. You can also check out his art on Deviantart and on Youtube.

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Hum, so this is a HiE with Malfoy as the protagonist, interesting, I wonder what will be his character growth will be in this story and if his infamies rivalry with Harry Potter really actually started that that point, or was he the repentant Malfoy of the end of the story? I wonder if his bigotry with transfer over to being a unicorn, probably noble, and what will be his goals that he will set out for himself. At the moment I really don't have a sense that is actually Malfoy at all as his character and back story doesn't seem fit with the book or movies, which makes it hard to recognize him, and so far seems to leave him pretty aimless at the moment, more like a blank slate to be honest which defeats the point of even making this a crossover. I would have expected him to either be adopted by Blueblood, their character seems similar, and would have access to Celestia maybe, or Fancypants maybe. Or as an ironic faith he could become a mud pony being surrounded by magic welding unicorns just to add to insult to his situation and finds way around to being able to use magic himself.

If you are interested in commission a cover art for this let me know.

Good luck on your story.


Who said anything about, he becomming a Unicorn?

Well I wasn't even entirely sure it was malfow with nothing about him really recognizing him in it. Fro the unicorn part despite, the title suggesting pegasus for him, malfow really did had a talent for magic or at least compressing or simpleying it to create charm objects and seeing his his firm belief that magic wheelders unicorn would a logical assuption for him. A pegasus, while cool being able to fly, would stear away from that unless you want to develop his dream of becoming a quitige player, which wouldn't be far fetch it wouldn't really focus on his obsession of being better then Harry sense he isn't there in the story, probably, and wouldn't offer a satisfying resolution of letting go of that rivalry for his character growth. If he is to still stay recognizable as him in the story there needs to still be a link from his fast that he isn't shacking off easily, unless his goal is to go back at some point. I am not against where you are going, but I am offering my annalists on the options available.

I alway apriciate a honest comment like yours and I mus admit, that you raise a few good points. I try to work around them, but I don't have set me an easy task.

as an ironic faith he could become a mud pony being surrounded by magic welding unicorns just to add to insult to his situation and finds way around to being able to use magic himself.

This or something similar is entirley possible, since the story will mostly take place in Canterlot.

I think you could solve most of the problem in characterizing Malfoy and his back story with writing a prologue to the first chapter, along with determining in which book the story is set in, establish what was going in the wizard work how was life for in in the school, how he was constantly pulled one way or the other by the manipulations of his parents, how he detested and envied Harry Potter and his popularity, how he always seemed like all his sucsess were turned into askes by him, how he never seemed to be good enough at school for his parent, how he was under constant pressure in his house to compete with Griffindor how he always had to be on his guard to not show weakness from his own house. And lets not forget how nasty of a character he has been too everyone, both to prove his loyalty to everyone that was important to him and because he never accepted the rejection of Harry for his hand in friendship. How repressive Snape was in class and how, how much he let Slivering to get away with bad behavior, in effect encouraging lying, cheating, cronyism. You need to escapist what sort of person he was he was before he left this world before starting a new life there.

Hope this helps

Interesting story concept. I will be looking forward to seeing where this goes as this looks great so far.

Also a bit nitpicky here but you might want to change soccer to football as he is not american.

Anyway I look forward to seeing what happens next chapter. Have a great day :-)

I know that, but since on this site are a lot of americans to, I used soccer instead of football, so that they don't get the wrong idea.

Yeah makes sense. Americans are easily confused by that. It will still be weird tho.

B:Draco Malfoy will be tiger Lilly

Sorry, that isn't what I meant. But Tiger Lilly would certanly be an intresting choice for his mother.

Prince Drake? I don't know.

I don't think so. Same goes for Solaris, Celeste, and Dawnbreaker.

The name Draco is originally derived from the Greek meaning one who stares. So if it's not too late I'm going to suggest Areli, which means the light or vision of god.

It already is, besides, I doubt that would have been a good match for what I am planning. Anyway, thanks for teh suggestion.

Aww, and I had some other good ones too. I like to lookup name meanings on baby naming sites for possible character names. I've found it's a great way to find names I wouldn't have thought of otherwise.

