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The first and original place for the many stories inside the Mystquestria-verse created by Mister Citadel.

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Does anyone have all seven chapters of the original story? If so, PM me with a link.

Well, got around to writing the first chapter of my second contribution. I call it "realMystquestria"

Just had an idea for another Mystquestria parody and started writing stuff down.

362947 Oh golly gosh, here we go again.

So, guess who just updated? This fellow right here, ladies and gents.

Come, let us shower our god and master Citadel with the praise he so rightfully deserves!

(might do a review blog later; that'd only be expected of me at this point, wouldn't it?)


Well, it's not Pystquestria, but here's my contribution.

Well... I think it's about time someone started on Pystquestria.


Keep crying. I got a warning that i might get a warning, how do you think I feel right now?

"fully alert?"



Keep crying. I got a warning that i might get a warning, how do you think I feel right now?

As one of the editors of the original story, I can say with full certainty, from my sound mind and my sound heart, that this is the TRUE and HONEST Mystquestria fan group.

Nah, I don't rally care. I find it hilarious. I mean, I linked here a couple times, but considering Para made THREE threads, one of which was LITERALLY just a thread for half naked images, and her and Mothey BOTH mocked him nearly directly, and Dropbear called the actual story a trainwreck, should they not have the same status? This ban, however, just makes me feel honored. I have achieved the highest glory of anyone in this group: being declared sworn enemy of the fool Citadel.
Glory to Arstotzka.

Not because we wanted it to. Because we needed it to.

Just go with it.


But of course! We must praise Lord Citadel's glory! :ajsmug:

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