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Dragoling that dreams of being a writer.


Title Change very unlikely. Please PM me suggestions. Cover Art is also temporary but is of Lightning Sunrise.
Harry Potter, adopted as Lightning Sunrise, has spent from age 1 to 11 growing up somewhere other than with the Dursleys. How will this change things? Especially given he's a pony-adopted and raised changeling now.

Note: Death and Violence tags are for the opening and sparingly elsewhere.

Woo! Featured on both 2/22/2022 and 2/23/2022 for like 3 minutes each.

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This could be interesting. I wonder how long until he gets revealed to be a changeling and all that will bring to light?

I can’t raise him given I have my hands full already.

Hands? I think I hear Lyra running to the castle right now!

To his new family? Next chapter. To everyone else? It will be a while, primarily because it will take something truly exceptional to make him shapeshift in a horn onto his preferred form for a couple of reasons: 1) Standard Changeling aversion to having the fact they are a Changeling, and 2) While he is going to receive unicorn style training from his family, he's also capable of using his wings as a (weaker) focus and will figure that fact out shortly after his training begins. The CMC will probably the first outside his new family to find out. Celestia will be one of the last major characters to find out.
It's canon. I've checked. In book 5, Order of the Phoenix, Dumbledore openly admits that he set Harry up for 10 years of heck. As far as the Horcrux being gone, it will be at least quite weakened by the time of his 11th Birthday due to the sheer amount of love in the air.
Woo. Typoes. Fixed.

He did set up compulsion charms on the Dursleys to make them hate and abuse Harry to make Harry more moldable. He did not set up the death of James and Lily Potter, he's just really really good at reading the board. Not mentioned is similar plans if Voldemort went after Neville instead. As I mentioned the CMC will be the second group to know he's a changeling as I'm pulling a leaf out of another story for that. Harry won't figure out his Cutie Mark by the time he arrives at Hogwarts either.

Story seems good enough, so far. But...
Celestia's narration seems rushed. And by rushed, I don't mean stabbing the accelerator and going 2 or 3 times the local speed limits. I mean full on "light the afterburners and activate the steam catapult" rushed. Maybe break up that wall o' text paragraph....
A somewhat familiar formula with a different twist. Harry as a changeling.
Meh. I'll give it a follow.

It will slow down...once we get to the period the books cover. As it is I've got Harry up through Age 8 written.


We really need a Lyra emoji for thing a like this


Interesting change this time. So Celestia knew Lily and the Potters. I wonder what she thinks of Dumbledore and what his plans had been?

She does not know of said plans at this point. She never really was part of the order and except for Lily and maybe James they never knew her as more than Aletia Selicorn, mystery witch that appeared from nowhere during Lily's last Summer Break, befriended Lily, helped Lily with a research project that basically involved creating shortcuts in time and space (Vanishing Cabinet on a much larger scale), and then disappeared very shortly before Lily's death.


Ah. This will be interesting when she has to keep a far closer eye on the wizarding events during the book series.

I do believe that she is also a student of Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns so she mit already by thar

Maybe you could call it Harry the Horse goes to Hogwarts, get's mistaken for someone else?

Sorry, wrong genre. :pinkiecrazy:

Looks promising.

I actually killed Harry in my story. Dead, but only mostly. Just enough to satisfy the requirement needed to destroy the fragment in Harry's head.

Naw that honor goes to book 0x: Sunset in a New Old World.

Can you tell I like my bad puns?

the next chapter is close to being done. I just lacked a proper keyboard/motivation to work on it for awhile.

Well it looks like Chrysalis will be entering the story sooner then expected. I wonder how this will change her plans?

Thank you for the update can’t wait for next chapter

Loving the story. added to my reading list, I’m looking forward to updates

Yes, an update! Only took a few months.

Meanwhile, as the conversation fades off to the minutiae of schooling, a disguised changeling drone who looked in the window and caught the transformation flies off to tell her queen what she saw.

