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Mistakes have consequences. Right?

Why yes, they do. As a matter of fact, every mistake has consequences, proportional to the size of the mistake. As a result, when a determined young mage makes a terrible mistake by reaching for the Beyond...

The consequences are far larger than she could have imagined.

These are those consequences.

This story is ostensibly a rewrite of The Boy who Disappeared... except that it's so far different I'm not sure it actually qualifies as a rewrite, so much as a whole new story.

Updates Wednesdays.

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Ouch. I think Sunset will be suffering from a lot of trauma and possibly memory loss from how badly that backfired on her. I wouldn’t be suprised if she didint wake up until Harry stepped foot in the Hogwarts.

Mmmmm, does susnet somehow get into Harry's body? or the accident just give harry sunset's dna? is harry is becoming a girl in this story?

Well, he's already got long hair that simply refuses to stay short...

So now we start off with Sunset instead of one of the princesses. That should give Harry a not-too-OP abilities to work on.

And this is actually interesting would have preferred to have the other story finished properly but this one I can get behind

Please don't abandon this one too...

Sunset's overconfidence blew up in her face.

… Could he use his hair in place of a wand?

Oh wow....we've gone in a much different direction here, it seems

I am not sure if the description of Sunset Shimmer here makes sense, she is downright crazy in the way she behaves in Hogwarts in the presence of the headmaster. Dumbledore doesn't feel like a Dumbledore either. I'll give you space in my school, sort you into the house but since you are making some kind of experiments I don't approve I am going to kick you out. As If.

Ouch Sunset really couldn’t control her ego. I am surprised she was sorted into Slythrin. Now how will Harry take this boon?

She was performing dangerous experiments on his students. He was worried she’d kill someone if he didn’t put a stop to it.

He didn’t mind her experimenting, he did mind that experimentation injuring his students (“Do it safely!”).



Adding to that point she tried to hide and threatened everyone including his staff to the point no-one would tell him. Even the Dark Lord himself would never have been so brazen or arrogant.

Vernon "Once-ler" Dursley.

so sunsets magic might have ridden the gizmos connection to harry? So harry just got a infusion of equestrian magic to his mind body and soul all at once. be interesting to see how this plays out

Comment posted by Fetch deleted Jun 2nd, 2022

So, since I'm not sure how often you upload a chapter, and at first I thought I'd wait for the next one to ask questions, but my curiosity can't wait.
So, Harry clearly received equestrian magic, but since Sunset is in a coma, it makes me think that maybe she transferred part of her soul or mind to Harry without actually possessing it, if so, I wonder if I don't possess it because of the shield magic that Harry has because of his mother. There is also the possibility that only a large amount of equestrian magic was absorbed by Harry, triggering changes in Harry, and that Sunset is only in a coma because she almost depleted her magic well and due to the little environmental magic it will fill up very slowly.
Now, something that I liked in the previous story, is that Harry and Hermione met so young, will it happen again in this story? Will Hermione be sick in this story?
Now that Harry has made life better for the Dursleys with his hair, will they start treating him better?
Will equestrian magic affect the part of Voldemort's soul that is in Harry?

I'm sorry to say they won't be meeting really young again... it felt more appropriate for them to meet on the Hogwarts Express. Especially since... spoilers.

My publication schedule is every week on Wednesdays... and I forgot to put that in the description, didn't I?

Huh. Just found you. Seems nice.
Walked through your stories and saw multiple cancelled projects. This seems interesting, so... Please, don't abandon this one too.
I'm on mobile, so even though both fics I clicked on was cancelled it doesn't mean that most of them are, since it was just two random ones. I just didn't see all others. But still...

Roughly half of all my stories are cancelled. Most of the rest are... abandoned or on indefinite hiatus, likely to be cancelled if I ever return to them. There's a couple that are marked as complete, but half of those should probably be labeled 'cancelled' because it was a rushed ending when I had no more ideas (I'm looking at you, The First Equestrian Starliner and An Alloyed Hope).

Right now, Starbound Flight is still updating (Mondays), but likely to be dropped once I publish all the chapters I have waiting. The reception it's been getting is so dismal that I've lost all drive to continue writing it... But even then, it'll probably hit indefinite hiatus instead of cancellation, because I do like the story.

Accidental Invasion is still updating as well (Tuesdays) and has a lot of chapters waiting, though I'm not actively writing on it right now; I'm taking a break from it so I can keep it from spinning its way to damnation like both earlier renditions of the story, The Gate and On the Implications of Parallel Worlds, did.

Gift of Divinity is a new story, as you might see by the available chapter count, updating on Wednesdays. It's technically a rewrite of The Boy who Disappeared that fits that title better than the original, but the ideas are so far different I'm not entirely sure it actually counts as such. I'm actively working on it, despite the already lengthy list of chapters waiting in line... though at the moment, progress is going slowly since a certain fairly important scene in Hogwarts just doesn't want to flow.

