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A little... Well, a little... Update? · 12:58am Yesterday


I hate my life... · 2:27am January 6th

No, that doesn't mean what you might think it does. Allow me to enumerate what it does mean:

1. I've got about 3 1/2 weeks to make $200, else not have a car, and no job to make it with
2. Pretty bad depression coming from the same, and being otherwise trapped in my parents' home
3. Not even a glimpse of silence around the house...
4. Fever? Check.

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So I Had A Thought, And Another Story · 6:17pm Dec 11th, 2019

System Alert- Foreign vessel detected at close proximity;

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One Straw · 4:13am Oct 30th, 2019

What does it take to save a man?
What does it take to kill a man?
A lot.
What does it take to make a man take his own life?

I’m two weeks away from getting my car repossessed for nonpayment.
I don’t have any money to pay the bill.
All my credit cards are maxed out and overdue.
My insurance payment has been... postponed.  I’m two and a half weeks away from that getting cancelled for nonpayment.
I have a loan that’s overdue as well.

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A Little Off Topic · 7:57am Apr 25th, 2019

You know, you never know just how-tech a society we live in until you...

1) Pass a farm tractor on the Interstate within the city limits of the state capital, and
2) Connect your car to your home WiFi.

... Yeah. I just did both of those. Also, my first Uber passenger last night was a poor guy that ran out of gas diagonally across a busy bridge over a major highway from the gas station. While he was (nearly) running late to pick his daughter up from school, no less!

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For science! · 11:16pm Apr 23rd, 2019

A lot of you might know about my latest story, that Harry Potter crossover titled The Gate...

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Contemplating a cancellation for pointlessness · 3:51pm Apr 17th, 2019

Yeah. I'm getting to that point. Considering cancelling a story not for lack of plot, not for lack of ideas... but for lack of reception.

I've always seen Diamond as more of a problem child. Especially watching that episode where her problem is solved as "not knowing another way", her mother seems very abusive towards her. And abusive parents is a real problem that can lead to bullying... and future abusive parents. No really, it's been studied.

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String of the Stars on a Chapter · 3:40am Apr 12th, 2019

Yellow again!

So yeah, you may have guessed. I've repubed another edited chapter, this time on String of the Stars:

The changes aren't massive just yet- as in, not total rewrite. The story does go in a different direction in this chapter than it used to, though- though we start seeing some of the bigger ways it's is going to be different from Flaming Inn and Suites.

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A New Man, and A New Hope, but No New Chapter. · 9:36am Apr 9th, 2019

Yeah... sorry about that.

I've decided that, henceforth, I'm a new man. A few thousand dollars worth of junk I got and used in the past, to help keep me stable... gone. I don't need it, nor want it, anymore. I have the strength to live without such crutches. Thus, I'm a new man- and I have a new hope, leaving my old problems by the wayside.

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So I got to thinking... · 7:02am Apr 4th, 2019

It so happens, I just got back from a fairly lengthy trip to the dentist... and on both legs of the journey, I spent the time listening to a Harry Potter audiobook. Woulda been an Honor Harrington book- they're cheaper, plus I need to read them for the Sphinxian Equine- but I don't like that reader's voice, and the Potter books were voiced well, in my opinion.

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