Loving the story so far. Here's hoping being a prince doesn't go to his head. :raritywink:

Love how Dumbledore sends a letter instead of going to see the Malfoys. :facehoof:

I'd always thought it would be fitting for Celestia to have a school that all races/species can attend. The High School in the comics could well be it. As for the school for gifted unicorns that would be just as necessary as a school for gifted pegasi or earth ponies. Each have their own unique form of magic and an earth pony or pegasus is not going to benefit from classes designed to teach unicorns how to control and best use their magic. At the same time, there would be no point in putting earth ponies or unicorns in flight school. One size does not fit all. Our own education system is hopelessly broken because of the one size fits all approach.

True, mixed classes between earth ponies, unicorns, and Pegasi can oly go to a certain degree, but it didn't mean that all classes are mixed. Only a few basic ones, like biology, math and equish, of course there would also be seperate classes specialized for each tribe. The main purpose of a mixed school is mostly to give Princess Celestia a place with easy acess, so she can teach all tribes more easily without traveling half of the nation. What a mixed school in Canterlot provides instad one for Unicorns in Canterlot, one for earth ponies in, lets say Trottingham, and one for Pegasi in Cloudsdale.

It's kind of stupid that everypony is annoying Celestia about the pregnancy she didn't have. Yes, you see. For the last year I was in fact had a really big bulging stomach. Oh, I am sorry you didn't see that. You were to busy calling me fat. Colt is obviously being adopted.

Okay, you are right. I overdid that. Will keep that in mind for the future.

What most stories like that fail to do is paying attention to the other side of the story. The just "mindlessly" follow the mc and anything outside of his viewpoint is glossed over.
Seeing in short chapters how things go over there instead of a hastily thrown together pile when it suddenly becomes relevant is much better even if Dracos viewpoint is the more interesting one and we would rather have chapters continuing his "adventures".

Don't worry, there will be enough chapters focused on him. I don't think it's to much of a spoiler, If I already admit that the next one is focused on him again.

The deputy headmistress stops halfway to the door and turns around, looking as surprised as the Malfoys about that statement. “I hope you know what you are doing, Albus.” She replies on her way over to the Pelvis where everyone is already waiting for her.

Whoops! :twilightoops: :rainbowlaugh:

Thanks for pointing that out.:twilightblush: It's taken care of now.

Does that mirror exist in real life or is it a legend or something made up?

The mirror is HP Canon, if that's what you are asking.

the only mirror I know of from HP is the Desire one.

It's the same, just the german name for it.:twilightsheepish:

Cool story. Added to my reading list. Looking forward to reading more.

Naming chapters is not a requirement for the story, it's just gives a pattern.

Not gonna lie, Passion looks like a male cadence

True, but since I personaly prefer the chapters of stories I read to be named, it would feel wrong for me not to do it myself.

A futa spell. Maybe a temporary gender changing spell. But the more Important question is who will carry Passion?

I think Cadence would be the one carrying the foal.

She slows down into a silent, careful to not give her position away once she is close to her target. She does one quick scanning spell to calm her fears, and is surprised to find that there is only one creature nearby.

Into a silent what?

would have sought your assistance as soon as I found out!”

Any normal pony would have been shocked by how doctor Fine Suture spoke to the monarch, but not Celestia herself.

since there is a huge change in my plans for this story.

Thanks for pointing that out. Took care of it.

I find myself hoovering towards a large bed and being carefully placed on the mattress

from the show not even beeing born yet..

Does that mean we are gonna see Sunset Shimmer?

Thanks for pointing that out.

Three days later:

Three days later:

Why did you type that twice?

She dispelled the illusion and levitated me onto a small platform on the railing of the balcony. I looked back to mom for a short moment, but her encouraging smile banished all my doubts.

*in disappointment* Awwwwwww...You should have had her raise him up like in Lion King.

——)She calls out to the nearest Guards, “You two, make sure nothing happens to them.”

not because it was hoofed over on a silver platter,

Princes Celestia's school for gifted Ponies and not Unicorns,

Yeah I always found that racist.

Damn, looks like I made a mistake while replacing the unedited, with the edited version.

Sorry, but I never watched Lion King, so I don't know what you are talking about.

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