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Rarely, a Dark Lord can conceal things from their own followers, and conspire in their own death. Perhaps that's why so many video game bosses are so easy to kill.

Similarly rarely, A Dark Lord may be immortal- or have some sort of curse causing him to return.

And very, very extremely rare is a Dark Lord that falls into both categories- and fights against their own supporters after their own death.

Lord Voldemort was one such Dark Lord. He also had quite a surprise waiting for him when he returned under a new name nobody would ever suspect her under- and learning that Harry wasn't a boy either... wasn't it. As a matter of fact, neither she nor Harry were ordinary by any stretch of the imagination, despite looking the part!

Really too bad she was sick and tired of being powerful. That meant it was a good thing there were so many strange new students about... right?

Possible triggers: Rule 63 of the Internet.

A new story that could potentially be called a rewrite of Accidental Invasion despite focusing on a very different storyline, thanks to certain (major) story elements I'm borrowing from it- and reworking to be a little more realistic, of course. That said, I'm also raiding some concepts from The Boy who Disappeared, and from all over- you could also call it a culmination of all my works.

Updates on Thursdays.

It's worth note that this story is meant to be a lot more... comedic than my other stories. I'll be keeping it "serious", but it's more likely to be "silly-serious" with silly stuff sprinkled in. Not nearly as random as, say, The Gate... but still a bit. You'll get what I mean by the end of the second chapter.

And... I suppose I should say it, shouldn't I? Tags may be updated as the story progresses. Emphasis on may, because I've said that every time but really never gone back to update the tags even when it was warranted.

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Please tell me that you aren't considering abandoning Accidental Invasion as well. :fluttercry:

I am... sorta considering it. I'm also working to try and keep that from being necessary, but I'm not sure exactly how to do that right now. Ahh, writer's block...

This ... is a very interesting take on Voldemort.

So instead of being "evil" in the orphanage, he's tough, powerful, knows it -- and instead of being a bully/abuser, he's seen as someone that protects the weak from other bullies.

In other words, he's still "top dog", but in the "I'm keeping all the other trouble makers from making trouble" sense.

Now, ... we're starting with sex-changed Harry from day 0. This is new.
Err, from day three months.

He’d taken too many !steps, gone to too many lengths, to keep that from happening… before he had realized how big of a mistake the Dark Lord Voldemort really was.

I like this. This is the Rational!Voldy view of "Voldemort is just an identity I've made to try to shake things up".

So, things we see:
1. The EqG portal is now in Britain instead of "Canterlot, USA", and marks the presence of royalty.
2. Harry, err, Hailey will grow up with a normally healed scar, and no soul fragment.
3. Some poor pony will have gotten that soul fragment. Oh dear ... oh no -- Starlight?

Will Starlight Glimmer, Patron saint of mind control, become the new head evil? Mwa-ha-ha

Now, 5 other fragments? ... Right, Nagini has not yet been made!
More to the point, this Voldy knows he just made a 6th, by accident. So he knows that he is already in 7 parts, and won't _need_ Nagini.

Quite a big change to the start of the story. Looks like something half-ways between MoR and Nat 20.

When Harry was six, the total came up to fifty eight-

Are you sure that's not 63? 1, 2, 4, ...

I mean, we see about a thousand at ten years, right?

Well ... This is interesting.

So Starlight Glimmer is a year too early to have gotten that soul fragment if it had to find a baby. Hmm...

You really don't like Dumbledore.

And, am I correct in thinking that Ginny/Voldy is a changeling getting a love/food crystal every three weeks? No, that ... almost fits. Not quite. And it doesn't explain the fire-bender style hand-flame. Hmm...

... Wait, he mentioned five others? Darn, he wasn't supposed to mention the number! There, fixed it.

That's because the numbers were generated by a script... which took a base number (which was, indeed, 32 that year) and modified it with a random number generator (resulting in a mere 31 Equestrian students that year- only 13 the year before, though, rather than 16). These errors accrued over time to create the six-student difference from the clean doubling; that same script worked in a way that nicely distributes them between houses and sexes, which gives me these nice, hard, realistic numbers to work with, even if I have to manually apply names after that. And yeah, the total at ten years was 1022 ponies.

A year too early... Yeah, let's go with that.

That said, Dumbledore did comment on where Voldemort was- perhaps that has a grain of truth to it? Only a grain, of course, since it's obviously not the main piece that became Ginnymort (a nickname Gerandakis came up with).

One chapter in and I’ve decided I’m gonna stick around for the long-haul

Very good beginning ........it reminds me of something. Oh! Now I remember! ...... "And now for something completely different."

This was amazing

Earth and crystal?

... So who is the earth and crystal ponies, again?

Crystal is Ginny
Earth is … what was her name

I wonder why you picked those tribes?

I respectfully decline to answer that question.

Wizarding Royalty, I don't really care about that, the girl already killed the dark lord and now she is a royalty, bleh.

Hailey and Ginny are both alicorns. Ginny being Cadance equivalent (or probably Chrysalis equivalent because of how it changelings transform with fire. The only other one I could think of is a probable Celestia equivalent but that's even more farfetched the only thing supporting it is the pyromancy bit) Hailey is almost definitely Luna equivalent considering the more combative nature she shows something the fandom has put in to the public consciousness is that Luna is the more warrior like princess. Her jumping ability almost definitely hints at having some form of Pegasus magic within her because she can jump over the height of someone taller than her easily. (We haven't actually seen Applejack do that kind of jump Nor Pinkie surprisingly) She's very creative her cooking shows that, honesty was one of the elements I believe Luna wielded and Hailey is very honest as is flat out stated I'm facing the whole Alicorn fact on already stated in the previous chapter fact that when the equestrian portal shows up the distance from the child gages power and it was confirmed that the portal showed up right before the birth and was very very close as stated within feet of the child at brith.

