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MLP: The Game

Inspired by the story of Psycko’s: My Little Pony: The Game,

[Adult story embed hidden]

I fired up my version of the RPG maker and started creating my version of it. As for now, only a part of the Nightmare Nightmare storyline is finished, hence why you start directly with.

Also please note that I won’t work on anything else than the MLP world.

A discord server for requests, help and deconstructive critism exists HERE, so please don't fill my comment section with stuff that's better placed there. The changelog can be found there.

The game in it's current pre-alpha and a file that keeps track of the development (look for the headlines in it) can be found here; the two current ‘ends’ of the game (depending on the battle w. Celestia) are the wasteland (only one map yet, no current) and the first part of the everfree (including Zecora’s place).

I cannot and will not guarantee a continuous working on it, but when I finished a part of the story, I’ll always update the files and the discord/this note.

To credit for names and ideas are Admiral Q Ponyform, Psycko,
while credits for the graphics go to
pandamaru, the guy(s) behind the MLP sprite project, the derpibooru artists behind the pictures 942352,1487716,1913395 as well as the deviantart artist orin331.

Global Save for the RPG maker was borrowed from theLEECH.

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