All that said, I don't currently expect to abandon or cancel either Accidental Invasion, a currently 80-chapter or so novel (72 published right now) in which 13,693 Equestrians went to Hogwarts one year, or this story, a 10-chapter story (so far, just one published right now) that hasn't revealed its main idea yet. Given their current states, there's a decent chance that Accidental Invasion will live to see the end of the story, sometime likely during or after Harry's 7th year at Hogwarts. For this story... It's too early to say, but it's got the potential to do that easy. The challenge- and what's been slowing the writing of Chap. 10 down- is to avoid confusing the characters that I reused between the two stories!

I bet it was Miss Figg, now that the Dursley's aren't using her for babysitting anymore, she's trying to reestablish a connection to help explain what's going on. Essentially the Hagrid

Great chapter!

High-pitched voice? Flitwick?

I wonder why they didn’t think Sunset lost her magic? The wands hurting her should have been a giveaway. I wonder what happened to her?

Why didn’t they think she lost her magic? Because wands don’t hurt muggles.

You’ll notice Dumbledore was adapting to her sudden inability to use magic, despite presumably still being magical, and was proposing a way for her to continue her magic research…. Though that ‘way’ would probably set her back a fair few years.

Sunset maybe? She could have become a direct student of Dumbledore. She could have learned to use wandless magic, after a long and painful path with a lot of effort, help and patience from the Headmaster. Like when a person loses one or both legs or comes out of a paralysis and has a long recovery path to walk again, I have heard that it is very hard. She may even be teaching at Hogwarts.

At the beginning of the chapter I thought that Harry maybe had earth pony magic , now that I finish reading the chapter I am inclined to say that he has pegasus magic, after all they are fast and are hard to resist the impact the times they collide with the ground. And of course I love the idea of ​​Dudley going to Hogwarts, I can already imagine the surprise of Albus and Minerva in the selection of houses.

So, the magic doesn't recognize Harry as him or her, is it because of the pony magic? Is it because Harry still hasn't decided if he feels more comfortable as "him" or "her"?

I think that's all I have for now, if I think of anything else I'll comment on it during the week, have a good week.

so this story is only gone to be ten chapters long currently or will there be more chapters down the line ?

A different Dudley's character? Now this is interesting.

So Dudley has magic, not often seen this will be fun.

I have ten written so far, but expect it to continue growing.

I like the beginning of this story but...

Ok for Dudley not to be the idiot he is in the show, after all these changes happen when he is young enough, but I don't understand why Vermont and Petunia behave like normal humans. More surprising for me, they accept magic. Especially they accept easily that their only son, their eighth wonder of the world, is leaving for the wizarding world, where Petunia lost her sister. In my opinion, there is a small paragraph missing that would give the keys to understand Petunia.
I find that this happens too fast and without explanation. I suspect that explanations will come later, but in my opinion you should give more details, especially about the change of mentality of the two adults. As a reader, we suspect that this change of attitude is not normal.

With these character developments I see Harry and Dudley more as twins brother than cousins. The Dursleys acted more like "real" parents and two boys grew up together with little age difference.

Someone with a sense of humor

There are a few hints about what happened already present, if you look for the things that are different other than the Dursleys' behaviors; there are at least two that I can think of mentioned so far, before the reason for those changes is revealed in Chap. 3.

... Actually quite fast, considering those 10 were written in a matter of 5 days...

so harry has been completly changed by sunsets magic?

Magic registry system is very convenient. It updates all the records in real time.

Why did you cancel so many of your stories?

Because they walk into holes, or I find myself unable to continue it for some other reason (beyond simple time, that is- I don't cancel for writer's block). Fortunately, I'm getting better about that.

Good chapter! Draco was subdued with words, he was funny, to me at least.
So goddess? Sunset inadvertently gave Harry what she wanted so badly? Harry is already an alicorn? Or is the magic waiting for her to do something incredible to promote her? Will the Petunias and Vernon learn magic from books? by mail? Will another wizard teach them? Will the wand with Hailey's hair be Sunset's?
Open to wait next week, take care and have a good week.

“I don’t want people to start pestering me for my hair.”

Yeah, we all know how that worked for Rapunzel (the Tangled version).

I have a suggestion for your next story (not a plot). Before posting a single chapter, write the first ten chapters. Then, write a new chapter every time you post one of the written ones so you always have a cushion of chapters in your computer so that if you hit a blank, you can still post until you get inspiration. That's what I do. That way, I can find problems before I post, and fix them if possible. It also lets me backtrack and correct previous chapters to fit the what I write in later chapters.

... Fun fact, that's exactly what I'm doing with this story. And with Accidental Invasion... which has been on writer's block for a while, and I'm probably going to backtrack some, er, 7 or 8 chapters on that because it started going really far off the rails in a bad way.

I know exactly what you mean!

Sometimes blood purist families can literally die out into squibs in the timespan of a few generations because of the genetics.

Given the topic of the conversation just before the doorbell rang, a mailing owl was at the door.


I've always had the idea that muggleborns are just old squib lines reactivating themselves now.

Yeah, I thought about that, but decided in AI that magic wasn't going to be genetic... And I liked that headcanon, so I'm using it again. It'll probably get explained in this story too at some point...


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