I don't see that ending very well.:twilightoops:

Oh ye of little faith. Someone hasn't read my world building blog posts/rambles.
I'll try to be faster.

I try not to read spoilers if possible.

None of it contains future information beyond 1 point the cover spoils anyways if you look good.

SO CUTE, that is the perfect picture of how Harry should look like as a Changeling, but is he yellow like in that pic making him one of the Changedlings or will he be like the black colored one's of Chrysalis Hive?

That is him post reformation which happened last chapter so yes he is my version of a changedling as the AN clearly states. The fact his new coloration mirrors that of his Pegasus form which is seen on the cover is not a coincidence. Said form is what he'd look like if he was born a pony and/or griffin and is something all Changelings instinctively do. It has great advantages in that it ignores all but the most powerful of reveal (read cast by Twilight or above) spells and takes no Mana to maintain as it is considered a true form but is disadvantaged in that neither coloration, pattern, nor cutie mark can be changed. It is also generally unique and normally only can change very slowly over time. Traumatic near-death events like being near-death from self-inflicted starvation, being rescued by someone, and then deciding you are going to live the rest of your days as their twin/sibling that never was can force it to reset to this new form, but, well, again it involves extreme mental, emotional, and/or physical damage.
Back on topic a Changedlings true forms always mirror each other coloration and pattern-wise as much as is applicable. And no, they aren't glossy incoherently colored skittlebugs.
If you are wondering what Harry looked like pre-reformation his chitin, wings, mane, and tail were black and yellow. More specifically his saddle was yellow and his wings were yellow edged with black. And his eyes were exactly the same.

Cool pic. Now, out of curiosity, the ponycreator you used was from ponylumen, correct? If not, can you please give me the link? I always search for ways to improve.

Ponylumen allows either the leg gradient or the saddle but not both.

Thank you for the compliment. I plan on getting an actual commission done something fixing the issues.


Thank you for the chapter Teraunce

Shouldn't Harry be wearing glasses?


Thanks and you're welcome you two.
We never do find out why Harry has to wear them but severe head trauma like from being beat up multiple times can cause vision damage. Also he has access to healing magic. I imagine by the time he's 11 he may have to wear reading glasses sometimes but his vision will not be as poor as it is in canon. After all apparently James never started wearing glasses until his 5th year.

This chapter was nice take as much time as you need to make more chapters there worth the wait

Interesting so I wonder what is going to happen to his parents if they are going to be the librarians when Twilight shows up in a few years. Also interesting to see that Spike is one of his friends.

If I ever write Twilight's leaving for Ponyville it will be funny to watch her not want to head there because she'll miss Moondancer's party. Not mentioned here but Twilight occasionally was tasked with watching over Lightning, Spike, and their group of friends and so kinda got out of her books more often than the canon Twilight did. The Star family are actually aware of Harry/Lightning's true Equestrian Species. The Sun family were more or less told by Celestia to keep Lightning's true species close to their chest and only tell those who needed to know or they really trusted and to pass the warning on that if Celestia found out anyone besides herself or the Sun family spread the secret they'd be in real trouble.


Interesting story development. I wonder if then Harry/Lighting will try his best to prevent the whole rift with Diamond Tiara and the CMC?

Just keep him away from Chryssy(you know who I mean!) and you're golden. I eagerly await the next chapter.


Chryssy isn't aware he exists but then again she's a rogue Queen and a rogue Concept so was kept out of the loop. The other Equestrian hives are aware of his existence and are working with Celestia to try and figure out why and how he reformed and how to demask themselves without causing a panic. He's unknowingly brought Hope to the sane Changelings that they can break their curse, which is mildly funny because if he belonged to a Hive, it would be the Hope one. As in Hope gives him strength while despair does the opposite. Some people are just destined to inspire others to be better, even in a different world and body.

As far as the DT/CMC conflict he'll have very little effect besides spreading her hate amongst four targets instead of three.

I think the main reason Harry wore glasses was because of the accidental horcrux. His scar.

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