Now the only reason I don't say Hailey is a Discord equivalent is because she's female, plus Harry being discord has been done quite a few times on this site

As I said with my earlier comment the fire actually does make sense changelings transform with fire even the reformed changelings still maintain the fire when they transform

Good guess... but unfortunately, all wrong.

... It was normal fire that she conjured, by the way. Yellow and red, not green.

Need to remind you that reformed changelings take on the color of their carapace for their fire (I'm not saying anything on the contrary of what you're saying author just reminding you)

If you've seen The Boy who Disappeared, The Gate, On the Implications of Parallel Worlds, Accidental Invasion, or The Tune of Change, you'll know that reform changelings are always non-canon to all of my stories, because the reformation removed the racial quirk that made them interesting as a species. I've actually rewritten how changelings work a few times, and settled on something that I like.

Keybounce has read at least four of those stories, so he knows about that.

Ginny must be a dragon then those crystals that come from her arm specifically are shed dragon scales. the fire just being something dragons can naturally do but since it would harm her to actually breathe it she can summon it through innate magic. (I also know that that red hair is a hint at someone but there are so many fandom ponies that have vibrant red hair and even Canon candidates that I can't specifically figure it out I would say pinky but Pinkie never was able to light herself on fire and Twilight only ever had Orange as her fire mane and tail so I can't say that either)

I still say that it's more likely Haley has Pegasus magic especially since after rereading that little bit I'm reevaluating it and thinking she has specifically rainbow dash magic everything lines up even better except for the cooking bit but we've never seen rainbow actually cook.

... I kinda feel bad to have to say it after so much logic, but no, Ginny isn't a dragon either... and the red hair isn't a hint.

Still say both are alicorns just based on the amount of power they should have although I almost swear that Ginny got Sunset's fire magic (maybe it's daydream equivalent I mean I'm going to keep guessing but I'm just trying to think of comparisons here)

Well... I suppose it's true she does have pegasus magic, and it is easily RD strength (or greater)- but she's neither RD nor a pegasus.

Well... they're not Alicorns. Probably never will be, for that matter- a record, for me.

Well you just confirmed that Hailey is an alicorn. And by proxy Ginny must be something equivalent considering the raw amount of power implied with Ginny I would say flurry before she is suppressed just because of the whole Crystal thing, although that could be Haley instead and Ginny is specifically Grogar enpowered Cozy (we never saw the full power that Cozy gained from the Bell but it is canonically Grogar's magic)

I did not, I merely said she had pegasus magic and wasn't a pegasus. I also said she's not an alicorn, which certainly raises a question of what she is- which even she won't be finding out for quite a while, so you're going to have to bear with me. Ginny finds out what she became a lot sooner... and neither of them are anything Equestrian.

Really the biggest thing that makes me think Ginny is an Alicorn equivalent is the whole immortality deal as that is pretty much a go-to for alicorn equivalents (yes I know that that was something that came about through Voldemort's precautions but it would just stand to reason) Plus Ginny was already incredibly powerful in her previous life and is cultivating even more power in this new reincarnation. I really hope that you make them both actually a couple just to screw with Dumbledore considering his Canon orientation.

It did not remove it, it reshaped it but you do you. Also no I have not read any of your other stories not yet accidental invasion has been on my favorites list but to tell the truth I can hardly read any story like that other than "the wizard and The lonely princess" series and the more recent "if wishes were ponies" series

Well then that's worrisome considering that portal that you mentioned is almost definitely the mirror portal makes me think that they're going to become something corrupt even if Ginnymort doesn't want to be evil.

That is true, I never said they weren't alicorn equivalents.

And yes, I am planning on making them a, er, couple... ...heh heh heh...

Well if they're nothing equestrian then what heckin universe did their power come from?! (To no longer bog down the comment section here send me a PM with your response)

Note that it was specified "two and a half years on average". It's not the mirror portal, it's just oddly similar. The Mirror Portal also wouldn't explain the waterfall of Equestrians entering Hogwarts each year...

... To that I can honestly answer none. And I'm not worried about filling up the comments section, but if you want to take the discussion to my Discord server (link in A/N), you're welcome to.

Like I said almost definitely but then again you do you. I'm just glad to have had this conversation in the first place I like actually discussing with other authors about their works helps me improve on my own.

Oh so we're going to see even more aliens show up on Earth at some point. (You specified otherworldly power and a portal that is known to traverse the multiverse so was kind of assuming that it would be a power from the multiverse but now that you specified that it isn't from another universe that means that it has to come from somewhere in your universe damn your world building is tight)

It is true that what they are is original in both cases.

K still hoping that we'd see others other kind but that's fine

Oh boy new chapter and we learn more about our Potter

Automatic language translation?

So, not just a parsel mouth, but a universal mouth.

This ... that is actually a really valuable skill/tool/asset even for the muggle world.

So, the Goblins detected a reincarnation without any real effort. Interesting.

Interesting indeed that they are used to reincarnations. This is not the first, and they have rules for it.

Serious WTF moment here.

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