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The Equine Starliner · 10:05pm February 7th

So I had The First Equestrian Starliner and The Equestrian Starliner already... yet the first took place in Equestria, and the latter was just plain terrible.

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When a good day turns sour · 2:02am Dec 22nd, 2020

So, as some of you may know already, On the Implications of Parallel Worlds has an update scheduled for tomorrow. Yes, it's real.

I'm also a trucker, now.

Believe it or not, those two are connected. I had the idea I needed to finish off Chap. 52 while I was on the road, and actually wrote the chapter during off-duty time at the end of the day. It went live to patrons on... what was it, Thursday? Friday? I don't remember.

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On the Implications of Parallel Blockages · 5:06pm Oct 28th, 2020

As many of you probably noticed, On the Implications of Parallel Worlds missed a scheduled update yesterday. Sorry I forgot to make this blog post then instead of today- I got sidetracked. It happens infuriatingly often.

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Announcing: The Boy who Disappeared, Rewrite In Progress! · 4:52am Sep 26th, 2020

First of all, sorry about the half-comprehensible blog post. It's late, and I should be in bed. My head isn't running at capacity right now.

Many of you haven't even heard of the story I wrote a long time ago, The Boy who Disappeared.

That's because it was a straight-up HP fic, with no MLP crossover. It was only ever accessible on my Patreon.

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A Unitarian Question: When a Changeling wants to Measure Something, What do they Measure it In? · 11:01pm Jul 24th, 2020

So, I had a thought.

As near as I've been able to tell, it's popular fanon across the fandom that Changelings absorb, store, and use 'love' energy within their forms.

The question then is, how would they measure that? What units might they use?

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When big problems happen, big changes follow. That's life. · 2:55am Jun 20th, 2020

Yeah... you see that title?

I mean that seriously.

A... few things happened today. I realized that I would actually be better off dead than not- I actually present a danger to both myself and everyone around me, particularly my family, right now.

That does not make for a suicide risk, because I don't want to hurt them, and no matter how much of a danger I can be to them, my death would devastate them and I'm nowhere near that.

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A little something interesting... · 3:47pm May 24th, 2020

Hello everypony.

Did you know, when I announced the accelerated schedule for On the Implications of Parallel Worlds three days ago, I didn't tell anyone, but it was actually contingent on something happening?

The thing is, on May 20th, I finished Chap. 25, and one of my editors commented on the length of the backlog, suggested an accelerated schedule. I promised to go on a temporary accelerated schedule when I hit Chap. 30.

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On the Implications of a Little Update · 3:22pm May 21st, 2020

So, as you may know, On the Implications of Parallel Worlds has 12 chapters published on here.

I just finished writing chapter 26 last night.

... Yeah. It'll be going live to my patrons, alongside chapters as far back as 19, later today.

But that still gives me a 14 chapter- or 3 1/2 month- backlog... and I live on the feedback you give me, as little as it is.

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The Hogwarts Express: How long? · 8:25am Apr 15th, 2020

A question that just came up in my writing: How long are each of the passenger coaches used on the Hogwarts Express, and how many do they carry?

Oh yes: Spoiler alert for a paragraph or two of an asofyet unwritten chapter of On the Implications of Parallel Worlds.

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On the Implications of a Problem · 6:21pm Mar 31st, 2020

Yeah, I'll admit, I'm having too much fun with the 'On the Implications of ___' title. But so?

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